These custom PlayStation 4 controllers look awesome

PlayStation 4 retro controller

The guys over at EvilControllers offer custom game controllers of all sorts. And they just added a PlayStation 4 lineup of DualShock 4 controllers in various designs. While the controllers are pricey — retailing at $30 bucks — they’re pretty exciting and will draw a lot more attention than Sony’s standard PlayStation 4 controller.

Check out some of the controllers below — we’re particularly fond of the white retro styled edition (seen above). You can check out their full (and expensive) EvilControllers lineup here. They have a sale on some of the controllers — the white one above retails at $90 bucks at the moment.

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  • The Clockwork Being

    13 Days left!! Can’t wait!

    • Mr. J

      Why the heck did you get a downvote for saying 13 days can’t wait? People these days

      • Gamer Mania


        • The Unknown Legacy

          It’s quite amusing really. Seeing how butthurt some are.

      • The Clockwork Being

        Really don’t know. Haters will downvote no matter what you say.

        • Deezy

          Yeah, that’s [XBox] fanboys for you. biased people who are against your opinions, thoughts, or speech.

          • Chronic Gang

            why do you seem its them

          • Deezy

            i dont know. not saying as the whole xbox fanclub community, but there are those that will. Some people from the nintendo community can also downvote people for no logical reasons. and there are the trolls who do it cause they want to just to get a reaction from us. Ironically I too was being biased because I pointed out only 1 group in my previous comment so I will apologize for that.

        • PS4/WiiU

          I downvoted you 🙂

  • Rinslowe

    The last controller looks pretty good “storm trooper” style. The rest are only passable…



  • The_Vego

    The one on the top right is perfect!

  • Pineappleskewer

    The last design that’s just black and white is really nice! I like that simple, classy look it has going on.

  • Ghostdoctor081

    Sorry but for those prices i’ll wait for scuff to come out with the new DS4 If and i say If i was willing to get any type of modded controller.

  • Deezy

    I would like to get the top right, bottom right, and red controllers. Use the top right controller for special tournaments or something special.

  • bizzy gie

    PS4 will support MP3s (Xbox One doesn’t support MP3 files) and DLNA!

    • Deezy

      Of course. first time I saw that on XBO daily I was shook but thought about it. Like how will everybody feel who are PS4 fans that dont come on this site discover that PS4 don’t play music on MP3s?

  • Deezy

    I am still feeling that White Nightmare (top right) but it would look cooler if they also created it on the red controller. And to top it off, make that red controller glow in the dark!!! If they ever decide to make that controller, it will so crazy, its sick

  • bizzy gie

    Nick, $30 isn’t pricey. It’s half the price of a regular controller.

    $90 is up there though.

    Glad that DS4 comes in so many varieties including Sony’s own red and blue.

    It’s so much more appealing than just tiny text on the front.

  • Chronic Gang

    the only one that looks good is the white one the rest are just…….meh

  • dividsmythe

    Anybody know what the delivery is like from these to the UK? That glossy white looks great.