PS4 Daily’s hands-on with PlayStation Now [VIDEO]

Last week the crew from our sister site Phandroid attended CES to see all the great things announced in the realm of consumer electronics. While taking a break from taking in everything mobile and Android related, the guys had a chance to stop by the Sony booth and check out PlayStation Now, which was demoed for both Bravia TVs and the PS Vita.

The experience between the two seems to be marginally different, with better performance on the PS Vita than the Bravia TV. If you’re interested in checking out some first-hand footage of Sony’s new service, definitely watch the video.

Sony’s recently released sign up page may be a beta invitation in the future, though Sony hasn’t explicitly stated that since launching the page. If you’re interested in more information about PlayStation Now regardless, you should probably hit the link and sign up.

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  • This is coming along rather well and this will give people yet another incentive to buy a Vita.

  • Steven McDowell

    The artifacts should be less apparent on the Vita. My Vita needs some love, so pretty excited about this.