GameStop tries to sell Xbox Live Gold for PlayStation 4

Once in a while, a retailer will confuse a thing or two about games and consoles. But when it’s GameStop, a company specializing in video games, there’s no excuse for confusing the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Live Gold.

Which is exactly what they did in an email to customers, where they suggested what upcoming PlayStation 4 owners need was a 12-month membership to Xbox Live Gold. We might have looked past something like this if Target or Best Buy did it, but GameStop? Come on, guys…

Anyways, as you well know: Xbox Live Gold is for that other console. The PlayStation 4 uses PS Plus subscription, and every PS4 owner will get 30 days for free right out of the box.

Gamestop PS4 email

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  • Gamer Mania

    Xbox Live on the PS4? I told you Microsoft was going out of business… oh… it’s just a mistake?… Well I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Microsoft stuff on a PlayStation after the Xbox One is finished destroying Microsoft credibility

    • Deezy


    • Gilbert Nicks

      before there was PSN MS offered the XBL network and everything to sony… so I really dont think that would happen… but sad fact of the matter the really big Grip everyone kept claiming on 360 is now on the ps4 and yet i have not heard anyone grip

      • KosmoCrisis

        Because Sony strategically slipped it into an established and highly touted PlayStation Plus service that started it’s life by offering a ton of games for just $50 a year.

        • Gilbert Nicks

          yep and the service still sucks lmao…. and before you claim fanboy… my older brother and my 2 little brothers have a ps3 and they play the shit out of it… hell i own a PS3… They are both wired to their networks… and they always tend to have a issue from ethier dropping PSN or the games… sure some if not all PSN games are HOST related… but PSN dropping? on a 20mb/5mb connection…. they come over to my place to chill and ill have the 360 hooked up… they come and play and never have a problem… i think the worst thing to happen to them every time i have played or they played on my 360 was migrating the host.

          Now that you have no choice but to pay for PS+ its kind of a shitty deal… and lets not forget sony has yet to announce any real improvements even their “dedicated servers” are not real dedicated servers but just dedicated points to route to the host and improve connection… um Live has been doing that after the big update they did 2-3 years ago…. still suffers from the same Peer to peer problems… Fact is dedicated servers are the only way to improve the online experience.

          • Gamer Mania

            So just because you have someone who plays PlayStation it means you are unbiased?.. That is the most weakest excuse I’ve ever heard.

          • Gilbert Nicks

            I own a ps3. And psn was shit when I did use it. just stating the experience isn’t just from me but from at least 2 other ps3 users and they don’t own a 360. shit even a friend of mine who hates Xbox… Who loved his ps3.all the way up till he started to buy online games. He was in aww with the ps4 but when he found out they have no plans for true dedicated servers and have yet to announce any improvements to psn. he finally gave up and went pure PC gaming

          • Gamer Mania

            I’ve had zero problems with the PSN but I’ve had several problems on Xbox Live… just saying

    • Zach Cruz

      Fanboy much?

      • Gamer Mania

        Fangirl much? I love how you are taking a joke seriously.

        • Zach Cruz

          lol yes cause Zach is a girls name. nice try bro, you definitely weren’t joking you are just highly uneducated it’s alright I suppose not everyone finishes through school :).

          • Gamer Mania

            Yet my comment seems to have gotten more likes πŸ˜‰

            I’m sorry if your moronic mind can’t take my jokes due to your small mind. Also, I called you a fangirl because I knew you’d whine about it πŸ˜‰

            I see that I’m more educated than you if I can trick you into falling for it hook line and sinker.

          • Guest

            funny I seemed to laugh it off and not whine about your stupid remark. Its all good though your on PS4 site where all you have to say is microsoft is gay sony is awesome and you will get lots of likes.

          • Fweds

            So where at any point did you make it clear you were joking?.

    • goodbyenintendo

      Your soon to experiance an awakening of how the new generation will go

      • Gamer Mania

        Xbox One needs a constant update for the cloud and the Camera is used for Advertising and most games so far are either 1080p (Only a handful) or 720p (Most of them on Xbox One)… I think it’s safe to say the Xbox One is done for

        • goodbyenintendo

          yeah you keep thinking like that with your very exaggerated negative statements on the subject, when soon your going to get slapped hard with the realisation that your stupid

    • Rinslowe

      I think it’s actually the other way around, lol.

      Xbox One as a console is respectable… But it’s just a box at the end of the day. MS chose to make it a premium price point.
      MS chose to market it as a legitimate contender, power wise to PS4 and MS chose to market it as a media machine before gaming…

      When it’s cheap enough, ie; high in value and with enough decent games. I’ll buy one.

      • Gamer Mania

        Not really,

        Xbox One is already killing itself because of a lot of things
        1. It can only do 720p on most games in order to get a decent frame rate due to the Kinect (Whether or not its connected) takes up 10% of the GPU

        2. The Xbox Live is a pay wall that blocks you from accessing the internet browser and video recording/editing software which is free on the PS4.

        3. Xbox One has already been known to overheat since two of them have already been reported to have died.

        4. Lack of true 1st Party games, that means for games like Halo, Gears and Forza which aren’t really “Innovative”.

        5. It just takes up way too much space and with the new power brick its even more annoying to store away if you don’t have the space.

        See what I mean.

        Xbox One is already killing itself
        PS4 is pretty much breathing new life into the PlayStation franchise

        • Zach Cruz

          So I’m getting both systems but there are some things that should be cleared up…. ^

          1.Are you referring to most their games as being Call of duty Ghost or battlefield? please list other 720 Xbox one titles that were announced as being 720 since you did say most and I can only think of those two.

          2. Xbox live being a pay wall, if in a sense means better online through microsofts dedicated servers and security and not getting hacked like Playstation multiple times then so be it. If you cant afford xbox live then you probably shouldnt own the video game system.

          3. Sources?

          4. Lack of first party games that aren’t innovative? which PS4 games are innovative to you? If were going for innovation I suggest going with Nintendo. and it may not be a 1st party title but Titanfall? or how about dead rising 3? or Ryse?

          5. To even list this is just stupid… complaining about a power brick? really?

          See what I mean.

          ^ Uneducated bias prick^

          That being said I wish both the systems best of luck and looking forward to both.

        • Rinslowe

          Well said…

  • bizzy gie

    This is a shame. Really.

  • Rinslowe

    Classic stupid…

  • TomDobo

    Does that mean it works with both consoles ? I just joke.

  • Chronic Gang

    All idiots over at gamestop

  • Benjammin Carder

    Xbox sells so well because they break every five seconds

    • KingOfDerp69

      I think Xbox sells so well because they do shit like this. This is unacceptable. Greedy bastards.

  • xxtray90xx

    Lol its just incase people wanna come home they will already have a gold back up already

  • Mike Muniz

    I honestly cannot stand the bickering between the two fan-boy sides. It’s so God-Damn annoying. All you guys do is make yourselves look like morons by bickering at one another, and the best part is that you think you won your argument.. Spoiler Alert: The only people who win are the ones reading your pathetically stupid banter because they’re the ones who are sitting there laughing at you for being a dumb ass.