Russian PlayStation 4 distributor keeping stock to sell at higher price

PlayStation 4 Russia

According to a new report, the Russian company 1C, the official distributor of the PlayStation 4 in Russia, is holding back on stock sent to retailers in order to sell on their own site. For a hefty markup.

1C has distributed some of the PlayStation 4 stock it was given by Sony to retailers, but evidence suggests that they have kept a lot of it themselves. And they’re selling it at an almost 50% price increase on their own site.

The PlayStation 4 officially retails for 18999 RUB in Russia, about $580 USD. 1C shipped PS4 units to retailers around Russia who are selling at this price. However, the console is now sold out all over Russia. Except at 1C.

The distributor, 1C, are the only ones who have the PlayStation 4 in stock, according to their online store. And they’re not selling the PlayStation 4 at its $580 Russian MSRP, they’re selling it at 27999 RUB, which is about $850 USD.

This doesn’t come as a big surprise, especially in countries known for shady business practices from time to time — anytime there is a shortage of something, the price goes up and there’s usually someone there to make a quick bug. Just look at the 65,000 PlayStation 4 consoles sold on eBay since launch.

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  • Adecentboy777

    Shady business practices in a shady country. No surprise to me!

  • Random

    quick buck* Just a heads up, it says ‘quick bug’ in the article.