UK politician rages about Battlefield 4 crashing on PS4

PS4 BF4 crash

If you have Battlefield 4 on your PlayStation 4, you’ve probably had a few crashes. Or like us, perhaps you’ve had a lot of crashes. Even UK MP Tom Watson can’t get Battlefield 4 to work properly on the PlayStation 4.

Watson recently vented on Twitter, posting a picture of the Battlefield 4 crash message we’ve seen all too many times. He even reported the crash to EA and Sony, saying “Fifth crash today. Very poor”.

Watson is actually an avid gamer, and was on the documentary “How Videogames Changed the World”, He’s usually the only MP to defend video games anytime other politicians complain about “violent video games”.

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  • Borris Johnson is pissed he can’t play Battlefield 4 on his Carrot Orange PS4…. you’d understand that joke if you actually knew him XD

    • Gameonfool

      well just googled his picture, must look allot like you

      • Nah, I think he looks more like you 😉
        Oh and how does it feel that your Xbone 720p can’t play games in 1080p without reducing the graphics?

        • TomDobo

          Early days both consoles will get better. Xbox just having a ruff start that’s all. Were as the PS4 is flying into the lead.

        • Gameonfool

          Oh and how does it feel to be a loooooser lamemania

    • Borris Johnson is our national treasure<3

  • Ghost_Doctor

    love the game when it works and that love usually end soon after playing. I’m soo glad i was not one of the ones rip off by them by buying BF4 premium..

  • toddraynerart

    Anyone having issues trying to play Second Assault on PS4? I have Premium and it’s asking me to buy the dlc. WTF? I know with China Rising I had to go to the store and downloaded it, but Second Assault isn’t even showing up in the store. I’m also in the U.S. Hmmm, I’ll try later after I get home from work. Oh btw, x-bone is weaker, it’s a fact so just deal with it. We can go back and forth all day and compare this or that game. I won’t do that but most games are running lower res and lower fps on x-bone. That’s a hard truth. I will say Titanfall looks like a ton of fun and hopefully that game will come to PS4 someday. Time will tell but the PS4 is the better system as of today and for the foreseeable future. JS


    Yeah.., EA-gaming is a very poor