With the Official PS4 YouTube App still missing, use this work around


Just a few weeks before the release of the PS4, we found out that the system wouldn’t be launching with the YouTube application available for consumers to download. Obviously this made a lot of people mad not just because the app was missing at launch, but because Sony waited so long to deliver the bad news.

For comparison’s sake, the Xbox One has had the YouTube app available since the console’s launch last November. This brings up the question of what’s taking Sony or Google so long to give us the app that’s already available to PS3 and PS Vita consumers.

The PS Vita, Sony’s most recent gaming device before the PS4, also didn’t launch with a YouTube app. Instead, buyers had to wait until June 26, 2012 (about 4 months after the North American launch) to receive the app for PS Vita. Even then, the app itself wasn’t perfect. However, with time, it’s grown to be a great app that can hold its own against the mobile version on smartphones.

If Sony were to play this scenario out like they did with the PS Vita, then we would have to wait until around March 2014 for the YouTube app to appear on the PlayStation 4. According to PlayStation Access, more than 20 apps will be available on the PS4 by this Spring, including the HBO Go, DISH TV, and MLB.TV apps. Hopefully the YouTube app is on that list.

Until we receive the app, you can view YouTube from your PS4’s browser:

  • Visit youtube.com/tv
  • Follow any on screen instructions
  • Either in a separate window on your PS4 or on your nearby laptop/computer, visit youtube.com/activate
  • Jump back onto PS4 and enter your activation code

That’s the best you’re going to get for now (unless you’ve got Chromecast)!

What apps do you want to see on the PS4 in the near future? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Bob Singh

    Yeah that’s what I use

  • Trowez

    The app I want to see, but probably wont? XBMC. Will we ever get it? Very unlikely.

    Other than that a Youtube app is about all I could ask for. It already has Crunchyroll, Amazon and Netflix.

    • Jessey

      Yeah I really don’t see XBMC ever coming.

    • Benjammin Carder

      Whats XBMC?

      • Trowez

        About the best general use media application. See XBMC.org for more in depth info.

  • Yohan KillSwitch

    I wouldn’t mind seeing an Xbox app on there.

  • Djxiej

    Would definitely love to see a radio app like Pandora or Spotify

    • Jessey

      No love for Google Play Music?

  • Mickey Mouse

    What’s Chromecast?

  • BerryFlinger

    Who rots their life away on youtube? Its just as bad as the myspace and facebook.

    • Renee Fourman

      I use youtube to learn new things. So far I have learned new cooking techniques, how to crochet, how to knit, how to do yoga and etc. I would say that Youtube is useful.

  • Tim Xman

    I want the youtube app on the ps4

  • Charles Gregg

    The browser you need adobe flash player for YouTube to work.the adobe flash player is not supported by ps4

    • Just go to youtube.com/tv and it should work. Don’t like the TV Version? Then force youtube to use HTML5 (Does not require flash) to play videos by going to youtube.com/html5

  • Rodrigo Almeida de Araujo

    Perfect, you save my life!!!

  • ♪ دودي

    Thank you! youtube.com/tv works great since I’m just using it to listen to music atm.
    It’s not that good if you’re watching movies or documentaries, but it’ll suffice until they release a proper app.

  • Chopper

    Youtube app please. Crapy browser. Cant use youtube. Thats not good. If I knew this is the way it is I would have stayed with my ps3. Bullshit man.

    • James Fitzgerald

      So you bought the ps4 for youtube?

      • Mike Bayly

        .. I bet he just tried to replace what he thought was the ultimate entertainment system …. with an even better one.. then he found out no youtube app, or cd playback… and no blu tooth connection …

  • Nizzemancer

    Funny thing is I could watch youtube and…other videos online via my PS4 browser on release but now it doesn’t work…so stupid updating something to limit usability to herd people into using an app just “because”…

  • Elliander Eldridge

    This is good information even now since Sony INSISTS on us being logged into PSN to use the Youtube app even though it doesn’t use or require their servers which in turn means that when PSN is down or you haven’t yet taken the time to update this can work. Still bites that this is necessary.