Check out some thermal images of the PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 thermal

We’ve been hearing about some overheating issues with the PlayStation 4, what some refer to as “red light of death”, which is apparently caused by some thermal paste that was incorrectly applied to the cooling solution.

The guys over at Planet Extech took a $6,000 FLIR E8 thermal camera and pointed it at the PlayStation 4 from various angles. They took thermal images of the PlayStation 4 from various angles and under various situations, and found out just how hot the console gets.

According to their reports, the console gets hotter if it lies down, as opposed to standing on its side. At its hottest, the PlayStation 4 hit a temperature of 140 F (60C). And that temperature is for the vents that blow the hot air out of the console, so it’s likely that the AMD APU itself is a few degrees hotter than that.

What’s your experience with the PlayStation 4 so far? Does it get too hot to touch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Deezy

    Looks cool (no pun intended)

    • PS4/WiiU

      did you even read the article. It’s not about if it’s cool or not, it’s about overheating problems

      • Deezy

        yeah, thx man. the pic still looks awesome. Anywho, I was watching a disassembly, and I thought that there would be issues with the fan or no thermal compound on the DIMM or CPU, but, everything was placed perfect. there are 2 causes of overheating in a PC/console:

        1) Unresponsive fan (which is the most common and obvious)
        2) Overclocking the CPU, abusing its true power

        If anything, I would take option #2. This one is offically on sony, because we don’t know how to stop it unless they post a way to toggle that feature.

        • PS4,WIIU,XBOXONE

          mmm no not always. It could be improperly distributed heat sync compound. With Sony probably rushing production not enough compound might be going on or too much not creating the proper bond. the focus of the cpu heat sync compound is to create a bonding surface for the 2 metal surfaces while controlling tempuraters and I don’t think sony is over clocking them. They know better then to do that.

  • Nothing5555

    Yikes, looks like the PS4 is going through the same pains as the original Xbox360. Let’s hope this does not happen to the Xbox One.

    • companyoflosers

      xb1 was designed with cooling in mind according to microsoft so hopefully its already a non-issue this time around.

      • Nothing5555

        I hate to say it but Sony dropped the ball on this one, did they not do any QC checks on their console?

        • Deezy

          The CPU have got to be overclocked. Its the only explaination for ALL these issues. Not just overheating alone, but crashing apps as well. Overclocking issues, does not expose itself, but when abused daily, problems WILL occur when least expected, in this case, problems rise sooner than expected.

          • DeewekomsNY

            Lol the CPU’s aren’t over clocked, Sony wouldn’t be that stupid. Look at how small and how little air flow can process through that console? Is that console liquid cooled? No, which means they wouldn’t be dumb enough to overclock their CPU. It’s the compact design, with a power supply built in, and rushing PS4s for deadline.

          • Nothing5555

            Well lets face it, they should have put more thought into the thermal design. Probably won’t affect me though as I plan on buying one when the price drop comes (I can wait 2-3 years) and they will probably have a redesign when it happens.

          • companyoflosers

            the problems that have been seen so far may convince me to not buy one until at least the overheating issues have been resolved. it may just be people freaking out over nothing though so the wait and see approach is wise for now.

          • companyoflosers

            im not sure sony would make a console that overclocks that much. even when pc’s are built with the overclocking features unlocked there are almost always warnings that caution people against pushing things too far with overclocking. working within the limitations of the hardware really is best in the long term. it would have to be a severe oversight for them to deliberatly allow the console to overclock its hardware without some sort of limitations.


    I don’t think this will be as severe an issue on the ps4. Expecially if you don’t leave it on 24 /7 and raise the bottom of the ps4 up from its sitting surface to allow a better air circulation to the fan and out the back. Other wise if your a tech person and know what your doing and are’nt caring about your warrenty, you can always open up your ps4 and properly distribute the heat sync compound.

    • Nothing5555

      Still, they could have come up with a better thermal design, unless they thought it was adequate enough. Actually, this would be an interesting question to pose to Sony.

  • DeewekomsNY

    Ah, I posted a article with evidence, and told all you ps fan boys that this was going to happen. It’s pretty simple its close to half the size of the XB1 (a little bigger) with a power supply built in the system (runs a lot hotter). What do you really expect is going to happen, honestly it’s a crammed idea of problems waiting. XB1 went above and behind for over heating problem (RROD) and Sony fell right in the pit.

  • jfelts

    Ugh, not again. I am expecting third party fan coolers to come out anytime now.

  • Chad Guerrero

    LMAO. Bet you sony fan boys wish you had your power supply on a cord now. Enjoy…..

    • Nace Vilchek

      Get ready for the Sony mad kids to down vote you like crazy. They’re like “Hey!, We don’t accept the truth around here. Our console is the best and Sony makes all the right decisions all the time no matter what!” The power brick is a necessity whether it’s an inconvenience or not. Anyone who thinks otherwise deserves to have their console overheat.

    • Brandon J. Andrews

      I’m sorry, but where’s the problem? Do you know the thermal specs of the APU? I don’t worry until my CPU goes over 190*F.