PlayStation Now coming to PS3 and PS4 first, Vita later

PlayStation Now

Sony’s PlayStation Now service has received mostly universal praise from journalists that had the opportunity to test it out this week at CES 2014. While playing games, they experienced some lag. Many noted that it wasn’t anything serious and that the game remained playable.

Sony’s Andrew House stated that the PlayStation Now service would be rolling out this Summer but didn’t specify if that was for all platforms or select ones. Sony has now stated that Summer’s roll out will be for PS4 and PS3 users while PS Vita, Sony Bravia, and Sony smartphone users will receive the service at a later date.

Those who don’t own a Sony device will have to wait a while longer as Sony’s goal at the moment is to bring PlayStation Now to Sony devices first. With this new information, we wonder what platforms the closed beta, or even the private one, later this month will be available on. Maybe only PS4 users will be invited to partake in the PlayStation Now preview? We expect more information very soon so the wait shouldn’t be too long.

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  • Nice.

    By the way i want GTA 5 too on PlayStation Now.

  • Rees Stylez

    I want in that beta wonder how to get in it