PS4 vs Xbox One: Rap Battle ft. DNA [VIDEO]

The Playstation 4. The Xbox One. It’s a head-to-head matchup of epic gaming consoles, but which one is better? We got world renowned rap battler DNA to go all-out-verbal-assault on behalf of the systems, but we’ll let you judge the winner of this “Guilty Conscience” style combat:

We’re guessing (call it a hunch) that the readers here would take Playstation 4 if given the choice. But in terms of actual rapping? We’ll let you be the judge. Hit up the comments and let us know what you think.

You can follow DNA on Twitter @DNA_GTFOH.

Additional shout outs to KOTD, The URL, and Don’t Flop (AFD)!

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  • Yohan KillSwitch

    PS4 is obviously better….as for that rap? Meh

    • Veries Seals

      I didn’t like the rap either and I love rap. Was pretty lacking, but i appreciate the effort and the battle.

  • Redseb Munzer

    weak ugh

  • Veries Seals

    I can’t agree with that. I have both PS4 and Xbox One and I feel that the Xbox One has the better game library. The graphics on both systems are drop dead gorgeous so you can’t go on visuals. So now it is about the games and Xbox One has the edge for now.

    • Adecentboy777

      Well, I compared many games on both systems and as for the visuals, the PS4 is better. Even if the difference in visuals not that big yet, many games just look a bit better on PS4. All the tests and reports confirm that too. PS4 is also faster since you can play the game even if you just started downloading it AND it has more exclusives. A lot of exclusives are not out there yet, but they will come soon. Only in 2014 we will see 12 new IP’s from SONY. Microsoft owns not even the half of studios Sony does. AND the hardware of PS4 is far better, so the difference in visuals will be even bigger with time! XBOX ONE is more a media device, which is not a priority to me, since I am a gamer, and SONY PS4 is for the gamers ๐Ÿ™‚ Sony will add some media features to PS4 anyway, so no harm done. And I can control my tv with my voice etc., so I don’t need an extra device for that.

      • Veries Seals

        The PS4 is not even close to the Xbox One in features, options not games. Yes the Xbox one can and does more than the PS4 on any given day. I am a gamer as well and have been one for 26 years to boot. If you just prefer Sony you just prefer Sony. It is a very nice console, but realistically if you look at what both consoles can do out of the box the Xbox One steam rolls the PS4. And visually the games look the same. The PS4 in some cases have a bit better anti-aliasing. Its not posing any more ploys than the xbox one. All the the effects and visuals are in both builds and they both look equally fantastic. Where the difference comes in is the the Xbox One was built with more Multi-tasking in mind. It just does several things at once with out you having to close off your current allocation and it does it extremely fast. The PS4 for does not accomplish this. You still must close every application before starting a new one. So yeah you will have the appearance of always being faster because you are never doing more than one task at a time. Like I said. I bought them both and like both of them. But Which one is a more advanced console. I have to tip my hat to the Xbox One for not only gorgeous visuals but a smooth interface and more advanced options. Will I take a 10% to 15% drop in performance that the PS4 has (partially because it is only running one app at a time) ? Sure I’ll take that. Also Microsoft’s online services are superior and more robust to Sony’s as well. Now lets talk about which console feels visually more finished and weighty. The XB1 is a heftier feeling console and does not feel like a toy compared to the PS4. Jus my opinion but the XB1 is better built than the PS4 hardware wise and had less hardware problems this time around. Now the pS4 controller is more comfortable than the XB1’s this time around. The XB1 has a great controller but the dual shock 4 for the PS4 is just plum sexy. Just saying.

        • Adecentboy777

          Sorry, but I must correct you. I’ve been a gamer for 20 years and I saw and used the xbox one, BUT as for the games PS4 is obviously a better choice. As for the hardware, take a look at this:

          It shows you clearly which hardware is more advanced!!! No offence, but this are the facts!!! Microsoft even tuned the CPU power of the XB1 after they realised how powerful PS4 is. We’ll see bigger and bigger differences in game visuals and as I said before SONY owns more AAA studios and will have more and better exclusives than Microsoft. I agree with you on saying XB1 has more interfaces and is more like a HUB and media device in your home. Yes, that’s true. BUT as for the games and playing games PS4 is just better, since it has a better gaming hardware and games thanks to SONY and 500 developers. It explains also why all the people are buyung more PS4. SONY’s sale figures look pretty good in US. It even outsold the XB1. But the same goes for Europe and all the other countries. PS4 outsells XB1 by 4 to 1 ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry, but it looks like all the people need a gaming machine and not a super media device.

        • Benjammin Carder

          Gaiki is all in one:

          Sony will be aiming to eventually move the service to the Vita, Smart TVs and other devices in the future.