PS4 firmware 1.61 is available, improves system stability

PS4 Firmware 1.61

Ahead of the system’s Japanese launch this Saturday, Sony has pushed a new mandatory firmware to the PlayStation 4. The new firmware, version 1.61, improves “system stability.”

We decided to dig a little deeper to see if we could find out what the “stability” entails for this update. To our delight, we discovered that the Share button works again. Previously, there was a bug that made the PS4 stop recording after the first few minutes of gameplay, but it looks like that problem has been fixed. Share on PlayStation gamers. Share on.

Firmware 1.61 is only 336 MB and is required if you want to continue to log onto your Sony Entertainment Network account on the PlayStation 4.

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  • gabriel sanchez

    What about a bluetooth connection profile for my Jawbone!?

    • Omar Bachara

      still no bluetooth they just added support for the sony wireless headsets that came out before the pulse.

  • brian murphy

    it would be nice if you could pause your downloads and updates on ps4 i have data limits and i cant use my ps4 like i want to when games try to update all the time with 8gb or more all the time