GameFans Podcast #24: PlayStation 4 has arrived!

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The PlayStation 4 is finally hear as of Friday, November 15th at 12:00am in North America. Europe will have to wait a couple weeks, but it will be worth the wait…hopefully. There is lots to talk about and so little time. The Xbox One is releasing in just one weeks time. Nintendo seems to be sitting in the corner making random business decisions.

For a podcast first for us, we had a special guest. As firsts go with us, there were technical complications and Michael’s audio couldn’t be included in this week’s show. But he is in theGoogle Hangouts On Air version of this podcast which you can view in our YouTube channel.

03:38 Xbox One talk
13:04 Wii U/3DS talk
23:34 PlayStation 4 talk

Mark Hearn (@MisterHearn) –
Nick Kosmides (@KosmoCrisis) –
Ashley King (@overlordror) –

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  • Dameon Percival

    great show guys.

    • KosmoCrisis

      Thank you!!!

      • Masterostrich

        Yep. I always like listening to you guys while I’m at work.

  • Mikey Styles

    Sorry bout the audio snafu for those listeners, dunno what I did my apologies. Great to be on & hopefully I’m invited again. Thnx a bunch!

    • KosmoCrisis

      I’m down to give it another go. We’ll let Ashley host with her “baller” internet connection. So many details that can make the whole thing go terribly wrong! Podcasts are quite the production believe it or not.

      • Mikey Styles

        Sweet just let me know! Lol, Hahaha I like how you give Ashley’s internet connection a “Baller” rating. But seriously I had no idea how much of a production it could be. I have a new found respect for what you guys do.