A detailed look at the PlayStation 4 cooling solution

PlayStation 4 cooling

The PlayStation 4 is a powerful console,with lots of chips and circuitry producing a ton of heat. Yet Sony managed to design a cooling system that not only effectively deals with the heat, but also keeps the console quiet during normal operation.

Recently, Sony’s Yasuhiro Ootori, the company’s engineering director, gave a presentation in Tokyo where he went into detail on how Sony designed and developed the cooling system for the PlayStation 4.

And it looks like a very complex system Sony built just for the cooling. Ootori explains how the PlayStation 4 cooling system is more effective than that of the PS3, uses less power, and is smaller too.

Unlike the PS2 and PS3, the fan in the PlayStation 4 has three different speeds, and a temperature sensor, which regulates the fan speed. This means that the console can stay quiet when not under heavy load when playing games.

Check out more slideshow of the presentation at Famitsu here.

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  • Yoshi5081

    My ps4 is always cold… well it is hot but only where the cd is running…

  • HandsomeStranger

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  • Veries Seals

    My PS4 does not get hot but it is clearly not the quiet console. The disk drive is quiet loud.

  • Eleven Thousand

    this is interesting, not sure how it compares to the Xbox One’s cooling. Btw, if you wanna Jailbreak your PS4, check out my blog: http://ps4-jailbreak-2014.blogspot.com

  • OCP

    “Quiet Console”.. GTFO cocksuckers!!