How to check the DualShock 4 controller battery life on the PS4 [VIDEO]

Sometimes it’s the easiest of solutions that escape us. I’ve heard lots of people around the web wondering how you can check the battery life on the Playstation 4’s Dualshock 4 controller, so what better way to explain than by quickly showing you myself:

Told you it was easy! If you’ve got PlayStation 4 questions of your own, don’t be shy, head on over to PS4 Forums and ask away… lots of people there more than willing to help!


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  • YogiGRB

    haha nice post

  • Keadin

    So… all things being equal, how long would a fully charged controller last?

  • jfelts

    I’m really surprised how short the battery lasts. It is probably 3 times shorter than the DS3 as far as I can tell. I’m waiting for someone to disable to lightbar and see how much increase that really gives.

  • majora :D

    it would be nice some kind of indicator on the controller at all times, kinda like the lights in a Wii controller

  • Kay Wrobel

    Surprise surprise, it’s just the same as on the PS3.

    • Diego Wright

      It’s no where near the same as ps3! 40 hours vs 6 hours? On what planet is that the same?

      • Kay Wrobel

        You misunderstood my comment. I meant the technique of displaying your controller’s battery state by pressing the PS button on the controller is the same as on PS3. I was not referring to battery life here.

        • Marshall Feduk

          It’s actually not. On PS3 you tapped the PS button to bring up the menu and it was located in the top right corner. On PS4 you hold the button to bring up the shut down menu. They are similar, but it’s not the same. It confused me at first. I think when you pause any game or are in the menus it should be displayed.

  • Diego Wright

    My ds3 lasted for 40 game hours, my ds4 lasts around 6 hours.

  • Delwin Chowhan

    Thank you so much. I have had the ps4 since launch and always found it funny how I thought they missed this feature. Well jokes on me! Thank you again.

  • Jazzy Osh

    Grrrrreat… so now that the battery is apparently dead (it’s disconnecting and I have no battery charge showing on screen when I hold the PS button), I have to wait 2 hrs….??? Ugggghhhhhhhhhh