Pandora team working on getting Pandora in the PS4 browser


With the PlayStation 4 having been our for two weeks now, we’re finding a lot of services don’t work inside the default browser included with the PlayStation 4. A redditor recently decided to ask the Pandora team if they were planning on bringing a Pandora app to the PlayStation 4 and while the specific answer to that was that they have nothing to announce at this time, it looks like they are trying to get the web version of Pandora working with the PlayStation 4 browser. Check out this email:


That’s good news for people who absolutely have to have Pandora available on the PlayStation 4 in some capacity, but I’d rather wait for an app of some sort. What do you think?

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  • Matt Berial

    That is pretty cool, but yeah an app would definitely be welcomed. Especially listening to the music while you play instead of using Music Unlimited.

  • MiamiGoon

    Why not make an app that can run in the background? Browser will run out of memory won’t it?

    • NightPwn

      Why would the browser run out of memory? Does your PC browser run out of memory when playing Pandora?

      • MiamiGoon

        When I open 3-4 windows on PS4 browser, one had a video running and one a chat, it told me “out of memory”

        So I am assuming they only allow a litte RAM to be allocated to the browser or something.

        On MY PC I can have 50 tabs open and run videos, music or anything I want and never get that. I have 16GB RAM though and no limit on browser using any of it.

  • jfelts

    I agree, an app would be much better and make more sense. The fact they are making a work around via browser doesn’t get my hopes up for an app any time soon. I could play Pandora now if they would bring media/streaming support.

  • streetsports

    Its starting to look like ps4 sucks?

    • cam

      Yes I have one. Shit is useless. Ps3 shits on ps4.

  • Lord Fyr

    Lol my 360 can play pandora in it’s browser and the ps4 browser still cannot support pandora. I get a message saying that I need Adobe flash 10.1. How does the ps4 not have that?