New details released for Evolve’s human characters


With more and more information being released from 2K Games regarding Evolve, further details regarding the game’s four different human classes and the roles they play have been revealed.

Last week saw the announcement of the first monster known as the Goliath. The Goliath is one of the monsters which one human player will control and take on 4 human players who play as Hunters.

Further information on the roles the Hunters will take is as follows:

Assault Class (Markov)

Markov is your typical gaming soldier who is first on the front-line and is very handy when it comes to weapons. As well as being skilled with weapons, Markov has plenty of health, a shield and arc mines to defeat enemies. Weapons available to Markov include a close-range lightning gun and an assault rifle.

·         Trapper Class (Griffin)

Griffin takes on the role of capturing monsters and uses harpoons as well as large cages to try and catch these beasts. Sound Spikes are also one of Griffin’s skills as this is used to track the footsteps of the monsters.

·         Medic Class (Val)

When taking on huge monsters, the Medic is a vital role. Val can heal fellow members of the team with an energy beam and also has a tranquiliser gun to slow monsters down. As well as these two skills, Val also has an anti-material rifle which highlights weak spots on enemies.

·         Support Class (Hank)

The Support Class does exactly what it says and supports the other members of the squad. Hank protects the other players with a shield gun and he also has the ability to call in air strikes. As well as these useful weapons, Hank is also able to use a cloaking device which hides him and other nearby players.

With the classes now being outlined with all of their skills, which (if any) do you think you’ll be playing as? With a multiplayer-based game, it seems as though no two games will be the same and it seems as though there is plenty of variety in Evolve.

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