Taco Bell says nearly 4,000 people won a PS4, now giving away $500 GameStop gift card

Taco Bell surely takes the cake for most PS4’s given away as they partnered with Sony for the console’s big launch. You may remember the same partnership was arranged for the PS Vita’s launch a little more than a year ago. Did you win a PS4? I know I didn’t.

And sure, I should also point out that we [PS4Daily] are also trying to give away a PS4, or should I say the Amazon gift card equivalent of one PS4 before tax and shipping. You could buy a PS4 or just a scoop up nearly every PS4 launch game there is.

So back to Taco Bell, they tweeted out the message that nearly 4,000 people within the continental US have won a PS4. The contest advertised that these winners would also get their systems before the November 15th street date. No, Xbox One’s were not part of this deal despite those being accidentally shipped out early.

Now that the PS4 giveaway has pretty much concluded, they’ve moved onto a new promotion. For the small price of a large beverage and a combo [and more diarrhea], you can enter to win one of 12 $500 GameStop gift cards a day. Honestly, you’re odds are better right here trying to win a PS4, Xbox One, or Wii U on our Daily sites just by being active in the forums.

So tell us, are you one of the purple dots in that image above? Did you get a Taco Bell PS4 early or know someone that did? Did it come with any free food? 5 DAYS LEFT!!!

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  • bizzy gie

    Congrats for them. I haven’t been to a Taco Bell in a while though.

  • John Ligons

    Taco Bell is okay, depends if ur stomach can tolerate it (like white castles)


    i like taco bell iv tried and i care about ps4 my friend who only cares about microsoft won one-_-

  • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

    Count on a contrast no way! !!! Pre-ordered a week after E3 and paid off In August! !!! So siked. ..5 more days! !!!

  • Rashad McDuffie

    Congrats to the Taco Bell ps4 giveaway winners. Just when I was doubting the credibility of the contest after reading the many comments of how much money was dropped into trying to wining the next gen console.

  • Austin Nuhn

    I’m one of them!! I live in Olathe KCK south of Kansas City:)

    • Krystal Pena

      I won in topeka ks

    • thestoebz

      Bastard, I live in KCMO, didn’t win :(. But I pick mine up tonight haha.

    • Kyeon

      Nice one mate. PS4 is awesome

  • Robert Adams

    i’ve tried so many times and can’t win!! ugh

  • sd

    I dont think I have ever been to taco bell, so not much chance of me winning anything from them.

  • Brainyack333

    So many people on the eastern sea border, I live there and haven’t gotten one lol, good thing for preorder….

  • Mike Kish

    I’m a winner from just outside of Pittsburgh! Won Friday and I’m so excited. Just traded in my PS3 and got CoD Ghosts for PS4 so now I just need that system to show up on my doorstep 🙂 can’t wait to play assassins creed either

  • Deezy

    There aint no taco bell in the hood anymore 🙁

    • Sorahearts

      I think I might puke if I eat a taco

      • Deezy

        the only Mexican grill I mess with is Chipotle. Their burritos are the best and their guacamole

        • Sorahearts

          Hmm, I haven’t had a burrito in a while. I think I might be interested into eating a burrito rather than a taco

          • Deezy

            Best thing I ever had plus those burgers from five guys are great and healthier than mcdonalds

          • Sorahearts

            I never bothered going McDonalds only because I didn’t like a Big Mac except for one of my friends. That was a big meal that I couldn’t have ate

          • Deezy

            yeah, the big mac is something that over fiil people. I am more wary about those mighty wings. I heard stories and see wings that look like heads, you know…. those WTF moments o.o

          • Sorahearts

            Yeah I know. I thought they were even spicy too

  • William

    I’m one of the dots in Alabama

  • Carrie Palermo

    I’m a winner also but haven’t received my console yet. I’m in

    • andyswoody

      Same here. I won in CT

      • Alex Panda

        I WON TOO RE

    • Butch Casidy

      I am in Jersey; apparently mine arrived on the 13th but sat in my apt management office till the 20th.

    • courage

      also a CT resident!

  • Jordan

    Congrats to everyone that won a PS4! I tried the Taco Bell thing but failed miserably. My codes most of the time would never work. 🙁

  • Chronic Gang

    lol stupid taco bell

  • daknite

    Yeah I’m the one in Illinois

  • noneya

    bull shit that anyone won they wouldnt even give me a big box and now they wont even give me the gamestop cup with the code. its a shame in my state taco scam

  • Austin Nuhn

    has anyone got there ps4 yet?

    • Butch Casidy

      Mine arrived 11/13. Our $5 box is $5.99, lol.

  • Clayton Kuyrkendall

    I won in Louisiana . they start shipping today in the order people won them.

  • Krystal Pena

    I won and I live in Topeka Kansas We will see if it arrives lol

  • beca

    i won too Santa Clara, CA! but i’m wondering when we are going to recieve the console 0.o

  • beca

    i’m scared to give away my ps3 yet….i pre-ordered COD ghosts for ps4 but i’m waiting until i get the actual console to sell my ps3….i just hope nothing gets messed up

  • Martin

    Yes I won one a PS4 from taco bell, but have no idea on the delivery method that it is supposed to be received from. I have heard of horror stories from friends in Oklahoma that the Taco Bells there were trying to give the food in bags and not in the promotional boxes. They had to ask specifically for the boxes.

  • Cori Fisher

    I won here in TX since winning though I haven’t heard anything from them. Anybody hear from the company after the winning confirmation email?

  • Shawn Johnson

    I won but haven’t recieved it yet in missouri

  • demon48180

    i won and i just recieved mine today… BUT the psn code in invalid… dont get how i typed it in every way and it is invalid.

  • juan manuel núñez

    Juan manuel núñez
    Yes I won but they haven’t send me the game I’m sad

  • Edgar Ramirez

    I’m a PS4 winner from taco bell and have not received any thing, but I did received an email and this is what it said I received this email on the 11/12/2013 and never received a tracking number.

    —– We know you are excited and on the edge of your seat waiting to find out if your win has been confirmed for the Taco Bell® and PlayStation® Play the Future First Instant Win Game.  We’re happy to report the wait is over.  Your win has been confirmed!

    We have begun shipping the PlayStation®4 Prize Packages today, and will continue shipping them until they have all been delivered. Your package will be shipped via FedEx to the address you provided when you registered for this promotion. (sorry, this address cannot be changed, no exceptions)—–

  • Jay Bass

    I did, only bought one 5 buck box too

  • daniellemarie

    I won and got my ps4 today

  • Tex Vet

    El Paso TX – A Friend of mine won the PS4 “Play the Future First” from TB… He’s selling it though…

  • lyzzard

    I won! Got an email saying it was being shipped yesterday and received it this afternoon (AZ time). It is AWESOME!

  • Carolyn Criner Shuff

    I wish I would have. My console is falling apart but o’well. I’ll play it till the wheels fall off…then maybe take up hacky sack 🙂

  • Infamous

    I won 2 of them seperate taco bells

  • pfrec310

    Sad to say even a PS4 couldn’t get me to go to Taco Bell. It was close though.

  • Audrey Gates

    We got our’s on the 13th. Two days before launch! I luckily didn’t have to eat at Taco Bell, but my husband did, lol!

  • JR

    I want a ps4..I never have good luck on that shit

  • Kyeon

    Those who won and get the PS4. Congrats and good choice. $box use to be a thing but me and friends did all the research ourselves and the final verdict goes to PS4!

    This is one of the reason:

    The PlayStation 4 is cheaper we all know that we all see it; however, it’s going to be the better deal in the long run. The XBO cost $500, most gamers keep their console for 5+ years, and buy an average of 5 games per year. IN order to get pretty much any function out of the XBO you have to buy XBLG for $60 a year. Factor all that and you’re paying $2,300 for the console, 5 years of XBL, 25 retail games (average of 5 games per year) and 2 games per month whenever XBL games with gold continues on the XBO later in 2014.

    With the PS4 you’ll pay $2,150, and get the console, 5 years of PS+, 25 retail games, 120 PS4 games from PS+ (Day 1), 120 PS Vita games (2 per month), and 180 PS3 games (3 games per month). There’s no comparison you get significantly with the PS4 more for less money.

  • Kaurice Rogers

    I jus find out about it and I put my code in today, we’ll see what’s what

  • Shalonda Jakeway

    I won one of the $500 giftcards in Columbus, Ohio

  • Chronical V

    Wow I didn’t win. 🙁 I have bad luck, and I don’t know if I wanna buy it because I don’t normally do big purchases.

  • Valice Inferno

    We won one, in VA~!