Pier Solar HD brings everything you loved about 16-bit RPGs to the PS4 in March

Pier Solar HD

Kickstarter has been the home of many upcoming projects inspired by retro classics. From Shantae: Half-Genie Hero to Cosmic Star Heroine and Soul Saga, the crowdfunding website has proven time and time again that putting the spotlight on yesterdays  classics is a very profitable path of development and one that consumers love.

The latest retro-inspired game that will be coming to the PlayStation 4 is Pier Solar HD from WaterMelon Co. A recent update on the project which was funded in December of 2012, announced that the developer will be bringing the game to Sony’s latest console this month.

Pier Solar was originally designed for the Sega Genesis and was built with a 64MEG cartridge in mind, making it the largest Genesis game to date. WaterMelon Co. touts the game as a “100% original RPG” with an “original world, storyline, characters” and other things.

The game itself looks rather interesting, certainly staying true to its 16-bit roots. Pier Solar HD supports HD cutscenes and the world’s numerous textures are in HD. If that’s not your thing and you’d rather experience it like you would on the Sega Genesis, then you’ll be happy to know that the game also includes a 16-bit mode that lets you soak in its retro glory.

Pier Solar HD will be available digitally for the PlayStation 4 later this month.

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  • Trowez

    Certainly looks interesting. I’ll have to give a shot once comes out, or wait for the inevitable when it goes free with PS+.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    i grew up with games like these…must buy for me!