PSA: Sears website currently has PS4 bundles in stock for a short while [Dead Deal]

PlayStation 4 console

If you’re an eager gamer wanting a PlayStation 4, you’ve probably noticed you’re out of luck online unless you purchase from a third-party seller on a site like eBay. Both Amazon and Newegg currently are out of stock of PlayStation 4, but it looks like you can order from for a limited time. The catch here is that you can’t order just the PlayStation 4, you’ll need to tailor one of their bundles and order it that way.

Currently Sears is offering two different bundles. One includes the PS4 and your choice of two games, while the other is a PS4 with your choice of a game and a second controller. Either way these bundles are retailing for $515 or so which isn’t bad if you were planning on picking up games or an extra controller anyway. Get them while they last!

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  • krayzielilsmoki

    Says out of stock when I click on the link provided.

    • Wow that was quick. Marking as dead. Sorry. ๐Ÿ™

  • Phoenix Maybe

    Well that opportunity went by fast. ๐Ÿ™

  • Alexie

    Sad. Anyone with $999 to spend can still get the “Epic Bundle” though lmao Im sure those wont have stock issues…. *cough* gamestop….ask for it

  • Fweds

    “DEAD DEAL” is this the Red line of death bundle ?.

  • Just sign up for an account at this link and it will email you when the PS4 is in stock again.