Sony won’t allow gamers to turn off DualShock 4 light bar


Let’s face it, unless you have the PlayStation Eye camera, the constantly glowing light bar on each DualShock 4 controller is pretty annoying. Worse, there is no way for PlayStation 4 gamers to turn it off.

And according to Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, they won’t allow gamers to turn off the light. According to Yoshida, the LED light doesn’t use much battery and it won’t affect the battery life of the controller a lot.

But that’s not the biggest complaint from gamers. The biggest complaint is that the light bar is reflected on the TV screen, which is annoying at best, and distracting from the game at worst.

We don’t see what the big deal is from Sony’s point of view. A quick firmware update could easily allow gamers to turn off the light bar, and the system could automatically turn it on if it detects that the Camera is plugged in.

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  • rsco6969

    This is a pointless feature no reason why Sony doesn’t allow it to be turned off.

  • BerryFlinger

    I haven’t met one person in person or anecdotally that doesn’t like the light bar. It is very useful and acts as ambiance at night. This is the whining vocal minority complaining just like how it was so difficult to change multiple discs if you owned a Xbox 360 version of game over a PS3 copy. Just lazy complainers is all. If you’re using the good return on investment of PS+ on your PS3 you’re connected anyways most likely using your PS4 controller so its always charged up with all the non existent current PS4 games out so far.

    • Brandon J. Andrews

      I find it annoying.

      • BerryFlinger

        Well you’re wrong and need better focusing abilities. Light doesn’t even work on PS3 where I bet most people are using it most and it stays charged.

        • Brandon J. Andrews

          Oh, I’m wrong? Okay, I guess I’ll get rid of my 50″ plasma and blackout shades.

          Edit: I thought the light on front of the DS3 was stupid, but this takes it to a whole new level. I have to hand it to Microsoft on this one- the light on the controller “dome” is flush with the controller, most likely for this reason.

      • Chris Woods

        U could tape a peice of card board over it with scotch tap and the light woildnt go through. Just like when people complained about the kinect always watching you. You could just turb it around. Plus it wont damage ur controller, its just tape

  • Not much to say about this.. Doesn’t bother me one bit

  • Yohan KillSwitch

    This story is pointless. The light bar doesn’t bother me one bit and in fact I never notice it. People who claim it is a bother in anyway are either lying or whiny brat complainers.

    • blessedswine

      or have high end kuro plasma tvs that reflect light oh not to mention the battery life.

  • Georges

    Duck tape?

  • Erick Garza

    I quickly forget about it, don’t mind it. Its a cool touch .

  • Ghost_Doctor

    what light bar jk jk? I doubt anyone really looks at it while gaming so how would it bother them.

    • blessedswine

      reflections on the tv.

  • Bob Singh

    I hate it when the light bar reflects off my tv

  • Gregory Soto

    The light bar is a nice touch, and if your not the one playing its something neat to look at, there’s no way it can be a firmware update since its internal hardware, it can be disconnected and ive tried it, it hardly saves battery. The feature is pointless as the moment but we can only wait and see how sony uses this further in there console, im sure if they added it to such crucial component they had to be thinking long term.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      it can be turned off with a firmware update…you know nothing of electronic components

  • Darcknyght

    spilled water on that side of the controller. Light no longer works but controller does.

    • Ray186


  • brian murphy

    i don’t ever notice the light i forget its even there when im playing

    • That_nigga_from_GHOST

      Turn off the light, n trust me you’ll notice it. its really annoying

  • Alexander Eugene Warner

    i use the light bar to find my cat in the dark between kills on the battlefield

    • Gregory Soto

      I use it to find my TV controls lol

  • Ahiam94

    I don’t get why everyone thinks that the light bar is so annoying. I barely ever even notice it.

    • blessedswine

      if you got a plasma tv or glass on your entertainment center it reflecs badly,

      • Ahiam94

        It’s funny that you say that. Cause I have a glass entertainment center and a plasma screen TV. Still doesn’t bother me.

  • Barters

    The light bar makes using the DS4 to watch a movie impossible.

  • steview130

    Personally doesn’t bother me but it looks a bit like Sony are being stubborn surly its no big deal to give users the option on how they wish to use their controller.

  • J Smith

    i dont like light bar it’s annoying. i prefer dark room and play video game. light are in my way when i move my controller all i see blue on wall and shadows. therefore it;s annoying.

  • Great__Cornholio

    I have a 70″ LCD TV. At night when the TV is on, but all other lights are off, the TV puts out so much light that it completely drowns the DS4’s LED. I don’t see any ambiance light from the DS4 unless I point it towards me.

  • Smurfette

    Date Posted: Jan 3, 2014#25
    You can just follow these rules it works all this I happening as the show is on scene
    1. Hold the ps home button(keep holding pshome button during all steps)
    2. As the screen pauses, then shows the settings press “O” “x” to play show/movie
    4. Keep holding till the controller shuts off
    And wallaaa the controller is off
    Zaid_the_kid, Jan 3, 2014

    Last edited by Zaid_the_kid, Jan 3, 2014

    • Tinman

      or you can just press O

  • Dr. Bartholomew Jones Sr.

    I use the light bar to find my beer.

  • Rashad McDuffie

    I love the light bar on the controller, I don’t even notice the light when playing games.