Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes’ main story is only 2 hours long

Ground Zeroes

GameInformer’s cover story for the month of February is the upcoming title Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. GameInformer got four hours to go hands-on with the upcoming game and they have some interesting things to say about it.

According to the latest issue of GameInformer, the storyline for Ground Zeroes clocks in at a measly 2 hours long. Remember, this is only the main storyline, meaning any side quests or exclusive missions were not taken into account. Still, though, two hours is pretty short for a $20-$30 title (depending on which version you buy).

NeoGaf user DieH@rd obtained a copy and detailed some of GameInformer’s findings:

GZ [Ground Zeroes]
– 2 hr main story mode
– normal and hard difficulity present
– ability to turn off all aids [more awards for that]
– side missions, collection of XOF patches, extraction of soldiers that will be transfered to TPP
– all missions have leaderboards
– mobile app for realtime map info
– great gameplay
– regular content downloadable packs between GZ and TPP [unconfirmed, they may have talked about “nature” of GZ, experimental prequel, new form of distribution etc]

TPP [The Phantom Pain]:
– 9 years after GZ, BB casts away the name of Snake and goes on a mission of revenge, builds outer haven
– bigass game
– they will tell the tale of Les Efantes Terrible project [birth of twin snakes]
– several large open world areas, set in differnt places around the world [afhanistan and africa are unveiled for now]
– open world gameplay, player can choose how to engage enemy, sneak/attack/escape
– base building, visiting friends bases, mobile app

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will be available for the PlayStation 4 on March 18, 2013 for $39.99.

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  • Gamer Mania

    £40 for a game that’s only 2 hours long?… no thanks

    • PS4Superior

      Shut up you faggot!! Just because you don’t like MGS you are just bitching about the game being too expensive, Waa waa!!


      • Elitepwnsface

        Why so mad?

        • PS4Superior

          Y u some mad? Probably because you aren’t a part of the PS4 master race!! Only Gamefools play on the Xdoomed 720p

          • IRJason

            So bc he asked why you were mad(which obviously you are) he doesn’t own a ps4? What’s wrong with you man? Do you need a hug? Everyone needs a little love sometimes. I’ll give you a hug don’t worry about a thing. I’m with them. Why buy a 2 hour game for 30-40 when you can just wait till it drops to 20 in 6 months.

          • PS4Superior

            I already have a girlfriend, she’s called your mom 😉

          • IRJason

            Well tell her I said hi! What time we going out to dinner she said the family was getting together

          • Gameonfool

            Ps4looser enjoys senior citizens

          • PS4Superior

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            Unlike you xbot who masturbates to pictures of that blue chick from your Crappy Halo games

          • Gameonfool

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          • Corey0928

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          • Gameonfool

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          • PS4Superior

            Why are you talking about your Xbot Race?

          • Gameonfool

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          • Gamer Mania

            … Faster? More Hardcore? I’m sorry but I have to say that is utter silliness seeing how almost the whole Xbox Community is nothing more than 12 year old Kids.. and that’s not a joke.. PlayStation Community has a more maturer audience, hell, the Wii U actually has more adults playing on that than kids.

            If anything the Xbox One is for kids and CoD fanboys really. You only buy Xboxes for the early CoD dlc and that’s about it. Also, if you are faster then why does Microsoft advertise to you Xbox Fanboys Doritos and Mountain Dew? Kind of ironic really. While on the PS4 side of things we get zero ads, same on the Wii U but the Xbox One… damn its like they made the Xbox One to only do good adverts for those companies and that’s it. I don’t agree with captain granny shagger but you aren’t any better.

          • Gameonfool

            Hey look I exaggerated to get under his skin, he ( captain granny shagger lol) is even worse than me damn. At least you put forward worthy arguments even if we are on other sides of the battlefield.

          • The Clockwork Being

            You have point there.

          • NintendoNoob

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          • Elitepwnsface

            I actually do own a PS4. I however do not own a bone. WIll probably pick one up if Microsoft does rerelease Halo 2.

      • John Andalora

        I wholeheartedly agree with Gamer Mania. 2 hours is a ridiculous play time for that much cash.
        When every other game could fill that 2 hours in its cutscenes and exposition alone, it’s extremely underwhelming to me that this game just goes for so much less than that.
        The Phantom Pain might be something cool, but I’m not sure I’m willing to get this yet.

    • TomDobo

      It’s more like £35 but yeah it’s a very short campaign for the price. Hopefully there will be loads of side missions to keep us occupied till the phantom pain

      • Gamer Mania

        I checked GAME and they said it was £40

        • Look at amazon lol.. £50 Then compare it to the PS3 version.

          • Gamer Mania

            You are fucking kidding me…. Kojima is starting to sell out now -_-

        • TomDobo

          Check out grainger games there much better than game. I’m guessing the price has not been updated. I can’t see them charging that much for a game with so little.

  • Kyle

    Of few Ps4 games I was interested in this year, this Is disappointing.

  • blessedswine

    and with that my preorder has been cancelled ill wait for this to hit bargain bin, 2 hours is just not enough play time for a 40$ game, id very much rather spend 20$ more and get Infamous or Watch dogs, or hell even Thief

  • The Unknown Legacy

    I’m so pissed off at this. I’m a major MGS fan but are you seriously making your longtime fans pay 44$ (ebgames in canada has that price on it for ps4) for a 2hour DLC!? This is a damn DLC that should’ve been added to MGS5 but instead kojima chooses to be a money whore. He’s so lucky he makes amazing games and I respect him as a video game creator, director and writer. But as a human being, he’s a total scumbag. Watch them make a bundle of this and MGS5…

  • NintendoNoob

    WHAT!?!?!?! WHHAAATTTTTTTTT!?!?!?!? C’mon Hideo Kojima! You made Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater over 20 hours long to beat and this… THIS!! Is two hours!? I mean c’mon! All the cutscenes in MGS 3 combined are longer than that!! Okay, Kojima I love you and all but c’mon. Make the story as long as the old ones

  • Rob

    Onward to Youtube.

  • ETeach

    Knowing MGS, 1:50 will be cutscenes XD

  • poopypoop

    No thanks 2hrs for 60$ u.s. eat a dick.

  • Rashad McDuffie

    It depends on the amount of side missions and extra features that can possibly make this game a worthy purchase. In my opinion, a 2 hr long game would probably be like an interactive movie.