According to PornHub, PS4 users love to watch porn


The PlayStation 4 has had its fair share of scandalous news since release on November 15th. had to ban streaming of the Playroom app because of people streaming their own live porn shows, but it appears that owners of the PlayStation 4 really love to use it to watch porn on PornHub. According to the website, nearly 55% of console traffic generated is from PlayStation 3 and 4, while only 39% of traffic comes from Xbox gamers.

Even Nintendo Wii owners seem to be getting in on the action, with 6% of owners watching porn from their console. What’s perhaps most interesting is console porn purveyors seem to have better attention spans for their porn consumption compared to regular browser users, as PornHub shows statistics that say console users have less of a bounce rate and higher minutes per pageview than regular browsers.

Interesting. Perhaps we’ll see a PornHub app for consoles in the future.

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  • PS4/WiiU

    das nasty…

  • John Ligons

    wait, i thought ps4 didn’t do video playback……now if I can bookmark the site on the dashboard

  • Don’t even know what to say about this..

  • lonewolf88

    how is this a good thing? i mean really? why the fuck do consoles need porn? there made to play video games i swear consoles are going down if they continue crap like this hey ps4 owners! how about we worry more about games than porn.

    • Unholy_Beauty

      Because it’s first world problems. They won’t ever understood what a console should be used for as long as all they know how to do is eat, sleep and fap everyday of their lives. But you’re absolutely right. 😛

      • Tra Allen

        screw you guys i’m going to watch some porn on my ps4 tonight

    • jfelts

      So you are saying that the PS4 shouldn’t even have a browser and should ONLY play games? You must really hate the Xbox One then for being a full multimedia console.

      • lonewolf88

        no i’m saying to go down to the level of putting porn on a console thats made to play video games is dumb and retarded.

        • Unholy_Beauty

          I agree.

          • NintenScience

            Ironically, your username has the word “Unholy”.


          • LOOOL

        • oddfoxx

          Sex And drugs are the worlds most traded and prosperous commodities,so to act surprised when people(including those you and I know) use these media console for media,even if it`s looked down on publicly by a few hypocrites,for none of us are perfect and without sin,is just ignorant.

          • NintenScience

            Unfortunately, the humans who made other humans hate sex and drugs are ALL hypocrites. =D

            And, by the way, it is 2014. Happy new year to you! =D

  • Unholy_Beauty

    I’m sorry, but that is just sad. But hey, at least I know the PS4 was not made for that reason anyhow. 😛

    • NintenScience

      Why can’t female humans be more accepting of “sex”, and one of its derivatives, known as “pornography”?

  • therapiist

    this is prove that they are spying on people on consoles lol

    • irenkai

      you dumb? every connection sends a HEADER which from what you are connecting.

  • TomDobo

    I don’t understand how this is news.

  • The Unknown Legacy

    Omg this is hilarious! I never expected people to actually watch porn on their consoles xD

  • Captinn2

    Wtf, perverts.

    • SmashFinale

      Oh, you should have been there for The Playroom on Twitch. This ain’t nothin’. XD

      • jfelts

        What I don’t understand though is that why is it just playroom? I still see boobs and what not on Live stream.

  • Tra Allen

    why do dudes act like they cant look at naked women. i dont get it

    • lonewolf88

      thats not it use ur pc for that why do we need are consoles with porn apps now its just retarded.

  • Gamer Mania

    Wii U owners on the other hand…. the fact you can watch porn direct from the website…. Lets just say Wii U’s browser isn’t for kids.

    • SmashFinale

      Isn’t there a Youporn App for Wii U?

      • Gamer Mania

        Nah, I think Nintendo didn’t expect it due to it being “Not Family Friendly”

  • rsco6969

    looks like were all a bunch of wankers then

    • NintenScience

      British humour?

      • rsco6969

        of course lol

  • NintenScience


  • James Bone

    Sounds like there are a lot of filthy DS4s out there.DO NOT buy a used one off of E-bay! And with their EYE, maybe the XBone[!] can finally tell us the left to right handed ratio of ‘users’.

  • Zac Linute

    I remote played the PS4 on my Vita and watched porn.

  • dutchdouche

    eat sleep porn repeat

  • UltimateDerpface

    What is pornhub and what is porn. Seriously I am just 11, Just tell me.

  • dan

    Assuming, the age demographic for PS4 is primarily adults who can afford the $400 price. Mostly married men over the age of (I’d say) 23… I definitely believe it, just surprised the percentage isn’t higher truthfully!!!! LMAO!!!