Sony bringing “substantial” PlayStation 4 stock to UK before Christmas


The PlayStation 4 is selling like hotcakes in the UK. No, it’s selling better than hot cakes, as the console sold over 250,000 units during the first 24 hours.

Sony and retailers have sold out of all inventory in the UK and Germany — and we saw what the shortage caused in Germany (hint: mayhem).

Now Sony is promising UK gamers that they will ship “substantial” stock to the UK before Christmas, which is of course a popular shopping time, especially for video games in the UK and rest of Europe.

A Sony spokesperson told MCV that they are pleased with the sales and are still fulfilling pre-orders, adding that “Substantial further volumes of PS4 will arrive in the UK before Christmas”.

By selling a quarter of a million units during the first two days, the PlayStation 4 is officially the fastest selling console ever in the UK.

Sony has also confirmed that they have allocated a part of the PlayStation 4 stock in the UK in order to replace any “dead on arrival” consoles.

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  • bizzy gie

    Sony must be rolling in dough right now. How can I apply to Sony’s game division?

    • Gamer Mania

      2.1 Million if I’m correct

      • bizzy gie

        That’s half of Wii U’s sales (that took a year to reach) in just a few weeks.

    • Noel

      By finishing college

  • Richard Martin

    Makes me laugh though – people desperate to get their hands on a PS4. If there was no shortage, I would go out and buy one, but greedy retailers and people on eBay are demanding stupid prices, and people paying them as well. Stupid. So I will just wait until next Xmas, when the price will be about £100 cheaper with a decent game bundle included.

    Anyway, back to play GTA5 on my 360…..