PS4 hits milestone, over 5.3 million consoles sold worldwide since November 2013

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The PlayStation 4 has officially hit its latest milestone. A press release from Sony has just revealed that the PlayStation 4 has officially sold over 5.3 million units as of February 8, 2014. With this accomplishment, Sony has officially surpassed their original goal of selling 5 million PS4s by April 2014. The PS4 launches in Japan on February 22nd so we should expect an updated sales count sometime next week.

House previously announced that the PS4 sold 4.2 million units worldwide by the end of December 2013, outselling its competitors for the year of 2013.

Just last week, Sony stated that the PS4 was the highest selling console for January in North America despite console shortages. This month will surely be interesting as Sony is expected to allocate most of their units to Japan to prepare for the system’s launch this Saturday.

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  • According to some websites the Xbox One only sold 3.9 Million
    Wii U sold 5.89 Million.

    Well….. By the time the exclusive on both the PS4 and Wii U comes out… I don’t know how Microsoft will ever catch up

    • Dimitri Theodosakis

      Maybe about Time Microsoft get Kinectless SKU for Xbox One

  • rsco6969

    I always said the 5mil mark would be reached before April. Now Japan’s launch should add a couple more million leaving Microsoft licking there wounds even more. XD

    • Even Nintendo is having a good year with 5.89 Million and when the new DK game is released on Wii U and the new Infamous game on PS4 is released, I expect that Xbox One won’t be saved by Titanfall seeing how even the people wanting are saying it’s not up to the hype XD

      I love Titanfall but it’s not up to the hype’s standards… plus I got it on PC XD

      • rsco6969

        I have my gaming beast also so no need for the “other” device I’ll stick to the top GAMING devices. PS4 wii u and PC. and I agree titanfall is fun but not worth the hype at all.

      • oontz

        “Even Nintendo is having a good year with 5.89 Million”

        Nintendo 16 months to reach 5.89 million (in every region)
        Sony 3 months to reach 5.3 million (in select regions)

        Not sure exactly how you can see Nintendo as “having a good year”

  • Kyle

    I always wish Nintendo were the kings but ah, Sony seems to have this gen. Hopefully we can wave goodbye to M$ bye next gen.

  • Kyle

    So much hate on MS. I dont want any company to quit, because more competition means better games on WiiU and PS4 🙂

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    I Now Expect PS4 Worldwide Sales by April 1 2014

    Japan: 1 Million
    International: 6 Million
    Worldwide: 7 Million

  • Rob

    Congrats Sony. Cant wait to see what the numbers are at after the Japan launch.