Battlefield 4 suffers crashes on the PlayStation 4

BF4 PS4 error

Yesterday, EA posted (and removed) a message regarding the new PlayStation 4 firmware, which they said caused problems for some games, including those from EA. Now gamers have been reporting of severe issues with Battlefield 4.

According to numerous posts on Reddit and the official Battlefield 4 message boards, the PlayStation 4 version of the game keeps crashing and in some instances, the save game files are corrupted and players have to start over.

There’s no information on what actually causes the error (called “CE-34878-0”), we only know that moments after players start the game, it crashes with error CE-34878-0 and goes back to the PlayStation 4 home screen.

One possible fix seems to be to just delete the save game files and start again, but there are reports that this just delays the crash and lets you play for a few moments longer.

Obviously, something is wrong here. Either it’s Sony’s firmware, or EA has shipped a broken game. Considering that Battlefield 4 on the PC (and current gen consoles) has been broken ever since launch and is plagued by crashes and technical issues, we tend to believe the fault lies with EA. Regardless whose fault it is, hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

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  • Deezy

    Not Battlefield 4!!!

    Edit: seriously tho, I don’t care if its sony’s fault or EA’s, they both need to cooperate and solve these issues. This problem may persist in the physical, session, application layer, or in Sony’s case, the data link layer. Whichever layer it is they should check out whats wrong with it and fix it!!

    • Gamer Mania


    • jackie bowles

      It has to do with Battle field, this game is a cluster fuck on all platforms. just because it is new hardware everyone automatically jumps on that scape goat.

      Tell me why does this game have issues on all platforms?

    • Chaostik

      Ok, so I agree 100% on this topic. but i want to add some insight. I have the 1st gen xbox…. again, just adding some insight and confusion…… but i have 1st gen xbox, had a HUGE amount of trouble with BF3 (only on metro) with freezing. BF4 comes out and i have not froze once. Now my friends all have either the PS3, PS4 or newest edition of the 360. and they’ve been freezing. I feel…. my opinion… that the eariler versions of the consoles (360 and PS3) were built better. not tampered with. I only say that bc my 360 downloads faster than anything else. Plays smoothly. Just saw frame lag from jets, tanks, helicopter, and building falling all at once (first time and lasted 1 second about) Also, not sure if it works for you. But people on xbl say to download BF4 to the HD. Sony guys, if you can download it to your HD, try it. Not raging on any console here(ATM bc if x1 comes out and doesnt have it i will LOL. chances of that are looking slim bc of the issues with Sony as well) but just adding my insight

      • Deezy

        I understand now. Its kinda hard to sum it up but i will try. I am only assuming in the situation given is that either your Xbox got a dedicated component inside it, or EA have a server for each console and set up their settings for each server the same way.

        What I mean is that EA sees how it worked for one (or both) consoles but they are probably the older versions and think that the newer version of the console may work the same way. I doubt that they would research in such a manner even if this is my theory.

        Same thing with Web Developing, and I mean a real professional page made completely from scratch. You got to make sure that the coding works well for ALL web browsers. Just because it works fine on Internet explorer doesn’t mean it will function right on firefox. Same thing with consoles and servers, including the newer ones.

        If we really have to play the blame game I would blame EA for BF4’s launch failure. EA have been like this since they had Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield P4F (I don’t want to get into too much detail about those Free 2 Play games). EA knows how to attract us gamers, yet we fall deep inside their trap of fails, then we say never again and you know the rest.

        PS: Thanks for sharing! A Playstation is a Playstation and a Xbox is an Xbox. We gamers got to stop hating fully over a console just because we dislike it.

  • Chronic Gang

    Wow the ps4 is failing right now

    • Kim Sanderhoff

      Almost as much as you, but only almost.

      • Chronic Gang

        Well its the truth i hope sony fixes it and you dont have to turn fanboy on me

        • ChrisIA

          Battlefield is not a Sony product. The Ps4 works just fine. You don’t haveto turn all xbox fanboy on him.

          • Chronic Gang

            First off there many other problems with the ps4 than just battlefield and i own a ps4 that dont work and i all i said its failed right now everything was good but the launch and i dont xbox so lol

            Dont turn fanboy on me dawg for the truth

            And ps i think the him is a her

          • shirox11 .

            compared to other launches i have been through (ps1, xbox 360) the ps4 is a pretty good launch. the number of faulty units is very small, i am sorry that you are one of those few. my ps4 on the other hand runs like a dream. the only faulty game has been cod and battlefield. ac4 works great

    • Ace J

      dude, it “just” launched. and i really empathize the word “just”

      • Chronic Gang

        Yes and if you know how to read i said right now

      • Paul Dunphy

        empathize: To feel or experience empathy. I am pretty sure you dont “empathize the word just” lol

        • Ace J

          fuuuuck you got me there. damn auto correct lol

    • spartawar480

      Naw, it’s not the PS4s fault, it’s EA’s fault if BF4 is crashing on all platforms! Xbox One will have problems also….100% guaranteed. All Launches have issues, weather it’s a hardware launch or software launch. Just give it some time and the geeks will patch everything up, they always do….

      • Chronic Gang

        I would say EA for the faulty game and sony for the faulty console but like you said it just launched im pretty sure they will patch it all up

    • Sorahearts

      Hopefully Sony fixes the error before they launch it in the UK

  • Zach Cruz

    Anyone having issues with the screen sizing? I went into the setting and adjusted the screen but every menu screen except so far killzone and BF4 the screen stretches out past the tv screen. Also has anyone got into a 66player match yet on BF4 doesnt seem to be working for me. No crashes for me yet though.

    • Gamer Mania

      Most likely a stability issue with the PSN and the update. Sony needs to fix it before the next release comes up in a week or so.

      • jackie bowles

        This has nothing to do with PS4 or the PSN, it is a problem with EA and battle field 4.

        All platforms are having issues with this POS game.

  • Ghostdoctor081

    I have also had crashes on BF4 and mufti player servers show up all being empty. only way i get into matches is quick match which is totally fine with me as long as i play more than crash :). people expecting a perfect launch and everything ruining perfect and bitching about are living in a fantasy land. I would like to buy two tickets please 😛 feel free to add me if you want to play so BF4 Ghostdoctor081

  • PSgamer89

    i seen its crashing on pc as well so its not just ps4! But i don’t play battlefield any ways im more of a platform gamer

  • carboncopy11

    Maybe all you battlefield lovers should start playing COD LMAO who gets the last laugh who gets it no problems with ghosts LOL hahahhahahahahah

    • ChrisIA

      Too bad it sucks.

      • spartawar480

        Nice come back! It’s not that the gameplay actually “sucks.” COD sucks because theirs nothing new, it’s just the same thing as the last COD.

        • ChrisIA

          Actually, the last COD was better. This one looks dated and cheap. Possibly another victim of the new console release rush.

          • shirox11 .

            to bad cod is crashing too lawl

    • Chaostik

      um carbon, read the back of a BF4 case sometime. IGN quote…. “Frostbite 3 and Battlefield 4 put Call of Duty: Ghosts to shame” word for word

  • carboncopy11

    does anyone else have the problem with the pulse sony headphones not being compatible even after the patch WHAT IS GOING ON. my girlfriend was furious with me on friday cuz she had a migrane so my headphones don’t work and all the gun fire made her furious even in the mourning lol sony you give me pleasure and pain!!lol

    • Derrick Oliveros

      The patch doesn’t enable this. This will be supported in the NEXT update.

    • LovelessLane

      Try using it wired

  • Joshua Hernandez

    Yep, lost all my saved data and now it crashed after the title screen. So bummed right now.


    FIX for crashing Battlefield 4 on PS4: hit your PS button go to settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in Online Storage > Download to System Storage > Battlefield 4 > Select All > Download. This should fix any crashing issues. It worked for me.

    • Austin Fletcher

      Made it worse dude

  • Sam Brown

    I’ve been having this issue with Battlefield 4. I’ve also not been able to get into conquest at all. The only multiplayer mode I can play when it does run is domination. Who ever is at fault here needs to fix this soon

  • houston

    Its not the ps4 if its only happening with battlefield 4 and other EA games cuz nba2k14 works perfect

  • Fred Munster

    This is pissing me off. I’ve ranked to level 7 six times, level 8 took 10 crashes to pass. This is BS> Both of them make BILLIONS. I say we start returning things. It does seem like the game. Maybe if half the games come back as returns and their bottom line suffers, they will get their crap together. I promise, that by next Wednesday, mine is going back.

  • Joseph

    And after 3 hours of gameplay, got this error…and LOST the game save….#fail

  • PumSpak

    Save data corrupt, also says, missing DLC when I try and play capture the flag.

  • Throc Morton

    Seems to happen when the game loads the last checkpoint after dying. At least, that’s how it happened to me both times. It also happened the day before, but the save wasn’t corrupted. That time the PS4 completely froze and I had to restart the system.

  • Throc Morton

    I would jump online and play, but I can’t find any Conquest servers. Anyone know what’s up with that?

    • Chaostik

      did you Download the updates for BF4??

  • Ste Mach

    There needs to be a class action lawsuit if they don’t fix things promptly.

  • JS3

    im getting the error over and over and over!!! it just makes me mad that i dropped 400 on the system and then another 60 for the game and cant even fucking play the CAMPAIGN!!! i really hope they will push a fix, and SOON!!!

  • kevin

    Anybody else get a problem where when you are playing BF4 online, then hit home button, and when you get back into the multiplayer the controller just stops working completely? only way to fix it is by closing Bf4 completely

  • Dillon Johnson

    yea… this sucks… been down for abut 2 hours for me


    so, PS4 has updated and BF is down, very good news

  • Shane McMahon

    You can bypass this error by signing out of PSN, and loading the game up, then when it’s at the main screen, sign back in to PSN to play online.

  • Chris Hamilton

    I can’t even play bf4, I’m thinking of returning the system and games and get a xbone. I mean no media capabilities , really? Come on Sony, if you’re going to make a system that ONLY plays games then it better actually play games.

    P.S. I would love to place the blame on EA but the same error BS is going on with COD

    • DeewekomsNY

      Yeah I’d just return it for a xbox one man

    • chris

      i have both cod and bf4 on ps4 and i beat cod, on campaign and im about halfway through bf4, no problems for me., maybe its an isolated incident, but to be fair i upgraded my HDD and maybe the issues are with the HDD in the PS4 i dont know but mine works wonders.

  • Mitchell Cordell

    Yes I got to the very end of the game and let my console rest for over and hour and got back on and it was corrupt. Started over and got mid way through yesterday and now today it says it’s corrupted saved file. AGAIN! Fix this shit or give me my money back!

  • JS3

    i think this shit is a joke… im trying to just get my money back… i spend 60 bucks for nothing i guess…. some ppl are playing it fine tho is whats weird. its software related would be my guess. i dont really know and dont care tho cause i have an un playable game and it pisses me off. ghosts “knock on wood” is working flawlessly tho… lets hope it stays that way…

  • Kyle Alexander


    So I upgraded my HDD to an SSD and installed 1.50 firmware freshly download via the Sony website with a USB drive. The PS4 seems to have formatted the replacement drive and done a 1.50 install cleanly. After doing so and reinstalling BF4 and all else, the game works flawlessly. No crashing, able to get into conquest, not constantly losing connection or any issue…

    I would submit that the freshly formatted drive with a clean install of 1.50 is the ticket. I do not think it being an SSD is relevant.

  • chris

    i have BF4 on PS4 and have not run into any problems myself, im playing campaign and im in the Chinese prison at the moment and have had no issues so far, i also have not played online yet so maybe the problem lies there.

  • John Johnsonson

    All 3 of my brand new games, BF4,Assassins Creed 4, and Call of duty ghost have all experienced the same crash, several times. Its not the game creators fault but more so sonys. Whatever the issue is i hope that they fix it soon because it is extremely frustrating for a new system to have so many bug s and crashes.

    • golfnugget

      You kind of nailed it in your last sentence. It’s a new system, expect to have some bugs with it. If you can’t handle having some issues you should have waited to get the PS4 until it its had a few updates.

  • Julio

    hope this problem is fixed soon . I lost all My data on battlefield 4 please fix it$

  • disqus_fS7PsDuzkO

    it is stuck on load screen after update

  • NoNameHere

    Im fucking over it im about to return this fucking game the crashes ruin it far to much to keep. if its not fixed soon im just going to return it and not bother with it anymore ill just play some other game.

  • MiamiGoon

    Why do people even get it on console? It was only 19.99 on black friday for PC which is the best version anyway.

  • Rajon Powell

    It’s not just EA or Battlefield Nba 2K14 is having the same issue. So it has the be a problem with the Ps4

  • Vitor

    anyone knows how to fix this shit? i use ps4..

  • Benjamin David Meredith

    i am probably yet another sufferer from this stupid faulty code bulls#!t and quite frankly for sony to only have few games released and have issues with virtually half of whats been released then theres alot of issues to be resolved ,, ive also discovered tht with my digital download of ghosts through campaign i get so far and have to the wait upwards of three hours for more installing content crap … i think this is ridiculoeus and ludacris to any gamer especially any that have been with sony since their first console and also use alot of their other equipment .

    set out disgruntled customer