Weirdness: NPCs in inFamous: Second Son are actual people


It looks like inFamous: Second Son is shaping up to be a pretty decent launch window title for the PlayStation 4, but voice actor Troy Baker recently shared an interesting tidbit that no one seems to be talking about. According to Baker, all of the people you see walking around in the city in the game are actual people who live in Seattle in real life. Apparently numerous people were scanned and put into the game, so the Seattle featured in the game would feel even more like the real thing.

It’s interesting to see this much detail put into the game, though that can certainly backfire on developers if expectations aren’t met. Consider the trailers shown for Forza 5 at E3 and the crowds you see in the stands versus the actual product and you’ll see what I mean. Overall, the pedestrians in the city have to have a little more substance, so while we’re not talking L.A. Noire levels of facial animation, we’re hoping for more than the current Forza 5 crowds.


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  • Marlon Frijters

    a lot of BS: they actually got 10-30 people into the game.. Nice marketing trick to say that ALL the peds are real people.. Are real peds the new pirates?

    • Phoenix Maybe

      Well he didn’t say that every single pedestrian was a scan of a different person. For all we know they could’ve just used the scans of two people and put them into the game (hopefully they won’t do that).

    • Oscar Portillo

      I smell Microsoft sh-tttttt again.
      Try to pay attention before bashing.
      Or just go post up on attack of the fan boy.

      • M Frijters

        Lol, i received my ps4 today.. So no fanboyism, just my thoughts

  • Sounds creepy….

  • bizzy gie

    Loled at that Forza 5 pic.

    It’s so pathetic. Even more so when you see what they advertised.

    • Nintendofreak

      well the one on the left was on a pc…. and at the end nobody gives a fuck about pedestrians u.u

      • Apart from Xbots who used it as an excuse to say their console is better (When even it’s sales a dropping) XD

        • blzzy_gie

          Change the record and actually talk on topic instead of changing every subject to your obsessiveness of the Xbox.

          • I’m just saying you Xbots used the whole Forza 5 thing as a excuse to why people should only choose your console.

            Might I also add this, I love trolling you Xbots seeing how the majority of you are 12 year olds but really I’m fairly neutral now with the Xbox One and I’ll be getting one in November when Fable Legends and Project Spark is released but that’s about it.

            If you don’t like facts and opinions then you shouldn’t be online 😉

          • blzzy_gie

            Why are you trying to make out your original comment wasn’t trolling and using words like xbot and “Your console” in your reply.
            No one else is trolling but you.

          • Gameonfool

            Says a 12 year old ranting.

      • bizzy gie

        So they had to use a PC to advertise Xbox One again?

        I mean I see why, but how much of this false advertising are they going to do?

    • blzzy_gie


      • bizzy gie

        So MS was using a PC to advertise Weakbox One…AGAIN?

        I see why.

        • blzzy_gie

          If you actually played the Xbox One release and paused it in the same area you would know it looks far better than that picture.
          But you are a fanboy so everything you read and want to believe over the internet is always good enough for you and better than real life.

          • bizzy gie

            I’m no fanboy.

            You made a fake account to ride Microsoft.

  • Yohan KillSwitch

    This game gets more interesting by the moment. I will be dedicating the month of March to this game!

  • blzzy_gie

    Another 30fps release !!, I wonder if it’s for “cinematic” purposes to …

    • Is that what Microsoft is calling it? Only 2 games on the PS4 run at 30fps yet over 4 games and more on the Xbone are running at 30 fps… I don’t see why you are the one to gloat 😉

      • blzzy_gie

        Who is gloating, it’s common knowledge that you mention framerates and 1080p at every opportunity if it has anything to do with Xbox, BUT now the PS4 is showing it can’t handle a lot going on at 60fps you don’t mention it.

    • Also, you complained about me “Not being on topic” yet you bring up that and it doesn’t state anywhere in the article about 30 fps…. Oh you Hypocrite XD

      • blzzy_gie

        I’m on topic I am talking about this game nothing else.
        Here is your version.
        “another 30fps game” how much longer are the Sonbots going to have the wool pulled over their eyes” etc etc etch etc etc….

  • TomDobo

    Troy baker aka Joel and Booker Dewitt