Take a look at what’s inside a PlayStation 4

Wired PS4

Wired magazine has become the first publication to take a peak inside the black box that is the PlayStation 4. Their in-depth photos and article show pretty much everything that’s inside the console, from the motherboard with its APU and RAM, to the harddrive, the Blu-ray drive, the cooling system, and everything else. Check out the full gallery here.

We’ve added an awesome animated GIF below, which shows the different components coming together to create what we know as the PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 launch is just a week away. Did you pre-order your console? Or are you going to wait in line at the midnight launch?

PS4 teardown

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  • Ghostdoctor081

    Some people can’t have nice things. they all ways have to take stuff apart trying to find the hamster in the hamster wheel powering things. That’s what he is looking for right 😛 ?

    • Gamer Mania

      Oh you mean the Xbox One? Yeah, that’s probably why Microsoft’s consoles die very quickly

  • TomDobo

    Some tech nerds will be having an orgasim looking at this. But to me it’s just motherboards and shit. We just want to play the damn consoles not open them up.


    so thats what that circly thing is for

  • bizzy gie

    Why take it apart? Play the thing! Geez.

    • Deezy

      I wouldn’t mind buying an additional PS4 just to get inside it. Controllers are off limits for me.

  • Kim Sanderhoff

    Aaaaannnndddd… STILL nothing on the CPU. The cpu must the really slow (probably slower than Xbox) since they refuse to talk about it.

  • Deezy

    Ah, yes. the cooling fan, motherboard, cpu, gddr5 ram, HDD. She truly is… A masterpiece!!!!! what does that xbox one look like? is it too a masterpiece or something far worse from it?