The Order: 1886 slips into 2015; gets new high-quality gameplay footage

The Order gunplay screenshot

For those of you who wanted to play Ready At Dawn’s The Order: 1886 later this year, you’ll have to wait. Unfortunately, the developer has revealed their decision to delay the game by a few months and instead release the PlayStation 4 exclusive in 2015, thus confirming rumors from earlier this week. While the decision is quite saddening for some, I think we can all agree that as long as the game is good, then it’s worth the wait.

Luckily, the developer softened the blow by releasing a new dev diary accompanied by high-quality footage of gameplay we were shown last week via Twitch. The dev diary itself is pretty interesting. Various members of the team discuss the decision behind the game’s setting and implementing their own touch of the world of 1886.

What do you think of The Order: 1886 so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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    • SmashFinale

      And for the billionth time:
      DelayStation 4.

  • Ace J

    i knew this game was going to be delayed. it seems like the “thing to do” with developers these days.

    • Jessey

      Making sure your game isn’t rushed is the “thing to do?”

      • Ace J

        lately a lot of developers will pick a release date(or window) and when we get close to this date, they delay it. the way i see it, they should use this formula before telling the public a release date:
        date they want to release the game + another 6-8months= the real release date.

  • I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. It’s no surprise anyway.. After seeing this and The Division at E3 i knew both of them were going to be 2015 games. Still though, i thought they’d show a gameplay trailer at E3 rather than just before it. Sony’s planning something :p

  • Elhijodelrio

    You’re not serious!!!! am pissed now thankz

  • Yohan KillSwitch


    • Hey, better than rushed games like some on the Xbox One…

    • ps4lol

      PS4 has the superior version of all console AAA multiplats, more dev support including indies, a large number of first party studios, free to play games and MMOs like FFXIV and Warframe, and unannounced 1st party games (Gran Turismo, God of War, Media Molecule, Quantic Dream, etc.) Titanfall 2 and future 3rd party games will almost certainly be on PS4.

      PS4 games not on Xbox One: Killzone, inFamous Second Son, Dynasty Warriors 8, Final Fantasy XIV, Warframe, DC Universe, Yakuza Isshin and other Japanese games, MLB 14 The Show, Bound by Flame, Injustice Gods Among Us, Knack, Natural Doctrine, Transistor, Planetside 2, Dragon Ball Z, MotoGP, Deep Down, Driveclub, The Last of Us, The Witness, The Order, and a ton of indies including Resogun and Transistor

      Recently Sony has filed trademarks or had leaks for no less than 6 games. Entwined, Kill Strain, Blood Borne, Dark Chronicles, Project Beast and Guns Up. Expect a big E3 reveal of new games.

      Don’t worry, PS4 will keep selling like hotcakes on superior multiplats alone. Marketing deals and bundles with Watch Dogs and Destiny (the two biggest AAA multiplats of the year) will help.

      • Ace J

        i agree with everything you said EXCEPT i strongly disagree that a Titanfall sequel will be on the ps4

        • ps4lol

          EA won’t make the same mistake again. Titanfall 2 will be on both next gen consoles.

      • Yohan KillSwitch

        Well said…well said. I applaud your passion for the game!

        • ps4lol


      • The Clockwork Being

        You should take out the unreleased games and the exclusives games since those don’t help your point. Besides that the rest of your statement is correct.

    • The Unknown Legacy

      Nobody wants another Battlefield 4 lol

  • WiiUPS4

    Damn that sucks..Starting to be like Nintendo..Where are the games Sony…lol
    No im joking love both consoles and companies

  • Rob

    I think it’ll be out in January or February. Sony needs strong sales before the end of the fiscal year.

  • Brandon

    I have to admit, before I hated when devs delayed games(maybe because I was much younger), but now im fine with it because I know im going to get a better game. Look at gta 5 for example, delayed multiple times but damn that game was fun. Im really impressed with both sony and microsoft delaying their exclusives if needed, to ensure a better game to fans.