5 Awesome PlayStation 4 facts (video)

The guys over at Vsauce have been doing awesome video game console facts for a while, and they’ve now released the PlayStation 4 edition of their “5 awesome facts”. As the title suggests, the video shows some of the cool and awesome “facts” about our beloved PlayStation 4. Such as that the PS4 has as much storage as 64,000 PS2 memory cards. Or 16X the RAM found in the PS3. Check out the video above for more.

Check out a video of 6 awesome facts about the original PlayStation as well:

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  • blzzy_gie

    Some other AWESOME FACTS.

    This console is the most LOCKED OUT console ever

    It has NO media capabilities beyond the Blu ray drive.

    No PHOTO


    And now they are talking about “PAY” per view TV i doubt they will ever unlock it, EVER.

    • Jessey

      They’re supposedly working on an update that will reintroduce media functionality into the console. I feel your pain though. The PS3 was the media center of my household.

      • bizzy gie

        The PS4 isn’t nearly as locked as this guy proclaims.

    • Gamer Mania

      Yet I can watch Netflix on my PS4 and I can download Movies on the PSN Store…..

      Awesome Facts about the Xbox One.

      Did you know that hardly ANYONE wanted the Xbox One in Germany.

      The Xbox One hardward inside the controller was already OUT OF DATE once it was released.

      Most of the media functions are stuck behind a PAY WALL.

      The Xbox One is said to be the new Atari Jaguar of the 2014

      Xbox One games like Titanfall AREN’T exclusives at all but merely games that you can already get on PC and the last gen Xbox.


      I think when you meant “Locked out Console” you meant the Xbox One….

      • steview130

        Xbox one wasn’t mentioned in original post so I don’t know why you went on defensive so quickly. Both consoles are still incomplete and work in progress, I own both and there both really good but both have a way to go yet. We just have to be patient.

      • bizzy gie

        Just know that this guy isn’t me.

      • Gameonfool

        Someone feels threatened by the completion. It’s ok, you can relax when the battle is won by the best, then you can stop spitting your bullcrap.


        one two three four I declare a flame war. nice kneejerk response flamer.

        • INNY BHOY

          Here’s a knee jerk response from me- “Fuck up DICK!” How do u like they apples u Fud?!?!?

    • AnonymUce

      The most locked out console? Did you know that without the XBLG, The XB1 is basically just a box that plays single player games?

      You can basically use most of the basic functions of the console on the PS4. You can stream gameplay on Twitch, use party/cross game chat, play online(F2P GAMES) without paying PS+, use apps such as Netflix, Hulu etc, offered 6 Free2Play, use the internal capture card/share footgae, all without paying PS+. Can you use the same functions/features on the XB1 without paying XBLGOLD? Yeah that’s what I thought. Now shut up and play with your cable box. Also PS4 users can use the voice command features without buying the camera, while Microshit are forcing you’re dumbass to buy the camera for its most use feature, voice command.

      Now you are properly informed XBOT.


        I haven’t bought a console yet, but based on the douchey flamers (see above) that rave of how they like to shove their rods in the PS4’s blu ray drive, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to join a MP match with any of them. Neither of the consoles have a good example of a game that makes buying the console worth it as of yet. I looked at the library for PS4 and maybe it’s just me but I could care less about anything released thus far. COD is just more of the same and I was looking forward to BF4 but doesn’t sound like it’s without its share of shortcomings and was puched out just to stay in line with COD. Guess I’ll go play the non exclusive uber badass looking Titanfall on my PC and or One when I decide to get one. You PS4 flamers can stay on and have fun chatting with this D-bag.

        • AnonymUce

          Yeah you have fun with your PC that constantly needs upgrade depending on the games. Not to mention the maintenance and a yearly subscription of virus protection. But then again it’s PC, you guys pirate everything. Stealing other people’s hard work is what you guys do best.

        • INNY BHOY

          “Douchey” “Rods” “Uber” “Flamers” but saved the best for last “D-bag” I swear you deserved to be booted right in ur camel toe hole u wee bitch!!!

    • Adarazz

      Video game systems should be about playing video games first and foremost. The PS4 trounces any other console when it comes to game lineup this year.

  • Eleven Thousand

    loved this! Btw, if you wanna now how to Jailbreak your PS4, head over to my blog: http://ps4-jailbreak-2014.blogspot.com

    • rsco6969

      cannot down-vote this enough piracy is a cancer that need obliterating. admin block this pratt.

    • Gamer Mania

      Thank you, I’ll let Sony know

      • steview130

        Agreed, doesnt deserve his ps4

    • Adarazz

      Get the fuck out… and take your blog and jailbreaking faggotry with you.


      Give me two minutes to read over your info on how to BRICK my PS4!!! Idiot! BITE ME! DICK!

  • TomDobo

    Awesome videos and very interesting facts. Does this person also do an Xbox one video like this ?

    • Benjammin Carder

      Funny for a moment there. U should check their utube page. They might have it hiding somewhere

  • bizzy gie

    I knew most of those facts. The memory and person resemblance internals were the shockers.

  • Billy Lockhart

    None of these facts were a big surprise, But after sharing with a few people they found it as really informative.