Launch Day impressions, which game did you play first? [VIDEO]

I took the liberty of visiting a local GameStop and speaking with some of the customers before and after midnight struck. While shooters were wildly popular with 100% of those I spoke to, everyone seemed equally excited to get home and start playing.

These were the impressions of just a handful of new PS4 owners. What was your Thursday night like? Did you get your console at the stroke of midnight, midday Friday, or wait for Amazon to make the delivery? If you’re waiting to get a PS4, tell us why.

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  • The True Gamer

    i didnt play any, seeing as i dont actually have the system yet. but why is killzone shadowfall getting mediocre reviews? i love all three killzone games (console games) and almost every reviewer says its the best of the series. did the definition of incredible game change recently? because if killzone sf really is the best killzone it should get a 95 on metacritic.

    • Gamer Mania

      Maybe because they think Battlefield Bore and Call of Duty: Ghost Sales are better games than Killzone: Shadow Fall.

      • The True Gamer

        its gotta be that. killzone 3 got high reviews along with killzone 2, both being released last generation. Killzone Shadow Fall seems to be nearly perfect to some reviewers, except they still give it a mediocre score. its really quite sad because I wanted Killzone to have that moment in the spotlight, as it is the only first party fps for either system at launch.

    • KosmoCrisis

      The story is not very imaginative. Helghan is annihilated. Then they’re allowed to live with the Vektra, and in the process of moving in, they kick out the residents and kill some of them. Surprise: everyone is still fighting. But then there is a misunderstanding. The story itself is not as good as that of previous KZ games. Graphically, and technically, it’s a marvel. But I honestly can’t wait for a Killzone to release a little later in the PS4’s life cycle.

  • JustinQ

    I had the joy of going to the midnight launch. The wait to midnight seemed like forever. When it finally came, you could see the exitement fill the room as people started getting the surprisingly slim boxes that contained the next generation.

    As for me, I had to get up early that morning to go to work. I sped all the way home (nearly running a few red lights). The speeding didn’t end there, because the first game I popped in was NFS Rivals. After throwing the porche around a few corners and gawking at the graphics; I had to turn the system off and go to sleep.

    I went to work the next day super tired… but it was worth it.

    • KosmoCrisis

      That’s amazing! I probably would have just skipped sleeping…wait, that’s exactly what I did! Nice story and thanks a ton for sharing!

  • Adrian

    Just 25 more months until I go pick up my PS4 and KH3 and FFXV! So excited!

  • PSgamer89

    First game i played was Assassin’s Creed 4, then Knack then I played Killzone SF and I love all the games!!! Those Graphics are Amazing!! Even on my 720p TV! Can’t wait for a 1080p TV 🙂

    • KosmoCrisis

      I didn’t sleep at all in the last 48+ hours because of Need For Speed Rivals, Flower, Sound Shapes, and finally Killzone! Been playing the campaign and I swear I’ve been playing for 10 hours and it hasn’t ended yet.

      • PSgamer89

        yeah i heard all those games were effing awesome! I def wanna play flower cause makes you stay relax with the soundtrack. Wow Killzone is that long? Damn lol… Yeah this is the first time I’m trying Killzone out and I suck haha but I’m keep trying

  • John Andalora

    I played Knack for a few hours.
    Then my PS4 stopped working, so now I have to send it back…

    Sad to say I was part of the 0.4%.

    • KosmoCrisis

      That sucks! I was afraid to open mine for this reason. Do let us know what your overall experience is like and whether or not the replacement works alright.

    • PSgamer89

      sorry to hear that. Knack is a pretty good game I know he don’t have that much variety in his attacks but it’s still a good platformer