PlayStation®App is now available for Android and iOS

PlayStation-App-1The official PlayStation®App is now available to download from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. Time to get all your companion devices synchronized for the arrival of PlayStation 4 in just 2 full days.

After accepting the User Agreement and a quick redirect to sign into your PSN account, everything that is normally managed by the PS3 user interface is now right at your finger tips. Sending and replying to PSN messages, even deleting them is easier in the app. The What’s New tile will one day be filled with exciting new offers of the week.

The app overall is smooth and sexy. Loading transitions are minimal, even accessing my 5658 trophies takes less time than on Vita. While we’ll have to wait to play with connecting the app with the PS4 and playing The Playroom, it’s reassuring to see Sony follow through on releasing the app before the PS4 arrives.

So start padding your friends list and see how close you can get to that 2000 friends limit. Tell us, what’s your favorite part of the PlayStation®App and how do you see yourself using it most?

PlayStation®App for Android devices

PlayStation®App for iOS devices

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  • Rob

    Just downloaded it. Now tomorrow is the launch party and then the next day is the big day. CANT WAIT!*bart scott voice*

  • ATherohatch

    ive still gotta wait till 29th Nov 🙁

  • Piotrek

    No native iPad support? That sucks. If no IPad support, what’s all that mumbo-jumbo about the second screen experience?

    • Ryan Eslambolipour

      There is “native” support on ipad which means no enlarging from an iphone screen however you cant turn it sideways.

      • Piotrek

        By native support I meant not a blow up iPhone app on the iPod screen, but rewritten app to support iPad resolution.

        • Ryan Eslambolipour

          Its not blown up it might be your ipad because mine looks fine i think you mean sideways because anything straight will look like a blown up iphone derp

      • Guest

        Both consoles are struggling to keep frame rates cod ghosts on ps4 is ment to run horribly on ps4 because of the resolution. Xbox couldn’t handle it YET so they downscaled it to 720p. This time next year hopefully we will be laughing about this as 90% of games on both consoles will be native 1080p+

  • dividsmythe

    It even works in UK on xperia z and tablet z. Great app even though store is through web app, as that works loads better now.

  • Richard Kenyon

    says not available in uk store on iPhone

  • bizzy gie

    Just two days!

  • Fweds


  • Gameonfool

    you pretend gamers will never understand true online till you get xbox live

    • Unholy_Beauty

      Do you mean Xbox live for playing online, or Xbox360 the console? Because I could care less to “understand” neither of them. I’ve went through 3 of them already. And quite frankly, I’m still not impressed even with the XboxOne surfacing near. I still have the first model PS3 and it STILL works 100%. (It’s been about 5 years now. If not that, a little over since I’ve had it.) Was released in 2006 for NA, so you do the math. On top of that, Sony customer support is much more helpful and friendlier to their customers. All I can remember from Microsoft’s Customer Support was bad English and the constant call transferring from person to person, just to get the console sent out for repairs. Which might I add, never got taken care of because I kept getting rude/mouthy people. But what do I know, I’m just a pretend gamer. There’s no such thing as someone with a personal experience such as that. You probably think I’m just getting payed to say all of this anyways. xD

    • DelsinRowe

      Too bad xbox live is on such an inferior piece of hardware. I like my next gen games in next gen resolution.

      • TomDobo

        They all will be 1080p in the next year or so. Ps4 isn’t doing so great with the frame rates and xbox isn’t doing good with the resolution. If you ask me both are pretty inferior but it’s new hardware and they need more time to learn to use them.

        • jfelts

          It is nice to know however that Sony has better hardware to work with going forward.

  • Unholy_Beauty

    Woohoo! Was waiting for this. Just downloaded it. :3

  • Fweds

    “The What’s New tile will one day be filled with exciting new offers of the week.”

    They call that exact same thing “Advertising” on the Xbox.

    • DelsinRowe

      Except theirs is right on their dashboard. Ours is on an optional second screen.

      • Fweds

        I would be very surprised if they are sending it out to the app that it also doesn’t appear on the dashboard as well.

        • KosmoCrisis

          There is some adverts on the PS4 home screen. They seem to be 1st party ads for deals from what I’ve seen.

  • Sexy layout!

    • Sorahearts

      Agreed. Greatness awaits!

  • Mikey Styles

    The only negative I’ve seen so far is friend requests like we ran into last nite. I’m sure that will get fixed quick. But other than that the app was super smooth & just overall super easy. Well done Sony!

  • Alan Dripps

    When I tap the iOS link nothing comes up in the App Store?

  • This app is so much more crappier than the Xbox Live app. I was almost floored how 3rd rate this looks. Low res icons/graphics, no swiping gestures. Ugh :/

    • KosmoCrisis

      I think we’re probably more forgiving of this fact given we haven’t had an app for somewhere around the figure of forever. I know I am. There are some bugs in the app, so we know there will be updates. “3rd rate” though? I think it looks pretty clean.

  • John S Johnson

    Do they have an ipad version?