PS4 owners love Lara: Tomb Raider DE PS4 outsells Xbox One version 2:1

Bloody Lara

Like most people would guess, PlayStation owners love themselves some Tomb Raider. Why do we say that? Well, according to Geoff Keighley, the PS4 version of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition outsold its Xbox One counterpart by a 2:1 ratio.

So we have to ask, why did this happen? Well, it could be because Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition turned out to be even more definitive on PS4, running at an average of 50 fps throughout most of the game while the Xbox One’s frame rate barely hits 30 fps, according to Digital Foundry.

Will this become a trend in the gaming industry this generation? Is the performance of a certain game really an important factor when choosing which console to purchase it on? Sound off with your opinions in the comments below. Also, make sure to read our Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition review.

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  • Cole Brinley

    That’s because Sony fans are graphic whores. I mean really…It’s the same game but with better graphics for 60 bucks. The freaking game didn’t even come out that long ago and they already re-made it…It’s like GameDevs: “Hay, check out this pretty version of a game we just released, it’s pretty, it’s better looking and oh yeah, did I mention that it’s pretty?” Graphic Whores:”Here, have my money. I don’t need it…I fact, here’s my wallet, oh and here’s my car keys too…Oh and do you need a place to stay? I can give you my house”…That’s a little bit exaggerated but you get the point…It’s a waste of money.

    • Adrian

      Or maybe they never played it the first time around? It’s not a remake, it’s an extended cut.

      • Cole Brinley

        I pretty sure most (not all) of the people who wanted to play this game already did a while ago. I’m also sure that there’s plenty of people who bought it for the first time on PS4 but not enough to make it sell twice as much as it did on XBOXONE. By the way, when I say “graphic whores”, I’m not trying to be a jerk, I’m just saying they like good graphics which is unarguable. Sony fans love their graphics (too much sometimes but that’s not really relevant). Oh and, regardless of whether not it’s a remake, it’s still a waste of money.

        • Aaron Riwai

          Im glad they brought it out on the PS4, my original launch day fatty ( PS3 ) started dying right around the time the PS4 was announced, there were a lot of games that wouldnt play on my PS3, Tomb Raider being one, The Last of Us another, and also BF3 which had taken almost all my PS3 time since it was released wouldnt play anymore 🙁 So i decide not to buy another PS3 and just wait for the 4, which meant there were a lot of dam good games i missed out on. So i was ecstatic when they said they were releasing this on the 4, now i just need them to do the same with The Last of Us 😀

          • Cole Brinley

            Well, good call deciding not to by a PS3 again because PS3 games are gonna be on PS4 soon enough and I’m sure The Last of Us will make the list. That’s easily one of my favorite games/stories of all time and I can assure you that there’s others that agree with me. That said, I’d rather they focus on expanding the story rather then making it prettier and charging full price again. It’s already a gorgeous enough anyway, it does’t need an upgrade. :p

      • jfelts

        You just summed that up for me. Never played it the first go around. A win win for me.

    • Graphics Whores? Dude…. the game I’m loving on the PS4 right now is Don’t Starve… and that’s not really big on the graphics front… Plus, saying that you are ignoring the Xbox One fans who do the same thing.

      • Cole Brinley

        I’m not ignoring the graphic whores on Microsofts side, I’m just saying Sony’s got more of them.

        • Not from what I’ve seen…

        • AnonymUce

          You’re the same dude that said PS4 has to pay for online too with PS+ and has less benefits than XBLGold? LMFAO you’re a true definition of an XBOT.

          PS+ members gets free games on PS4/PS3/PS-Vita every month with weekly updates. PS+ members gets 10% -75% discount on games as well. Every other functions of the console is Free to use without PS+, even playing online(Free2Play games). You can use the party chat functions, in game DVR to record gameplay and share footage without PS+. Free access to apps such as Netflix, Hulu, etc without PS+.

          XB1 users on the other hand needs XBLGold to use most functions of the console, even watching Netflix or other service you already paid for. You can’t even host a party chat without XBLGold. You can’t use in game DVR to record gameplay without XBLGold. And XB1 don’t offer Free2play games that you can play ONLINE without paying for XBLGold. So you really don’t get any “benefits” paying for XBLGold. You’re paying $60 extra to use that piece of shit you already paid $500 for.

          Also Microshit forced the Kinect with the XB1 just to use the most used feature, the voice command. Sony offers the option to buy the PS4 Camera, and the best part is, you can still use the voice command features on the PS4 without the camera. Sony offers a lot more for LESS money, While Microshit offers Less for more money. So have fun with that piece of shit.

          • Steven McDowell

            Regardless of the online play requirement, NOT having PS+ is pretty silly.

          • Actually some games that you buy from the store don’t need PS+ whether or not it has online

          • Cole Brinley

            What does any of that have to do with “graphic whores” or Tomb Raider? I don’t see a connection, just you raging about why you don’t like the XBOX ONE. Try to stay on topic would yah.

          • Cole Brinley

            Dude, aside from the Free-to-play games thing, Microsoft does all the same things as Sony. The difference is, Microsoft charges you to do all those things which technically means that Sony’s PS+ is ripping you off. Think about it, If people on PlayStation already have all these benefits for “free”, then why do they need to shell out 50 bucks just to play online? Why not like 10? At least with Microsoft’s console they give an excuse to make you pay so much. Stallion point is, Sony’s console alone does have more value but, I stand by my statement that PS+ has less benefits and value then XboxLiveGold.

          • AnonymUce

            They already said parts of the PS+ will go into helping with online servers and Playstation Now which will hold a lot of games from PS1 to PS4 and make available for streaming. Microsoft on the other hand charged people for online since 2002, and there was no benefit of any kind you get from it. So you agree with Microsoft ripping people off but when Sony started charging people for online with PS+ you say it’s a rip-off? You just contradict yourself there buddy.

            1 Year of PS+ is $50. My first year of being a member, I got back over $500 worth of free AAA title games, discounts on new titles, and early Beta test for some games. This is only on PS3, if you have a PS VITA, they get the same treatment. And you still think PS+ has less value than XBLGOLD? LMFAO…WOW!

          • Cole Brinley

            I didn’t contradict myself, I think both are a rip off.

          • AnonymUce

            oh so now you think. before it sounded like you know for sure, you didn’t “think” at all. whatever dude, at least now you know the value Sony offers with PS4, it that’s not an opinion, those are actual facts.

          • Cole Brinley

            Dude, my thought process is the same as it was when I posted that comment. You don’t need to get all mad. Just because I didn’t bring up my opinion about XBOXLIVE, sating that I also believe that it’s a waste of money, doesn’t mean that I didn’t already have that opinion. Clearly I need to start adding a little more detail to my comments because people seem to like getting all butt hurt every time I post an under-detailed opinion.

          • AnonymUce

            you can post all details regarding XB1 and PS4 benefits with or without XBLGold and PS+. If you still say paying for XB1 have more benefits than PS+, then clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Boštjan Ivanušič

      I have never played the game, so I bought it for 50 €.

    • bizzy gie

      50-60fps on PS4

      30fps on Xbox One.

      Both cost $60.

      Which version are you going to buy?

      • Cole Brinley

        It depends on which console I have at the time. Currently I have neither but if I had both I would get it for the console I use the most.

        • bizzy gie

          The consumerist thing to do would be to get the higher frame rate for the same price.

          Especially since Tomb Raider is a single player experience.

          • Cole Brinley

            Well for me, the controller plays a large roll on my choice as well.

          • bizzy gie

            If you use both regularly (which is what I recommend), then you’ll get comfortable with both controls which means all you do is pick.

            Both controllers are equally as comfortable this time around.

    • Kim Sanderhoff

      Nice one Cole… nice one. Way to go!! (sarcasm)

      • Cole Brinley

        What’s that supposed to mean?

  • Yohan KillSwitch

    More good news for PS4…surprise surprise. This will continue to be the trend. Not only does PS4 have the better exclusives but the multi plats play and look better on it as well. No need to get mad about it…just get the better system…I did lol

    • Cole Brinley

      Or get both.

      • Trevor Belmondo

        Who needs both when one is clearly better than the other. The sales speak for themselves. No need for a third wheel on a bicycle either. 3-)

        • Cole Brinley

          Well, the people that want to play exclusives from each platform need both.

  • Not really too surprising

  • Trevor Belmondo

    “Graphics whores”? Oh, you mean standard, modern graphics? Yes, we love getting what we pay for. Basic, modern tech… 🙂