PlayStation Now beta update adds pricing details – Our sources share their knowledge on the service


PlayStation Now on PS4

As many of you may be aware, Sony’s new game-streaming service, PlayStation Now, which allows for players to stream games to their PS4/PS3/PSVita via their broadband internet connection, is currently in closed beta. As you may also be aware, members lucky enough to get en under a strict NDA. Luckily, those of us at PS4Daily know a few people on the inside, and they’re itching to get the latest details out to the players.

Of the newest features added to the beta, our sources have shared new info on some of PlayStation Now’s pricing and rental period specifics. In regards to pricing, titles in the lowest price range will begin at $2.99, with titles going all the way up to $29.99. Additionally, rental periods are currently set for as short as 4 hours, and go as high as 90 days. It is worth noting that the prices are set by the publisher, so not all games/rental periods will treated as equals.

If you’re looking for specifics, Saints Row, for example, currently has two rental options: 4 hours for $4.99 and 90 days for $29.99. They also have “newer” titles, such as Final Fantasy XIII-2, but nothing from any of the trade shows that we’ve seen so far.


Our source made it abundantly clear to remind our readers that PSNow rentals are available across all PS Now capable devices. So while these prices may seem outrageous, the service is meant to allow you to play games not only on your console, but on your TV and such, should you have the specific hardware that such streaming requires. (Aka, a Sony Bravia TV.)

Open beta for PlayStation Now begins at the end of July for PS4 users, with PS3 and Vita users receiving access to the beta at a later date. The service will launch with a catalogue of over 100 PS3 titles, and there is currently no plan to offer Vita and/or PS4 titles, but they may offer PS1 and PS2 games at a later date. To hear about the services specifics before anyone else, keep your attention right here.

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  • blzzy_gie

    “Saints Row, for example, currently has two rental options: 4 hours for $4.99 and 90 days for $29.99. ”

    So for 90 days it will cost you more than DOUBLE what the retail version is to buy !!

    “So while these prices may seem outrageous”
    These prices are outrageous.

    • CH3SH

      I totally agree, it’d be better to buy the hardcopy and trade it back for cash off your next purchase lol

      • streetzwbb

        Couldn’t agree more but if they add multiplayer (ps2 games) or something similar to play against people would be beast.

      • Dimitri Theodosakis

        Fees should be following
        17.99 (Month)
        44.99 (3 Months)
        69.99 (Yearly)
        Not 29.99 for a Game way over priced

        • Dale

          You can buy a full game for £44.99 to keep nevermind for 3 months.

          • Gamer1231

            I think he means $44.99 for 3 Months for free game rentals, where you can play any game on PS Now for 3 months until you renew your subscription.

        • The-Master

          As stated during the E3 press conference.
          They are “testing” a variety of prices.
          So, if we collectively decide NOT to spend this much; they’ll be forced to adjust the pricing.

        • Gol D. Roger

          Those would be great prices for an unlimited free rental subscription plan, especially since they improved the selections in this last update.
          They could rotate inventory or something to be fair, like only have 10 of those games available to subscribers, but an ENTIRE LIBRARY of rentals available in their current pay-per-play system, and those 10 will change every month, or every 2 months.

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          They should make a sub. Like a month two games.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      I don’t see Sony sticking with this long. Especially since the average gamer I believe is going to pass on those prices. I’d rather it be subscription based or what another user said here, add it to PS+ for an additional $10. I think either/or will work better than individual pricing.

      • Matt Pace

        Yea I’m not going to use it, that’s for sure. Its cheaper for me to burn the gas to go and get the game at a gamestop

      • Snake eyes 211

        I said same thing you did in an article before and somebody tried to burn me for it

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Really? Well they’re foolish for doing so then.

      • Level Minded

        You don’t see them sticking to their. 380 million dollar investment? Think again, but they had better make it more appealing. As of now, having these crazy prices listed and them having the balls to say that EA access is not good value for the consumer is beyond gall.

    • Gamez Rule

      What an epic fail on the pricing side of things. Sony should step in NOW and sort the pricing out themselves. Otherwise at these prices PS-Now will not be the best option for gaming needs ( cheaper to by PS3 and older games than to rent from PS-Now )

  • Mikey Styles

    Not to sound like a jerk but this is an Utter Fail imho! Make no qualms about it, Sony made several promises that this would be an extension of a person’s Digital Library with rental possibilities as well. & Game Fly is a much better option as you have the title(Disc) in hand & don’t have to worry bout 4hrs 2wks or some 90day horse-crap. Not to mention it’s fairly inexpensive, Sony shoulda added this to PS+ for an additional $10 & competed directly with XboxLive Gold for $60 but you’re able to have a game or 2(indie game perhaps) @ no additional cost while allowing users with a PS3 digital library to play those games if supported by the publisher & PSnow.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I do like the idea of PS Now, but not at these prices. Yikes…. It would be worth it if I could play 100 of those games on a subscription basis. Like $ 20 for 3 months or even $89.99 a year. While that seems like a lot with Plus included, it’s much cheaper than $29.99 for 90 days for a game. Sony needs to rethink this. I don’t see PS Now working this way for long.

  • Logan Waltz

    It’s a fucking expensive service.Yes, you have to cover the costs plus capital gains. Once Sony has covered the expense of building the goddamn network with sales and maintaining the network becomes cheaper as tech supply grows the price can drop. Also, Sony knows consumers are morons and therefore can charge this much.

  • CH3SH

    So whose gunna dust out the old ps2, first gen ps3 or ouya then lol he’ll just download your favourite PlayStation emulator and your laughing 🙂

  • John Andalora

    I only have one thing to say:
    I’m glad there’s a retro video game store in my area and a good amazon account, because I sure as hell won’t pay $5 for 4 hours of an old game when I could buy it for $10.

    Sony better make prices for old streaming cheap and universal, otherwise this service is going to die out faster than motion gaming.

    • Wargreymon559 .

      Do you even read bro??

      • John Andalora

        Yes, and that’s why I made a statement about it.

        I did read that individual publishers will be setting their own prices, but (as I inferred by “Sony better make prices for old streaming cheap and universal), I find that this is a negative thing.
        See, I’m nervous that publishers will make an attempt to grab more money, substituting free demos of games with $5 for an hour or two of the game. My hope for Playstation Now is that it will be more of a way of being able to play many old games for a small fee without having to get out your old consoles or find the games on Amazon or something.
        But with publishers making the call as to how much you have to pay for each game, I feel that this will detract from how many games people will rent, will drastically restrict the hours I will be willing to buy for each game, and overall reduce peoples interest in renting these.

        Redbox works well because it’s $1 a day for fairly new DVD releases. Netflix works because they cost $7 for a bunch of streaming over a month.
        $5 for 4 hours is absolutely ridiculous, and if all other publishers follow suit I don’t think people will actually use it.

        So, yes, I did read it.

        What’s your point?

        • Wargreymon559 .

          Yes but thats where the consumer comes in.If you dont like the publishers price.Speak with your wallet.

          • Russell Gorall

            It is Sony’s price, they have it all set up. The publisher chooses which pricing point is best for them. The idea that Sony even has the option out to pay thirty dollars to rent a streaming game is on Sony, not the publishers. It is Playstation Now from Sony, not Publisher’s Clearinghouse from EA.

          • John Andalora

            With brand new services, “speaking with your wallet” doesn’t speak against the developer; it speaks against the service.

            Say, for example, that each and every developer sets their prices at the exact same level that Saints Row does (or the only games with lower prices are things like Sparkle 2 or something), and people decide to “speak with their wallets” and simply not rent the games. The developers aren’t going to blame their prices for the lack of rentals: They’re going to blame the lack of interest in the entire service. From then on, they’re simply going to reduce their participation with streaming games online and move on to something different.

            We need to speak against this in other means, while Playstation Now is still in its beta. We need to show our concern before it’s too late.

    • Fookieinmybookie

      The prices they mentioned sound ridiculous, but there are also options to rent games for $7-8 dollars for 7 days.

      • John Andalora

        I still have some concerns with that.
        1) That rent price isn’t universal, but is decided by certain publishers. So not all games will have that.

        2) Paying $7 for a week of a game is a bit of a commitment. I think if the service was more like Redbox, where you could pay $1 a day or Netflix where you pay $7 for a whole month, people might go for it. But having to make a commitment for a game you may or may not like rather than just getting to try it out.

        • Fookieinmybookie

          Well I was just stating some of the higher prices. Some of the games go down to as low as $3 for 7 days. Some are $10 for 90 days.

          The service is still in beta, so publishers are still experimenting with the prices. I’m sure Sony will be watching closely and listening to help decide on valid subscription prices.

  • tturtlejosh

    So I don’t know what a close beta exactly is but I only say that I haven’t play anything cauz my internet really sucks 😀

  • Peter Neilen

    Good idea but bad prizes, no go for me !! Be smart sony…..

    • James Fitzgerald

      Its not sony “prices are set by the publisher” not sony.

  • Kamille

    horrible pricing. Sony are nuts.


      Did you bother reading the article at all? “It is worth noting that the prices are set by the publisher, so not all games/rental periods will treated as equals.”

      • Russell Gorall

        Keep passing that buck, Sony fan.

        • Guest

          They’re placeholder prices, lying evil malicious rotten sack of horrifying human fanboy waste.

  • Wargreymon559 .

    Holy jeezus som of idiots in here outstand me.SONY DOES NOT SET THE PRICE THE PUBLISHERS DO.Looks like some of you need to go back to school

    • John Andalora

      1) Jesus, not jeezus.
      2) some, not som
      3) between of and idiots, there should be a “the”.
      4) I think you mean astound. Outstand is not a word. Outstanding is, and even then it refers to something exceptionally good.
      5) Space after the first period.
      6) Space after the second period.
      7) Need a period at the end of “Looks like some of you need to go back to school”.

      I’m not sure someone making so many simple spelling and punctuation errors should be commenting on other individuals educational requirements.

      • mrbush

        I agree with all your points except number 4.

        • John Andalora

          I checked the New Oxford American Dictionary. Even the spell check on my computer marks outstand because it’s not considered a word.
          But free dictionaries might say that it’s a word as “to be prominent.”

          • mrbush

            It’s all good, regardless. Peace!

  • Russell Gorall


    • Guest

      They’re placeholder prices, lying evil malicious rotten sack of horrifying human fanboy waste.

      Pure evil human waste.

  • Mark

    LOL at the prices! How credible is the source??

  • Trioptical

    Geez. The gut reaction to this is that the prices are too high. There’s only a very slight incentive to rent via PlayStation Now versus buying. Especially with older games that are at bargin bin prices at the shops.

    Though, compared to Gamefly, if you were to rent one game for 90 days, it would cost you a minimum of $48. (1 game a month plan at $15.99 a month.) Redbox would also cost way more than $30 to rent one game for 90 days. Guess the problem is that there just aren’t that many rental options to compare and compete with anymore. My local rental shop, a PS3 game rental for 90 days would cost $90.

    Even if you take the route of buying a new game and selling it back to GameStop, at most you get $30’s back if you trade it in within 60-90 days of release, so that’s a $30 “rental” right there too.

    Still, come on PlayStation, incentivize us. It should feel like a steal to use PlayStation Now. Get those publishers in line. Offer a subscription style price like Netflix.

  • Zac

    so will it charge me? I’m not doing that crap unless its free.

  • ariessiren

    Okay these prices are a joke

  • Shawn

    This is going to fail, so hard.

  • Shawn

    Look, either make it a monthly fee that I can keep track of (like Netflix) or abandon this sad, money-grabbing, garbage, Sony.

  • lassenwolf

    SR3 is free if you have plus. Second any price for any game at 4 hours is worthless. This has to be a subscription base or it’s a epic fail.

  • Dean_Winchester

    I’m not sure which SR the article refers to, but even SR4 can be bought used for less than $15. What kind of idiot would pay $29.99 to rent it when you can buy it for $15? The only way this type of service works, is that I pay one flat fee per month (i.e. Gamefly, Netflix). Especially since that even with a great broadband connection, the experience of streaming these games is night and day different than playing it locally off a Bluray/HDD.

  • jacksjus

    This is dumb. You can pay $6 for 3 days and beat a game. I think Gamefly is an even better deal.

    Sony should focus on subscriptions. They can set the subscriptions anywhere from so many streamed games a month to unlimited.

  • Guest

    At that price? NO THANKS! Byebye Sony, your overhype underdelivers once again.

  • jimmyalexanderjr

    Will Borderlands and Borderlands 2 be available to rent ?

  • Darrius

    Pachter said that this would happen.

    The publishers set the price and they don’t want a download service to depress the price of their major releases.

    That’s probably why they never reduce the price of games available for download on the existing services.

  • Edonus

    This is stupid way to expensive and not enough.

    I say they should charge you by how many games you get access to a month. You get unlimited access to the game(s) but you have a limit of how many you can access a month.
    So 3 games $19 a month
    6 games $30 a month
    10 games $40 a month

    Then they could just open up the library. I think their would be enough money in there for everyone to split.

    This rental idea is bad. If you did the 5 hour pack its like paying to play a demo.

    • jacksjus

      I got one better. $49.99/Yr for 3-5 games a month, and $99.99/Yr for Unlimited game streaming per month.

      And yes I agree in the 4 hour thing. That alone makes me think this is bogus. Who actually determined that 4 hours is suitable, and what do they expect the renter to accomplish in 4 hours? At least one day would make more sense because according to this you’ll pay $18/day renting a game in 4 hour increments.

      • Rent a game for a few hours for a couple bucks, see if you like it, then buy it if you do, or rent it for the full 90 days.

        Not really that hard to see how that might be useful for some.

  • Eboyd27

    Sonys going to lose big with this. I feel a disaster coming if they dont fix those prices. I definately wont pay 30 to rent a game lol

  • Pedro Carreira

    What a joke, this – “psn store is really ripping you off NOW” is a disgrace. Sony better not replace the normal store for this shaite or they can f off.

  • Jake

    Rip off!

  • Giul Xainx

    I really don’t see this being a big issue. I can go to my local game rental place and rent a hard copy for a dollar a day….. after 90 days I would owe 90 bux. If you still have a blockbuster or hollywood video nearby that rents games they charge 5 dollars for three days.

    Then the option that everyone keeps posting up…. buy it used and sell and or trade it in. Pay 64.55 for a brand new ps3 game, or 20 dollars for a red case game… then trade it in and maybe receive up to 40 percent of your cash back depending on how fast you complete a game and how many copies of it gamestop has in the store.

    How long do you play a game like uncharted 1 for, versus a game like call of duty 4 modern warfare?

    Online multiplayer games should come at cheaper rates than single player games…. unless of course ypu are a cry baby like EA.

    • jacksjus

      If you’re going to keep a game 90 days you may as well buy it.
      My initial thoughts on PS Now was the ability to have instant access to everything at once. They made it seem as if you can stream whatever was available. Now it’s just a rental service for individual games.

      The plan is straight garbage as it is currently being presented. I see absolutely no benefit to the customer here. For $99 I can go out and buy a PS2 with about 5 games right now.

      • Giul Xainx

        Welll… video game developers need food as well… I am pretty sure a concensus was sent out and developers did not feel like getting pennies on the dollar for a structure like an amusement park. Instead they showed greed. So it is an amusement park that requires a certain amount of tickets to ride with no option of a ride pass. Yeah it is ridiculous, but you have to fight back somehow.

        • jacksjus

          At some point in time the financial portfolio on older software must close. Do the publishers really expect to still be paid for Crash Bandicoot which came out back in 96-97?

          I can understand some of the PS3 titles but give us a break on the older system catalogs. We’re talking bargain bin games that you can own for $5 tops.

          • Giul Xainx

            We can only see ps3 titles… so I can imagine the ps2 and even ps1 games becoming a lot less. You can buy them on the ps store for 10 dollars.

            However you have to remember that this service is like netflix. If you don’t own the console then you can still play the game. Remember ps now doesn’t require a ps3 or a ps4 or the ps vita or the ps tv. It just requires a device capable of using the ps now service. This is where the line is totally blurred here. You are forgetting that the ps now service only requires you to own a dual shock 3 with a ps now device.

            Ps now iisnot a console. It is a streaming service. So think about your really poor friend who just happens to own just a ps tv or a vita but not a ps1 2 or 3. This service of ps now is for them.

          • jacksjus

            Oh I have no issues with what PS Now represents. I just find it unfortunate that this likely won’t take off in the beginning. I guarantee you if these price points are true, they will be reversed within 3 months of launch. In this day and age with Internet complaints from customer being at an all-time high, these companies are listening. They better fix this now before they put a sour taste in the publics mouth similar to MS and the X1 fiasco last year.

            If this is likely targeting those that truly do not take gaming seriously as a hobby, it will be even harder to convince them to pay individual fees.

            I really like what they are doing, but this clearly appears to be more about Sony lining their pockets, then trying to reward the gamers.

  • Jessika S.

    Horrible prices $29.99 for 90 days to rent games that you can get right now for as low as $7 dollars and as high as $15 and guess what they don’t expire. Sorry but I’ll pass, Deus Ex Human Revolution you can pick up right now for as low as $2.92. They need more time to figure that out.

  • Jessika S.

    Horrible prices $29.99 for 90 days to rent games that you can get right now for as low as $2 dollars and as high as $15 and guess what they don’t expire. Sorry but I’ll pass, Deus Ex Human Revolution $29.99 for 90 days and you can pick up the digital copy from sony for the same price or you can buy it right now from Amazon for $2.92. They need more time to figure that out.


      Not all games are priced at 29.99 for 90 days some are 15 for 90 days and some are 5 bucks for 90 days and there are free ones as well..

      Problem is it seems some of the publishers like square all their games are priced high…

      but this is going to be a good thing for non hardcore people I think it will bring in a lot more users since all you need is a sony smart tv and a controller that will be shipping with some tvs…

      For gamers buying games inside and out… it will not be that good but it will be suited for casual gamers and those that buy a game and then trade it in…
      Many of these gamers would SAVE money over buying and trading in less then a week after…

      I can see where they are going with this… it is going to be replacing consoles this is what we are head to and till there are a lot of people on it the price will not one down till then… and i don;t see that for another 3 generations of consoles… maybe then we will see a console less gaming market that is sustainable….

  • Jason Tanner

    With prices such as those, I think I’ll continue my current modus operandi: waiting until games hit $20 or under on Amazon and then buying them. At least this way I have actually equity into what I’ve spent my money on and I have the option of reselling it if I please in order to recoup some of the money that I initially spent on it, instead of just throwing it away on some intangible investment that I have nothing to show after 4 hours or 30 days.

    And yes, kids this is why an all digital gaming future is stupid, because at the end of the day you pay the same amount of money for the digital game but have forfeit the ability to resell what you spent your money on.

    “But it’s about convenience”… Get a CLUE.

  • Sea-HAWK fan

    these prices are disgusting come on now developers.. sony points the finger at them , who knows who really makes the prices

  • George

    This might not go as well as they hope. Why would you rent Enslaved for $7.99 for 30 days when you can just go to Gamestop and buy it for $6.99 (assuming you have a PS3 or 360). I could understand it being pricey if it’s a hot new title and you just have to play it right away. I think I would wait a bit to see how successful it turns out and maybe Sony and the publishers will adjust their prices if it’s not doing well. At these prices I would not rent very often

  • Cody Glisson

    gamefly for me

  • Gol D. Roger

    LOL all the games I want on there cost 7.99 to rent for 90 days… but 9.99 to own!
    Why would you pay $8 to rent a game that only costs 10?!
    an $8 rental on a $10 game better be a ridiculously long rental like year-long or something…. i might be willing to accept 6 months, but i still can’t see the point in saving $2
    just do away with this completely
    rental cost should NOT be anywhere near close to purchase fee like it is now
    i think a 3 month rental would only make sense for a brand new game when you want to be on the initial release hype with everyone else, but other than that, 1 month is long enough

  • Rashad McDuffie

    I’m not feeling the pricing, like several of the previous comment it seems way overpriced for a rental service. Sounds like the publishers is looking at this from the wrong angle. This should be used a chance offer gamers a chance to play the games that was overlooked and deemed. No longer worth purchasing due to the release of the next Gen consoles. I hope these were just sample prices for the sake of the beta.

  • The Amazing Hyde

    Why would I pay -anything at all- to stream a game I already own in lower quality that I have a time limit on?
    Not trying to be insulting to Sony or anything, but I’m not sure they
    realize just how dirty this plan sounds… This is the kind of stuff
    that will leave a company with a bad reputation.

    They say they
    can’t give Playstation 4 backwards compatibility, understandable… But
    when they have the opportunity to give us the next best thing, they
    charge us fees out the ying yang for it? You see where I’m going with
    this? Why can’t Playstation Now be “The Answer to No Backwards
    Compatibility”? We’d sadly be better off with these “Remastered
    Versions” of games they release on the PS3, which isn’t something I
    agree with much neither.

    Why can’t this be “Our Playstation 4
    does not have backwards compatibility, but here’s the next best thing!
    Another feature we can hold over our competitors and another reason for
    you to buy our console!”? I’m not usually one to throw accusations, but I
    wouldn’t be surprised if Sony loses customers on word alone being
    passed around. Something along the lines of “They purposely got rid of
    Backwards Compatibility so they could charge us for Playstation Now.”
    It’s not like we haven’t seen it being said be others already.

    I actually want a Playstation 4, I do, but this Playstation Now
    business is the kind of thing that just makes me shake my head. Unless
    I’m misunderstanding how the whole thing works (which is possible, I
    misunderstand things), this causes me to question Sony more when they
    -could- have gained my full support, it’s things like this that make me
    hesitant to make a console purchase, I think I’ll hang back for some
    months and see what happens.

    That’s just how I feel about this. If any of you are on board with the Playstation Now, hey, more power to ya.

  • Nordzilla

    Just make the PlayStation 4 Backwards compatible already, and stop charging stupid amounts of money for that “Renting for 4 hours” joke…