Get alerted instantly when the PS4 is in stock


If you’ve been trying to get a PlayStation 4 over the past few days of launch, you’re probably having a hard time finding one. Yesterday Sears put up two bundle options for the console, but they were sold out within the hour of us posting the deal. Don’t despair though, as there are ways you can stay on top of things.

The website Now In Stock is a handy tool that can be used to track nearly anything at online retailers. I’ve used it myself to track when Skylanders figures would be back in stock at Amazon, so I know it’s a reliable tool for that purpose. The service has already set up a page for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

To use the service, you select which SKU you want to be alerted about and then sign up. The service will then email you an in stock notification the moment it detects that SKU on the retailer’s website, so you don’t have to constantly refresh Walmart or Target’s online stores to see if they’re offering either console again. The website also tracks the last time the item was in stock on a specific retailer’s website, so you can see whether or not stock is replenishing.

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    Thanks for making this post ashly.i think this will come quiet handy for me continue the great work:)

    • Cheers, hope it helps you get one!

      • zX Excalibur Xz

        good to see you actually check out the tweets with links people send you, I put the alarm on the x1 a while back to help a buddy get his.

        • Twitter is the best way to alert me to something interesting, but PS4D will have a tip us button similar to WUD soon. 🙂

          • zX Excalibur Xz

            do I at least get a percentage of the tips for sending you the link 🙂

  • Billy Madden

    It works great… How I scored mine!!! 🙂

  • Jordan

    Hope everyone that wants a PS4 gets one! I am really enjoying it, and it is an amazing system 🙂