Write for PS4Daily.com: we’re seeking Contributors!

Once PS4 discs start popping into shiny new consoles, we’ll undoubtedly face an avalanche of information. Hopefully you’ll continue to visit PS4 Daily as your go to source for everything PlayStation 4. To make sure we’re doing the best job possible, covering all the news, bringing you everything from tips, tricks, and game glitches to full reviews and videos, we’re increasing the size of our team.

That’s right… we want YOU to be on our team.

The  gaming community is filled with passionate, educated enthusiasts with loads of insight and knowledge to share. Think you got what it takes? Then consider this your invitation to apply as a Contributing Author on the PS4 Daily team (we’re also looking for writers on Xbox One Daily and Wii U Daily).

What is a Contributing Author?

The contributor position is an unpaid position. It provides a great opportunity to be published on a reputable news source. It’s a resume builder, opportunity to “get your name out there”, and allows you to engage in an open dialogue with a vibrant game-loving community.

What are the expectations of a Contributing Author?

Contributing Authors will be expected to publish a minimum of 1-3 articles each week. They’ll communicate closely with the editorial team via E-Mail, Skype, and other means, passing back and forth story ideas that could be either time sensitive or open ended. Maybe you already spend your time digging through gaming sites and social media and would love to bring the information to our readers with your own spin. Maybe you’ve always wanted to create videos, write tutorial articles, or compose full blown reviews of the newest games? We’re looking for a diverse set of contributors who can help take PS4 Daily to the next level.

How can you apply?

  • Send an E-Mail to rob[at]gamefans[dot]com
  • Copy and paste “PS4 Daily Contributing Author” in the subject line… without the quotes
  • Tell us your name, age, location and a little bit about yourself
  • Tell us why you would make a great Contributing Author
  • Tell us how much time each week you hope to dedicate to PS4 Daily and what type of content you would most like to contribute
  • Copy/Paste/Link us (no attachments) to related writing samples in the PS4 Daily style
  • Give us an idea of what you’ll bring to the table by sharing a few unique article ideas you would enjoy writing
  • Convince us that you’re the “go-getter” we’re seeking!
  • Are you available on launch night/day? Let us know! We would love go turn these day one experiences into words that all our readers can enjoy

We’re looking for quality applicants, not how quickly you can show your interest/urgency. We’re expecting a large number of inquiries and will be unable to respond to every person. If we’re interested, expect to hear back from us in the coming days, at which point we’ll narrow down the field of candidates with some follow up questions.

Teamwork No. 1

Thanks and good luck!

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  • Deezy

    That would be cool but I can’t say that I would be getting the PS4 now and such. It would really be nice to have in the resume but I have to pass up on this due to limitations. Thank You.

  • bizzy gie

    This seems like a great opportunity for those looking to get into this profession. I recommend writing articles for the best gaming console ever made over 7 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Bacon.

  • Mikey Styles

    I’m actually going to put my name in the hat & feel my “Strong Opinions” will be fun & easily a conversation starter haha.

  • Niknique

    Wish I could, but sadly I’m a bad writer.
    I’ll just leave this job to more capable hands 😛

    • Deezy

      There is no such things as a bad writer. Bad spell check, yes. Horrible grammar, yes. but bad writer, never. I am not a passionate reader, but reading improves in speaking and writing. You don’t need to read a book just to improve in communicative skills. You can read professional articles and editorials.

      • Niknique

        My english teacher told me something like that once.
        She said the most frequently asked question kids would ask her was,”How do I become a better writer?” and she said,”There’s no secret technique to becoming better, you just gotta keep practicing and your writing will naturally improve.” So to your credit I guess your right 😛

        Maybe I’ll apply next time, but for now I think I’ll just enjoy the articles written on the wonderful websites of PS4 and Wii U daily.

        Edit: Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll be sure to keep your words in mind!