Sony shows first-look at Far Cry 4 gameplay – Stunning visuals and cooperative play

Hot on the heels of Ubisoft’s opening cinematic trailer, the first gameplay has now been revealed. In addition to the new grapple gameplay and a stunning new environment, it was revealed that Far Cry 4 will feature co-op play for the first time within the franchise. Competitive multiplayer has been a thing since FC2, but now a second player will be able to take control of the lovable, of not somewhat annoying, Hurk, who was featured in Far Cry 3‘s pre-order DLC and will be in Far Cry 4‘s pre-order content as well. Now, as interesting as that may sound, the kicker is that he will be available to play as regardless of whether or not Player 2 owns the title themselves. This feature is exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

In addition to the gameplay and coop announcements, it was revealed that PlayStation 4 users will be granted access to a month-long exclusive beta. Whether this is for the coop or the competitive multiplayer functionality was not disclosed.

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