PSN Maintenance coming today


The PlayStation Network will undergo a scheduled maintenance today, Sony has announced. The maintenance will run from 9:30 am PST to 3:30pm PST. During the maintenance period, PSN users will not be able to access the Sony Entertainment Network Account Management options, browse the PlayStation Store, or jump into PlayStation Home.

If you’ve logged in since January 20th, you should be able to play online across all devices.

Earlier this month, Sony announced PlayStation Now, their service that will deliver legacy PlayStation games across numerous devices. The service will enter a closed beta next week so we would expect this maintenance to have something to do with that. At this moment, we haven’t received word about how Sony will go about choosing users for the beta.

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  • Will

    Maybe they should focus on a patch to use the Sony head sets……

    • Yoshi5081

      I agree with U!

    • Jessey

      Hopefully the patch will come this week.

    • Zach Cruz

      i been using astros A50’s and the surround and headset work great with my ps4, if you got the money I would recommend those.

  • Gameonfool

    They should start their infrastructure again from scratch

    • Nobby

      Gameonfool wise up sony been running amazing online system from day one without taking a cent from its users

      Sony you rock keep psn free on ps3 forever

      Micros$$$t shove your xbox live where the sun don’t shine

      • ShadowsInTheMist

        and neglecting security…PSN hack…ooops think someone neglected the basics of PHP security and boom, or 1=1 …. “web devs will get that reference”

      • blzzy_gie

        Sony are also closing down plenty of their servers for the PS3,

        Next ones include Gran tourism 5, all 3 Resistance fall of man games, MMO etc

  • MatthewCooksey

    As well as the Sony pulse headset support. They should introduce a 32 bits per pixel option because some users are experiencing horrendous pixel shimmer in all games due to a lack of support for certain older tvs.

  • Shree Nair

    Maintenance ?? for that deserted planet what we call PSN ?? .. come on guys you can do your maintenance anytime , there is no one out there on PSN.. I struggle to get a multiplayer game on weekdays 🙁