PlayStation 4 marketing campaign is the biggest in Sony’s history

PlayStation 4 logo
Sony is betting big on the PlayStation 4. In fact, the company has repeatedly said that it “can’t fail” with the PlayStation 4, as the games division is now such a big part of the company’s bottom line.

When Sony recently revealed their “Since 95” PlayStation video, they also announced that the upcoming PlayStation 4 marketing campaign will be the biggest Sony has ever done, for any product. We’ve previously heard that the PlayStation 4 marketing campaign for North America will top $100 million.

The PlayStation 4 advertising campaign will pick up early next month in preparation to the North American launch on November 15th, and will continue well into December and the Christmas shopping season.

Hopefully the hundreds of millions Sony spends on promoting the PlayStation 4 will result in massive sales. The company expects to sell 5 million PS4 consoles by the end of March next year. However, the company also expects to lose money on each PlayStation 4 console sold.

Reaching sales of 5 million shouldn’t be that difficult, considering that there are already over 1.5 million PlayStation 4 pre-orders.

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  • Chronic Gang

    Damn they spending more than they might make

  • JustLumber

    They wanna be absolutely sure they TOWER over all competition. Let’s just pray they don’t get hacked again. The bigger they are, the harder they crash.

  • The Clockwork Being

    Seen this already. they better not remake the PS3 where they ost billions and that rendered the PS3 un-profitable. If they spend more then they will get then it might just be PS3 style loss all over again. So dont screw this up Sony.

    • KosmoCrisis

      Sony makes an absolute killing selling software digitally on PSN. When the PS3 came out, there wasn’t this hearty online network with games ready and waiting to be downloaded as we expect to be the case with PS4. This generation is different because of this. It’s all about digital sales and “the cloud.”

      • Stephan Powell

        Playstation 4 Interface Overview 30 Minutes PS4

        • Gilbert Nicks

          nice video. they talk about the high heat and you see the game act up just after 12min

          • Fweds

            I noticed that to.

          • Gilbert Nicks

            there i a big debate going on right now if they had it in a box sealed or just in the open under the TV. other pics and videos show it under the TV and not sealed in the box but Sony rep twitted that it was sealed and seemed to be okay. of course i find it very odd they are able to put their hand near it as if it was blowing out the air and say its warm. if it was sealed.

          • Fweds

            Isn’t that the Second time in the last couple of weeks they claimed they got heat issues because they were in a sealed box !, somebody should of asked the rep “If that’s true then why exactly would you put a heat generator in a sealed box ?” .

            Now that Sony have confirmed that the blue-ray drive in the ps4 is “louder” than the ps3 version(didn’t think that would be possible after hearing the ps3 super slim) I would like to hear just how loud it is with all that heat when playing a movie.

          • Fweds

            Why has anyone voted his comment down, look at video at 12:50 they feel the heat coming out and then at 13:00 the game locks up from the heat. It’s as clear as day.

        • nice.

      • Elitepwnsface

        I just hope to see more sales like steam. PSN prices are crazy expensive.

    • Guest

      Sony learned from the ps3 mistakes I’m sure they took precise precautions to make sure they don’t do it again. The cell chipset and blu ray player killed them on the first go around but on the redesign they were able to make it cheaper. Sony learned. Ps4 will be great. Don’t worry my friend. Greatness awaits

  • Mikey Styles

    I’d hope that Sony learned a valuable lesson from the PS3… far so good & I know their news isn’t always the best(Delaystation 4) but I only see things getting better & better where as the XBone is still trying to dig out of a hole & may take a yr to fix. Marketing can’t fix that sort of failure & flip-flopping.

  • Colin Parks

    can not wait, ps4 and wii u covers all bases!!!! awesome!!!

  • demann78

    The Wii U started out strong too. I think this gen is not gonna pick up much after the hardcores pick it up.

    • majora :D

      I hope you’re wrong, but I think you’re right :/

    • sd

      The Wii U would have kept selling if they had only released the games announced. Consoles without games have no appeal. Obviously this is now changing and hopefully it is not too late.

    • mike

      Wii U is USELESS its all about NEXT GEN CONSOLES PlayStation and Xbox the rest are useless

  • bizzy gie

    Already saw the ads on TV. The Perfect Day and Since 95 commercials along with Sony’s partnership with Taco Bell will mean EVERYBODY will know of PS4 by launch.

    Keep it up Sony.

    • sd

      Unfortunately I think more people understand what the PS4 is than they do a Wii U, which has now been out for almost a year. Nintendo should take a look at how sony are advertising their console and creating awareness, it really is a great job that they are doing.

      • ItzameyaToad

        It’s not so much how much more advertisement Sony has done that will make people understand what the PS4 is. A majority of the public looks at PS4 and immediately recognizes it’s the next/new Playstation since it is numbered. Your right though there advertisement is great and is helping raise awareness. Nintendo will get on the ball after awhile but remember they don’t have the extra funds to back alot of commercials like Sony/Microsoft does so there commercials/advertisement won’t be as big as quick. They do need to pick it up though.

      • bizzy gie

        Really. It feels like a ghost town on my Wii U with online games.

        • Fweds

          Really, what games exactly are you playing?.

          • bizzy gie

            Only BO 2 and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

  • Elitepwnsface

    They better be able to back demand with that advertising campaign. I want a ps4 but don’t have it preordered. I want to test the waters with being able to find one.

  • The PS3 marketing was not so good. They know they’re going to win of xbox.


    Slowest 3 weeks ever!
    Nov. 15th can’t come east enough!

  • ItzameyaToad

    In many ways I am glad the gaming division is such a big part of Sony’s bottom line as it makes them push to make the PS4 more successful than if it was just some other division.It’s almost on a “Nintendo” like level now where they must focus on making there games even better and there experience even more memorable as it accounts for alot of there money they make than in previous generations.

  • sd

    For me I still believe that in the first 6-12 months the xbox one has the best exclusive games, but I also think this will possibly change after the first 12 months. But one thing that cannot be denied in any way is that Sony are winning the PR war and are excelling at advertising the console. MS are doing a pretty ordinary job at best. Advertising this way will get them sales regardless of any other opinion, so well done to Sony thus far.

  • companyoflosers

    of course. they gotta REALLY try to convince you that killzone will be all you need since they are having all their other games delayed past launch. the rest are just cross generation and multiplatform. the ps4 is gonna suffer from the same thing the wii u did at lanch wen a bunch of the high anticipation games were delayed past the launch window and there was nothing to play that you couldnt get somewhere else. granted, i still bought the wii u and its doing better now, but the ps4 will have to compete with the xb1 which has lots of exclusives that HAVNT been delayed, and the wii u which is about to hit a release boom. so many people have bought into the hype that just being a powerful console will be enough to make it good… well its not. the most powerful console has NEVER been the winner.

  • Hipster Victor

    This is awesome but I doubt the PS4 will be selling a million copies a month after its launch date. It might surpass the Wii U’s launch sales but it’ll most likely lagg after so much fanboy hype. Im gonna get the PS4 when Kingdom hearts 3 is out

    • NotTellingYouJack

      And one month later, it sold over 1 million units in less than 24 hours.

      • Hipster Victor

        Lol I know, but will the drive LAST after christmas?