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Over the past six months we’ve had the honor of covering the PlayStation 4 from the initial announcement all the way to November 15th’s upcoming launch. We’ve had a blast keeping you up to date on news and rumors before the console launches and we hope you’ll continue to turn to PS4 Daily as your number one source for PlayStation 4 news. Expect even more content like reviews and videos once the console hits the shelves, but until then…

What better way to celebrate this monumental launch than with a giveaway for our loyal readers? Each week for the next several weeks, we here at PS4 Daily will be giving away two Playstation 4 games, leading up to the console launch on November 15th, where the grand prize – a PlayStation 4 – will be given away!

So what do you have to do to win? It’s easy!

  • Sign up for our Playstation 4 Forums at
  • Make at least 10 posts
  • Leave a comment on THIS contest article that answers the following question:
    • Who is your favorite PlayStation exclusive character of all-time?
  • Below your answer, provide a link to your member profile

That’s it! If you meet these requirements (they may change week to week), we’ll throw your name into a hat and pick two random winners. After 4 of these contests, we’ll have 8 winners, one of which will become our Grand Prize Winner- selected and announced over a live Google Hangout!

Some important rules and house keeping:

  • We’ll contact winners using the E-Mail address connected to their forum account… so make SURE you provide a valid e-mail address when you sign up!
  • Entries (for this week) must be received by Sunday, October 27th at 11:59PM Eastern
  • Week 1 winners will be announced on Monday, October 28th and will have 24 hours to claim their prize. If they do not respond within 24 hours, reserves the right to disqualify the contestant and offer the prize to the next randomly selected winner.
  • staff reserves the right to disqualify any contestant, for any reason, at our sole discretion (hint: don’t be a jerk)
  • Must be 18 or older to qualify
  • Must be a resident of the United States
  • You may comment as many times as you want but this will NOT improve your chances: there is a maximum of one entry per person per contest
  • Weekly Winners will be compensated with a $65 Amazon Gift Cards (which represents the retail value of Playstation 4 game).
  • Grand Prize Winner will be compensated with a $400 Amazon Gift Card (which represents the retail value of a Playstation 4 console).

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  • EDNYLaw

    Kratos is definitely the best PS exclusive character.

  • Deezy
  • Sean

    It’s gotta be Nathan Drake. Love the old school adventurer feel.


  • DelsinRowe

    Draaaaake. I love Uncharted.

  • Chris Orr

    I may be different than most people who would chose Kratos or Nathan Drake, but I am a huge Sly Cooper fan. I remember playing the Sly games on the ps2 and absolutely loving all of the thievery and sneaking around, and I have always enjoyed that in games since. Sly was my intro to sneaking around and I love him for it!

  • BoomerJMoore

    Drake from Uncharted all the way!!

  • Victor O

    Favorite PlayStation Exclusive Character: The driving in Gran Turismo. He must be the luckiest driver ever.

  • fatherb
  • RyuNoHadouken

    Nathan Drake…reason being is because im a huge Indiana Jones fan and history and geography buff…I love the dry humor inserted while traversing the world looking for an ancient artifact or relic. When i play Uncharted games, i feel like im in the adventure and cant wait to see what happens next!! Some of my best gaming experiences of all time, thats for sure!


    I would have to say daxter…


  • Chris

    Definitly Drake from Uncharted

  • bizzy gie

    Crash from Crash Bandicoot!

  • Brendan

    obviously Joel IS the greatest PlayStation character. He has range and is painted in shades of grey. You love him but he’s a bad person

  • Jordan

    Choosing my favorite exclusive PS character is really hard because there are so many great ones. Dating all the way back from 1995 to now, I would have to choose Kratos form God Of War. Spyro, Crash, and Nathan are all awesome but the God of War is king! #Greatnessawaits

  • SwayzeGhost

    Cole from Infamous 2 is my bro!

  • Lifeliketexture
  • 464

    Most definitely Cole from inFAMOUS!

  • TheDetonator

    I am gonna have to say Crash from Crash Bandicoot.

    …and here is my super amazing profile. joined when you guys started it:D

  • mylasthope

    Definitely Drake. He’s the entire reason I even bought a PS3. I’m really looking forward to UC4! 🙂

  • disqus_cFWR7hkfqg

    ok my fav character is hmmm kratos win or lose I LOVE YOU PS4 DAILY thx for giving me a chance to win a ps4

  • Unholy_Beauty

    Sackboy for sure. He’s so adorable! ^^

  • Immallama22

    Joel. So much character development and feels.

  • Fraz Tariq

    It would definitely be Sweet Tooth (Kane) from the Twisted Metal Franchise, I remember the good ol PS1 days:)

  • Tanner Mickelson

    I like Kratos best. Obvious, I know, but he’s epic.

  • James Robert Marot

    Oh well..South African resident here..thanks for the updates.

  • Tony Vo

    Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain. It might not be a typical big name but he’s my favorite character in my favorite PS exclusive game. With his drug addiction, augmented reality glasses, ARI gloves, and tendency for action this FBI agent was in the best position for the choice making style gameplay.

  • demann78

    I chose Nathan Drake. I love ps4.

  • Nookie777

    Shoma Sawamura, Baseball player from “Rival Schools”(Capcom). If he is not Playstation only, I will choose Drake. Thanks PS4Daily!

  • Keyser

    Anyone else remember Alundra for Ps1… I just really liked that game…and Alundra was a Ps exclusive character so yeah, I choose him!

  • Ducked

    I’m just going to face the fact that I’ve never won anything and I probably never will…

    • Sorahearts

      Seems like I’m not the only one that hasn’t won anything

      • Robert Nelson

        I haven’t either

        • Sorahearts

          I’m sure no one has well except for some of the fans

      • Ducked

        Must run in the Kingdom Hearts family

        • Sorahearts

          I’d rather stick to killing the Heartless than winning a prize

  • adam lawson

    It has to be jak from the jak game series on the ps2. It was the first game i got when i got my ps3 on Christmas day and this game defined my childhood. i loved jak so much he was just everything i could have wanted in a character. Funny,cool,witty and also had a soft side to. he kicked some serious butt and i felt so connected to him. i also loved daxter but he took the cake. The jak series is also my favorite game series that i have ever played in my life.

  • farrellbr

    norman jayden

  • firesonicz

    I love Jak from Jak and Daxter

  • Ducked

    Sly Cooper! Such a awesome character, and one of my favorite stealth sandbox games out there! Also a fan of Sackboy, but Sly will always be #1

  • John S Johnson

    I never win anything either but since I already bought my ps4 preorder this is for my best friend who couldn’t afford it. If I win he will be so lucky.

  • Guest


  • John S Johnson

    Whoops guess I should read slower before I post. Um favorite would have been crash bandicoot.

  • luis

    kratos . cant wait for next gen

  • Elitepwnsface

    I have to choose sack boy. He is so cute.

  • bizzy gie

    Funny how all these new people comment only because you’re giving out free stuff.

    • Mikey Styles

      Ain’t that the truth!

    • Ibi Salmon

      Guilty as charged.

    • Merrfn

      Giveaways help you grow. More comments are a bi-product of that.

    • Brendan

      True and I’m one of those people but I didn’t know that this website was its own entity. I follow these guys on Facebook and found out through this contest about the website. Definitely going to keep coming back. The people here are way more positive than IGN in the comment section

    • Cole Brinley

      I’m not “new” but I am going to create accounts for each of the three forums for the chance to win one of them. I hope I get one, I’ve been a good llama this year…and I’m broke. BT-Dubz PS4 Daily, I’ll make an account shortly after this comment is posted and I’ll post my response to you’re question in a “reply” to this comment. -Thanks for reading.

    • NightAngel79

      That’s kinda the point 🙂

      • bizzy gie

        I get attracting in more readers, however:

        I come, and have been coming, here for several months now. I will participate in the contest and stay here when it’s over.

        These other guys will leave as quickly as they came.

        • NightAngel79

          But some will stay.. And part of the contest is getting traffic in the forums, which no one, including you, has really done.

          So all I am saying is, it’s all relative. It brings people out of the woodwork, and that is a good thing.

          Nice to see people posting in the forums, when it isn’t just spamming 😉

          • Adrian

            I’m just glad that this contest doesn’t include liking the daily sites on facebook or twitter because I don’t have a twitter, and I’ve never been coerced into “liking” anybody on facebook, and don’t plan to in the future.

          • NightAngel79

            Agreed. I don’t have a facebook so I always miss out on those contests…

          • Habib Onis Onis

            me too

          • bizzy gie

            We’ll have to see how many people stay, but out of the 100+ newbies that commented, only 1 has guaranteed a return.

            I’ve visited the forum sites before. Considering I follow gaming intensely and the forums are written by everyday people, I already know everything they’re posting about.

            Plus I was a part of a forum site long ago and I got fed up with the whole forum system.

          • NightAngel79

            But as you said. Announce a contest and everyone posts, including you 🙂 I noticed.

            Contest is designed to get conversations started on the forums. Even if a couple of the members stick around I will be happy

          • bizzy gie

            Right. You mod the forums.

          • NightAngel79

            True dat 🙂

          • Marvin Kakà
          • No!! I wish 🙂

            Rob Jackson is the Owner. I’m a volunteer Mod

        • Dana Luckett

          I am new, but will be staying. I have participated in other forums for gaming and other topics, and as long as it is not full of bitter “I have been here forever” guys, I think I will like it.

          • bizzy gie

            New people are always welcomed. It’s just that…well here’s how this contest is going to go: Only new people (who came for the prizes) are going to win. The people (who came for the news) who HAVE been here forever won’t get anything.

            That just doesn’t seem right to me. Maybe that’s JUST me.

            Anyway, welcome. You’ll enjoy this site plenty. News is updated fairly frequently and the articles are short so you won’t spend too much time reading them.

          • Zachary Wilcox

            pffff yeah, who wants to READ? lol

          • Tim Benson

            Well in that case I hope I am a winner I had to cancel my PS4 to take care of my family and this was our family Xmas Gift 🙁 whoever wins I hope they have a blast!

          • bizzy gie

            That sucks.

        • Kylie Allen-Barton

          hehehe!, trying to get the votes from the website awww you are so cute lol. xx

          • bizzy gie


        • Tocara Graham

          Not true !! =^..^=

    • Allen Kilde

      I’m guilty I will return though

    • Marvin Kakà

      Here’s a goodstuff link for you
      It’s Canada only though.

  • Evil_Conduit95
  • Guest

    Kratos is my all time favorite character.He can kick hiss ass.

  • JDx5

    Kratos is my all time favorite character.He can kick ass.

  • Mikey Styles

    I know it’s gonna seem lame or a typical pick but honestly Kratos has stood the test of time & I’ve enjoy the epic story too. He is a GOD literally haha!! Thnx guys

  • Ibi Salmon

    I know this one might not count anymore, but since someone already Cole, I guess I’ll have to go with Sora.

  • ♨Almighty™♨

    Ezio from Assassins Creed

  • Ryan226

    Well my favorite exclusive used to be Sora. But now that he will be featured on the XBOX one, I’d definitely have to say Kratos! GOW is a great series.

  • ♨Almighty™♨
  • Dawson De L Torre
  • JustLumber

    Who is my favorite PlayStation exclusive character of all-time?

    Definitely PaRappa. U GOTTA BELIEVE!

    My PS4Forum Link

  • Robert Nelson

    I’m guilty

  • Robert Nelson

    My favorite PlayStation exclusive character of all-time has got to be Ratchet from the Ratchet and Clank series.

  • Robert Nelson

    My favorite PlayStation exclusive character of all-time
    is Ratchet from the Ratchet And Clank Series.

  • Robert Nelson

    Heres number 4

  • Robert Nelson

    how about 5?


    Favorite Playstation character: Spiro the dragon!

  • Robert Nelson

    speaking of which, the new Ratchet and clank game comes out next month.

  • Robert Nelson

    It’s a tried and true way to get members to join

  • Robert Nelson

    Free giveaways always attract attention

  • Robert Nelson

    I’ve been lurking here for a few months now, bout time I joined anyways

  • Robert Nelson

    who else is a newbie?

    • Alan

      you are suppost to spam the posts on the forum not the comments xD

      • Robert Nelson

        Okay, Thank you.

      • NightAngel79

        Also not supposed to create multiple accounts to get more chances 🙂

  • Robert Nelson

    good luck everybody

    • Attention: Nelson Mandela spammer!

      • Sorahearts


  • Rob

    I have many childhood memories with PS exclusive characters, but right now, I’d say Kratos. By the gods.

  • MiamiGoon

    My favorite playstation exclusive character of all-time is GRAN TURISMO CARS!!! They have never appeared on any other console. Crash, Spyro and everybody else has gone multiplatform and so they are not exclusives. Gran Turismo cars are loyal!!!!

  • Marko

    I would have to say that it is Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet.

    • franchiseboy83

      Sackboy is bad ass. Lol, I must be honest though, GoW 3 is what made me get a ps3.

  • Alan

    my favorite used to be solid snake. too bad hes no longer an exclusive? was he ever an exclusive? anyway my forums account is godzilla9256
    and my gmail account is

  • franchiseboy83
  • Merrfn
  • Merrfn

    Damn. Just read that this is for NA only…

    Thats me out of the competition.


  • Kim Sanderhoff

    My favorite exclusive character is either Aya Brea or Ellie from TLOU.

  • J.o.n

    Given my college nickname was Kratos…I’m gonna have to go with the God of War!

  • Chandler Mathew

    I love sackboy he is so amazing! He is awesome i hope i see sackboy more in the Playstation Universe.

  • Deezy

    Its a damn shame that Laura Croft is no longer a PS exclusive char. 🙁

  • Guest

    hahahahhahahhahasd PLs let me win

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Guest

    MY exclusive character would be franklin from gta5

  • hakim adamou
  • Xbox one fans: I WANT A PS4 !!!

    • Sorahearts


      PS4 fans: This is amazing! even better 😀


        • Sorahearts

          You’re funny. It’s the pics that you bring up that make it funny. Anyway speaking of pics, have you got some that you would like to show off?

  • Favorite PS character? That’s tough… I’d have to say probably Kat, but only cuz of her character design.

    • bizzy gie

      Which Sony console did you own/play it on?

      • I played her on Super Sony Bros. Allstars, but I’ve wanted to play her full game on my friend’s Vita. I would’ve listed Persona characters, but my favorites are also on Xbox via Persona 4 Arena, so that kinda removes their exclusivity. Same goes for Crash and Spyro.

        • bizzy gie

          It doesn’t matter its present state of exclusivity. It’s a Sony-originated IP.

          For example, I still picked Crash Bandicoot because it’s an incredible platformer made by Naughty Dog originally exclusive to PlayStation.

          You could even pick GTA 1 if you wanted.

          • That’s a pretty liberal definition of “exclusive”… Does this also mean that Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are exclusive to Sony plats? Or that Banjo is exclusive to Nintendo plats? (<- rhetorical questions) And if so, why are you so butthurt about people calling Titanfall a Microsoft exclusive?

            bizzy = double-standard

            (also, i'm done on this thread, so any response will be ignored)

          • bizzy gie

            Titanfall isn’t an Xbox One exclusive. At some point, the games you listed were exclusive to a Sony console. Titanfall won’t be an Xbox One exclusive right out the gate.

            Don’t reply, but that means I’m right and you’re wrong.

          • Sorahearts

            Then this means Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III are a Sony exclusive then?

          • bizzy gie

            If you grew up playing them on PlayStation and it’s never been available anywhere unless until now (and the consoles aren’t even out yet), then yes, they are Sony exclusives for the sake of this competition.

          • Sorahearts

            Well that’s good then, only I played Kingdom Hearts in my childhood including Final Fantasy VII and that was my first game. So I can tell that Kingdom Hearts will be a PS exclusive cause KH1 and most of it’s games have been on PS and now it’s the first time that KH3 will be put on Xbox One

          • bizzy gie

            Just like how I stated that Crash Bandicoot was my favorite even though it was later put on Xbox original later on.

          • Sorahearts

            First Crash Bandicoot and now Kingdom Hearts. I don’t get it, what was the point in putting them on Xbox even though they are PlayStation games?

          • bizzy gie


          • Sorahearts

            And I guess this makes Microsoft the greediest company

          • bizzy gie

            Yep. Cupidity is at MS’ core.

  • SonyFanBoy

    my favourite Character of all time on the Sony Franchises is Colonel Radec from the Killzone games

  • Miro
  • fabianlopess

    My PlayStation favourite character is Sackboy C: i’m a huge fan of LBP

    My Forum Profile link:

  • Trent Walker

    Hope I win

  • Brendan

    Part of me hopes that a Brazilian wins. Take that $1,000+ and put it in their piggybank

  • demann78

    I hope I win.

  • demann78

    They are better then ign. I been following wii u daily for a long time.

  • demann78

    Now ill be doing the same here

  • demann78

    I hope I win

  • demann78

    I been following wii u daily for about a year. There much better then ign. Now im coming here for the latest news

  • demann78

    I put my Info first then I made the 10 comments does that matter?

  • demann78

    I don’t know if I was sopose to make the comments first and then put my info

  • sond


  • poketmonster551 .

    my favrite sony exclusive was spyro 🙁 too bad hes no longer one,

    my ps4forums account is called bkvuong

  • demann78

    Nathan Drake is my favorite. Ps4 hardware is off the charts. I wish I would of pre ordered one.

  • demann78

    Nathan Drake is my favorite. Ps4 hardware is off the charts. I wish I would of pre ordered one.

  • bswolgast
  • krayzielilsmoki
    • Sorahearts

      No way. How are you suppose to have the atomic blimp?

      • lol.

        • Sorahearts

          Btw, I got that shark achievement

    • Sorahearts

      I see that Mouse Pointer in the pic

      • Indeed a black.

        • Sorahearts

          And I thought GTA V was suppose to be released next year on PC lol

          • Marvin Kakà
          • Sorahearts

            I’m not a mod on here. KosmoCrisis is the mod on this site

          • Viliami Tuanaki

            No, its just destop recording of a video on youtube. The youtube video of Funny moments on GTA V. Search it up.

  • NightAngel79
  • ps4ant

    Well… I’d have to go with.. Ratchet

  • Nick Nelson

    Kratos is my favorite Playstation-exclusive character. The first GoW came at a time where I was just progressing into the M-Rated gaming field. GoW served as an excellent gate into a realm of unseen and unknown dimensions. Kratos was at the the center of this transformation, brutalizing and romancing to the very end. Seeing as how resolution always seemed to be out-of-reach, I kept at it up to the very day. Looking back, I was much younger at the start of the journey. Krato’s representation of a maturing view of gaming really helped get me to the comfortable position I am in today as far as Mature gaming goes.

  • Leeroy

    My favorite character is Sly cooper

  • akedaveo

    Sir Daniel Fortesque from Medievil

  • jorge mondragon

    i liked the big daddy in all stars

  • Phoenix Maybe

    Wow free stuff ALWAYS works. 🙂
    Anyways to answer the question my favorite Playstation exclusive character has to be Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain because he isn’t your typical hero like other Playstation protagonists. Instead he’s an average dad out to save his son, Shaun(or at least try, if you get one of the bad endings of the game). I also picked him for originality purposes.

  • lonewolf88

    i would love a ps4 then i could just have one at launch instead of wait a whole year which sucks for me :/

  • lonewolf88

    the old ratchet and clank i loved going commando on ps2 and i think its the best in the series.

  • Braedon

    My favorite Playstation exclusive character would definitely have to be Crash Bandicoot. I had so many memories and so much time invested into that series when I was a child. Crash Bandicoot is my childhood. That character is one of my most beloved character of all time right next to Daxter from Jak and Daxter and Ellie from The Last of Us.

  • Braedon

    My favorite Playstation exclusive character would have to be Crash Bandicoot. Crash Bandicoot was my childhood. i played that game for HOURS. I remember almost every boss and every secret area. Crash Bandicoot is up there as my favorite alongside Ellie from The Last of Us.

  • Adrian

    Well, I mostly played PS2 and PS3 RPGs so my favorite Character may not be well known. My favorite PS exclusive character is Tidus from Final Fantasy X on PS2.

  • Tyler heffernan

    My greatest Playstation character, has to be, Crash Bandicoot, I played my first crash game on the Playstation 1, And was in love with the game, very addicting.

  • farva24

    My favorite character is prolly Kratos

  • maredurray

    DUDE! My favorite character by far HAS to be Firiona Vie from the Champions of Norrath games. Those games were my childhood for sure.

  • maredurray

    Yeah I came here cause of the giveaway that’s true. But I will probably buy a ps4 anyway cause the chances of me winning are extremely slim.

  • GT0B

    i choose kratos from god of war and mortal kombat he is a bad ass

  • Lorenzo

    Parappa the Rapper!

    Kick! Punch! Block!

  • Eric Breckenridge

    Its obvious that Nathan Drake from uncharted should be my favorite character, like many protagonists his quick thinking and ability to problem solve has taken him around the world and back. Yet what makes him stand out among the greats of sony is that under all the stress that comes with his career he still finds a way to keep his boyish charm and joke around, plus he has great taste in women so thats why he has my vote

  • Chase Davis

    Kratos!!! I’ve loved all the God of War games (even if they are some times a little on the short side…)

  • Nicholas Broetzman

    sir daniel fortesque. Id love to play another Medievil

  • Reverend_Rando

    I have to say, I joined this site for the contest but I’m really liking the community. My favorite all time character is Ratchet, from the Ratchet and Clank series obviously. One of my favorite series of all time.
    My PS4Daily profile:

  • baelnic

    Nathan Drake is the penultimate Playstation character. Amazing since he’s been only on 1 console (I’m not counting the Vita yet).

  • opikal

    Nathan Drake is now my favorite exclusive playstation character. The uncharted games made me realize how amazing and cinematic games can be.

  • Trey Harris
  • Syla232

    I love Ratchet, he started up on the PS2 and I think he’ll be going strong for generations on. He is funny and I love his adventures and his relationship with Clank.
    He is the best Playstation exclusive character, in my opinion.

  • John110395

    Joel from Last of Us

  • John110395
  • Hunter Collins

    Hard to say, probably Cole Macgrath from Infamous.

  • iamserious

    Hello from Wii U daily!! Darn you Kratos for being exclusive to Sony!!!


    My favorite playstation exclusive character would be Crash Bandicoot , those commercials were hilarious back in the day. I also must add doctor Cortex too for some reason.

  • Chanalan

    I’m going with Abe, because he has got so much charm, and character for a guy who says so little, but there was a PC release some years later. So if Abe doesn’t count, then Trey Kincaid from Apocalypse, coz it’s Bruce Willis, and Bruce Willis is the BOSS!

  • Lance Alexandre

    sly cooper!… is my favorite play-station exclusive character of all time. his reference in the game
    PlayStation Move Heroes
    says it all.
    i’ve played all the games, and would play more if released.
    he is a great character that is very cool.

  • Guest

    My favorite Playstation exclusive character of all time has to be Kratos. He is one bad Man!!! The last game was a bit of a misstep but i am excited to see what the PS4 could bring the the God of War franchise.

  • Andrew Arseneau

    My favorite Playstation exclusive character of all time has to be Kratos. He is one bad Man!!! The last game was a bit of a misstep but I am excited to see what the PS4 could bring to the God of War franchise.

  • Kayla McAllister

    I’m excited for the ps4 to be releasing November 15th. I have three systems preordered myself. One for my fiancé , my fiancées family, and for my little brother. When I previously purchased my two slims I was not informed by retailers about the protection SONY/PlayStation offers for their products. I called tech support last week to deactivate consoles from my psn accounts and found I was still in the original warranty for my Classic White PS3 that came with the Collection Bundle and my God of War Ascension (Legacy Bundle red system w/ red controller). Not only was the tech support agent sane as well as professional while helping me with my account. The agent was beyond helpful with informing me about the two plans SONY/PlayStation offers. My slims are now covered for two more years and not only are the systems covered, but the plan protects everything included with the system that came in the box. I’m waiting for the 18th of November to call playstation technical support (800-345-SONY (7669) Mon – Sun 6:00AM – 10:00PM Pacific) to set each ps4 system I will have with one of PlayStations Protection Plans.

  • rika

    whether u been on site or just joined u still signed up for something FREE!

  • demann78

    yeah I am doing that

  • demann78

    Im starting to like to post.

  • demann78

    How do you find how many time you posted?

  • demann78

    You need 10 right?

  • demann78

    I really want a ps4

  • Mathew Vogt

    For me it would be kratos he is a spartan badass and he kills gods and the story that is extension of greek mythology is phenominal

  • Michael Langaman

    My favorite character is Crash Bandicoot.

  • pringle315

    my fav is easily Kratos i have interest in ancient greece and spartans due to how blood thirsty they are :)

  • Christopher Smith

    I like drake because he’s cool calm and collected with a little bit of humor.


    Now this one I wouldn’t mind entering in, forget the Xbone!

    I think I meet all the requirements lol.

    I’m [CMD] DEATH on both here and WiiUForums although I use WiiUFoums way more.

    My all-time fave… Idk, either Crash Bandicoot or Jack and Dexter, I had great times playing both games so that’s tough for me.

  • saholmes90

    Drake from Uncharted would have to be it

  • Nick Abernathy

    Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy 8. Straight baller.

  • mysteRic52

    No fair, I wanted to say Crash Bandicoot – but considering he’s no longer playstation exclusive, I’ll have to go with Nathan Drake. I really love the Uncharted Series.

  • StardustGr

    Kratos!!GoW one of the greatest games i’ve played on ps. 🙂

  • somosguatemala

    Solid Snake Has to be my all time favoritecharacter!

  • Nothing5555

    Sack Boy because he is the only Playstation “mascot” i can remember. Sorry not really a fan of Sony mascots….

  • swf541
    • NightAngel79

      Whats up Star Wars!

      • Sorahearts

        Since I came on to Xbox One Daily I saw you as a moderator and now I come on here and you’re now a moderator on PS4 Daily. Are you a moderator on all the sites?

        • NightAngel79

          Close… Wii U, PS4, Xbox, plus a few other Neverstill sites. I’m a gamer and a tech geek. Plus I love forums and blogs 🙂

          • Sorahearts

            I see. You should write articles on the sites that you are a moderator on 😉

      • swf541

        Not much 🙂

  • Guest

    Kratos all the way, hands down. Started out only for the PS2 and remained only for the PlayStation platform. True dedication.

  • pinkrebunny

    Lara Croft when Tomb Raider was an exclusive! Not many strong female characters back then. Lara was a breathe of fresh air!

  • GameChanger


  • Twilight Lurker

    Alundra. I really enjoyed playing as him and how many characters out there possess the power to venture into the dreams of others? The game featured a storyline that, at the time and really, even now, was different from that of other games. Alundra, being a Dreamwalker, is a concept that appealed to me from the day I first read about the game and while there’s only so much that can be done with a silent protagonist, I still enjoyed how his character was handled and I hope to see him again on a new adventure that takes him again into the at times nonsensical and at times symbolic world of dreams and nightmares.

  • Fred Derf

    My Favorite playstation exclusive character is Drake from the Uncharted series.

  • Guest

    I’m excited for the ps4 to be releasing November 15th. I have three systems preordered myself. One for my fiancé , my fiancées family, and for my little brother. When I previously purchased my two slims I was not informed by retailers about the protection SONY/PlayStation offers for their products. I called tech support last week to deactivate consoles from my psn accounts and found I was still in the original warranty for my Classic White PS3 that came with the Collection Bundle and my God of War Ascension (Legacy Bundle red system w/ red controller). Not only was the tech support agent sane as well as professional while helping me with my account. The agent was beyond helpful with informing me about the two plans SONY/PlayStation offers. My slims are now covered for two years and not only are the systems covered, but the plan protects everything included with the system that came in the box. I’m waiting for the 18th of November to call playstation technical support (800-345-SONY (7669) Mon – Sun 6:00AM – 10:00PM Pacific) to purchase on of the great protection plans they have to offer for Playstation 4. I strongly advice PlayStation fans to do the same!

  • Kayla McAllister

    I’m excited for the ps4 to be releasing November 15th. I have three systems preordered myself. One for my fiancé , my fiancées family, and for my little brother. When I previously purchased my two slims I was not informed by retailers about the protection SONY/PlayStation offers for their products. I called tech support last week to deactivate consoles from my psn accounts and found I was still in the original warranty for my Classic White PS3 that came with the Collection Bundle and my God of War Ascension (Legacy Bundle red system w/ red controller). Not only was the tech support agent sane as well as professional while helping me with my account. The agent was beyond helpful with informing me about the two plans SONY/PlayStation offers. My slims are now covered for two more years and not only are the systems covered, but the plan protects everything included with the system that came in the box. I’m waiting for the 18th of November to call playstation technical support (800-345-SONY (7669) Mon – Sun 6:00AM – 10:00PM Pacific) to set each ps4 system I will have with one of PlayStations Protection Plans.

  • Ian Oliver

    My favorite PS exclusive character would have to be Jak and Daxter.

  • PS7

    My favorite Playstation exclusive character is Kratos. ” I am what the Gods have made me!”

  • pbece

    Nathan Drake – charming and handsome, what is not like?

  • Leetums

    My favorite playstation character of all time would have to be Joel from The Last of Us.

    It amazed me that through all of the infection, losing his daughter, you could still tell that he was a man on the inside hiding it from the outside. He is just a human, and thats what amazed me about that character. He wasnt saving the universe from aliens, he wasnt jumping across skyscrapers with superhuman abilities. He’s just a man. And thats it. And that’s perfectly fine 🙂

  • Rob’s Gameroom

    My favorite PS-exclusive character of all-time…hmm…this is a tough one…

    Well, my first PS game that I have fond memories of was Crash Bandicoot, so I’m going to go with Crash. But I have to admit, I find Nathan Drake pretty witty and funny at times, particularly at the end of Uncharted 2.

  • Nathan DeFalco

    Sweet Tooth. Deliciously twisted.

  • Earlwaters

    kratos all the way. Always been exclusive only for PS and never crossed over to anything else. True exclusive.

  • Onyx Supreme

    Ellie from the Last Of Us is my favorite ps exclusive character. She has a cool personality. Second place is Kratos.

  • link2nintendo

    My favorite Playstation exclusive character would have to be Sackboy. His design is simple and is effective in attracting both casual and core players, and Little Big Planet is just fun as hell, one of the best PS3 games.


  • Andrew Nicholas Stefan

    My Favorite Play Station Exclusive Character of all time is Altair from Assassins Creed. He is a tough guy way ahead of his time.

  • jayjay

    MY favorite PlayStation exclusive character of all-time, of course KRATOS! c’mon!

  • Richard Collard

    Kratos is definitely my favorite Playstation exclusive character. He trashed both the gods and the titans, and he is always so epic whenever he engages in dialogue with someone else. It’s a shame that he likely died at the end of God of War 3. 🙁

  • Mr Hiro

    I’d have to say either Nathan Drake or Wander (So mysterious!)

    Kratos is too angry for my liking.

  • Tim Stevens

    My favorite playstation exclusive character of all time is probably Daxter from Jax and Daxter. Lovable little guy.

  • Carly strangwick


  • Armando
  • AND WHAT!!!

    Its People like bizzy gie that are writing to actually get the free

  • Pineappleskewer

    Musashi from Brave Fencer Musashi is my favorite Playstation exclusive character!
    I knew I liked him as soon as I pressed the start button on the menu and he yelled “Let’s do it!” lol.
    Love his snarky attitude. By the way, good luck to everyone!

  • Bubsy

    Crash Bandicoot. I want a PS4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bubsy

    Crash Bandicoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TrappedinKalifornia

    Favorite Sony character. Nathan Drake!!

  • mikejones77
  • Allen Kilde
  • Tahora

    Does Cloud work from Final Fantasy 7? It was exclusive until recently when it became available on steam. If not Nathan Drake, he is a bad ass! I’m excited for the new playstation! I would love to win a new game/system.

  • Shane1793

    My favorite ps exclusive character of all time is jak. Ever since his first appearance when I was a little kid.

  • Cold Heat
  • TrueWiiMaster

    Despite what’s happened since his days on the PS1, I still have to go with Crash Bandicoot. If he doesn’t count because he’s not exclusive anymore, I’d probably go with Jak.

  • Cold Heat
  • jonzey231

    I would love a PS4 mainly because my Slim has been overheating a bit lately and I really don’t want it to croak. If I can get a PS4 I’m going to hack my PS3 and get Ubuntu installed on that puppy!

    Oh and my favorite PlayStation character is Cole MacGrath from Infamous. When PSN went down a couple years back and we all got a few free game downloads that was one that I got and I loved it, I still play it to this day from time to time! Haha.

    Here’s me!

  • mrbuffmasta

    Crash Bandicoot is my favorite playstation exclusive character

  • lzaeys

    My favorite Playstation exclusive character of all time would have to be Jak

  • Derk

    My favorite exclusives are Dart from dragoon or parappa.. My all time favorite PS character is Abe from oddworld; although, I doubt he is an exclusive anymore.

  • Erick Murillo

    My favorite PlayStation exclusive character of all-time is: HADES from God of War games!

  • james

    im not sure what his name is, but the guy from infamous is my favourite ps exclusive character

  • Steffon Malik Taylor

    Nathan Drake is a psn exclusive character. I came to love over the years, because of the amazing adventures you get to have with him in uncharted franchise. I’ve completed all four of the uncharted games released and i hope to complete more in the future. naughty dog makes outstanding games :). the last of us character joel is amazing.

  • Dana Luckett

    That would have to be Sly Cooper. He is such a pimp, and his games are a fun mix of 3D platforming and strategic thinking. I was so happy when he finally got a new game, and I hope we see him soon on PS4.

    My PS4 Profile:

  • Michael Ken Dennis

    It’s Sackboy for me too. He’s oddly comforting after listening to noisy machinery all night.

  • Alex Tarelli

    Liquid snake, what a villain.

  • aaran

    Nathan Drake. The unfortunate Indiana Jones of the gaming world. Things could not possibly get worse right? Just give it 10 more minutes… 🙂

  • Zander villari

    I am a ps3 addict. I like cod,god of war, REvil, fifa and lots more. I hate duke nukem forever. I like chris and leon from REvil. I love the graphics on ps3 than xbox. I love how sony knows what the people want. So can u please pick me Please

  • Chris Lorenzo Lewis

    I’m gonna have to go with Ratchet and Clank! I have played their games since I was a kid. I have followed all the games and have loved seeing their characters evolve with new technology and new story lines. I hope their epic story is not finished

  • Zachary Wilcox

    I tried to be unique… I really did… I just couldn’t deny Nathan Drake’s charm and charisma. Greatest PS character so far!

  • Rashad McDuffie

    My favorite exclusive playstation character of all time is Cloud Strife from final fantasy 7. Final Fantasy 7 really had me hooked. Not only was the gameplay and summoning animation was cool to experience. The menacing and mysterious Sephiroth also deserves a nod as most memorable bad guy to date. Current Final Fantasy games will never be able to recreate the buzz that the cast of Final Fantasy 7 created.

  • The New J. Gatsby

    Without question, Crash Bandicoot. I looked at him as an underdog mascot to the likes of Mario & Sonic.

  • Arthur Lopez

    My favorite exclusive character of all time is kratos from god of war he is a bad ass

  • Kelly Cavin

    i love playstation i would love to have one i can,t afford
    one my wife had a brain

    tumor and all are money go,s to help her i hope we win ps4 thank you.

  • Darin Jensen
  • Chance Frye
  • Chance Frye

    Cant wait for NBA 2k14

  • BlueCrush89 (Ashley Hughes)

    I dont plan on leaving.. the forum seems interesting. And my favorite character of all time would have to be ellie from the last of us because she reminded me of my little sister before her drug addiction. She looks just like her and had ellies sense of adventure and excitement, it made me so gripped into the game. She also has ellies sense of attitude. Ellies character made me rethink of my childhood with my sister.

  • Munkyman

    It’s a newer character, but Nathan Drake from Uncharted. I even named my cat after him. =P Haha

  • Jose Moreno

    I wld have to chose Nathan Drake, come of guys he’s the mascot of the Playstation 3, no questions asked….howver I do like others mentioned here so good luck to everyone.

  • Jose Moreno

    Nathan Drake, mascot of PS3. Good luck to everyone,

  • Kylie Allen-Barton

    spyro, from spyro the dragon, when i was 9 i could not sleep due to this game lol, the images ran through my head over and over again, PS as always been my family favourate oooohhhh cant believe PS4 will be out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, xx

  • Brad

    I have to say my favourite Playstation exclusive characters would have to be Rachet and Clank. When I was younger I couldn’t get enough of that first few games for the PS2! Such a fun character that also had those well needed quirks and traits of a great character!

  • Jason Wood

    I’ll have to say Nathan Drake, He’s so relateable, has issues dealing with women, he can be clumsy, sarcasticly funny, and yet be a badass at the end of the day.

  • Celina Meyer

    Crash from crash bandicoot is my favorite!

  • hector fernandez

    Rachet is my favorite … out of rachet and clank

  • David

    My favorite all-time character from the Playstation family would probably be Ratchet from the Ratchet & Clank series.

  • NeoPaladin

    Kratos is definitely my favorite, the GOW series is artistic, brutal, exhilarating, and just pure AWESOME! Seriously though, there’s not a lot out there that’s purely adult-oriented and GOW is IT. I enjoy the more juvenile titles as do most people too, but sometimes I just want something more. Kratos is easy to relate to and even though he is a pure killing machine, you feel for him and want him to succeed.

  • Solid Snake is the Badass Playstation3 xclusive character of all time
    Although I wont win as im not a Resident of US

  • Dustin Ford

    My favorite PlayStation exclusive character is Sold Snake!!!!!! The one and only and the voice was done by David Hayter….. ” The names Snake….. Solid Snake”

  • AravindSanjayDot

    i choose crash from crash bandicoot as i love his playfulness and the overall experience while being him

  • Gatsu

    My favorite PS character is Drake from the Uncharted Series..I Love the action and adventure!

  • Gatsu

    I don’t understand why Xboxone is so much more money you would think they would be smart enough to match the PS4s price!

  • Gatsu

    I hope they bring Mass Effect 4 to PS4!

  • Gatsu

    How does everyone rate the PS4 to XBOXONE I like them both but I’m Leaning towards the PS4!

  • Gatsu

    I can’t wait for the PS4 launch it’s just like I had bought my PS3 yesterday and boom now the PS4 is coming!

  • Gatsu

    PS4 for the win!

  • Gatsu

    Is GTAV coming to the PS4?

  • Gatsu

    Wonder how long it will take to launch th
    e PS4 slim..I give it a year.

  • Gatsu

    Warframe looks like a sick game I heard it came to PC already.

  • Gatsu

    What are the pros and cons to pc? I’m not a huge PC fan..

  • Paul Wylie

    Great opportunity to win the best next gen console….good luck all

  • ps4rules

    kratos is my favorite character because he got the skills and the weapon hes from a unknown dimension and hes boss

  • Karim Abushaaban

    Cole MacGrath is my fav PS character.

  • Nicholas Spessot

    Obviously Sly Cooper. Going stealth was so awesome

  • jlin55

    This is great

  • jlin55

    Crash from Crash Bandicot

  • jlin55

    crash from Bandicott

  • Wish this contest was for the whole world

  • I_AM_Steven_Seaga1

    The Kung fu master, driving disaster, Flea market hustler , cake eater PaRappa the Rapperrrr.

  • S1KHI5T

    Its a close call between Kratos and Nathan Drake, but I will have to give the edge to Kratos.

    Really for me the whole series was fantastic, both on consoles and PSP!

    PS4 is gonna rock!

  • Amanda

    I was going to say Allegretto from Eternal Sonata but then I saw he was on XBOX. 🙁 so I will say Drake.

  • Konstantine Touryguine

    My favorite is Nathan Drake. Soooo sickkkk!!!

  • HarryB
  • s_jacobso

    Spyro is my fav. He is the first character that got me into gaming! Go little purple dude, go!

  • s_jacobso

    Spyro is my fav. He is the first character that got me into gaming! Go little purple dude, go!

  • 8 More days

  • Neal

    Jak (with Daxster of course) is my favorite PlayStation exclusive character. It started playing Bandicoot, which is where Jak and Daxster actually started from, in a day care media center. Then I got into PlayStation gaming and the thrilling franchise involving Jak as a main character in the storyline. I hope to continue playing fun PlayStation games these on the new PS4.

  • Marvin Kakà

    My favorite PlayStation exclusive character is Ellie from The Last of Us. She’s only fourteen years old and she’s mature beyond her years. I also like the way she acts. She even look like Ellen Page a bit.

  • Saaheel

    Me !!!

  • Saaheel

    i control all d characters,so ME !!!

  • Derko


  • joncapalbo

    I need to win this PS4

  • PUR3F34R

    I would have to say that Cole Mcgrath is my favorite character. He is the main character in infamous and I have been playing and replaying that game forever. I have loved that game ever since my mom downloaded it for my birthday three years ago. There really is only two outcomes to the first one but there is so many different ways to get to that outcome. It really got me into the playstation thing and now i am the only one of my friends that hasn’t got off playstation and moved on to xbox or something. Playstation Rules!!!!!!

  • brandon

    i may be new but i always wanted to be part of the community but my all time favorite character will have to be Snake from the metal gear solid series becuase no matter what, he never dies and sneaks through so much stuff and uses so much technology that we could use to help us. hes just the ultimate killing machine for any war against anything.

  • Tony Fianto

    My favorite playstation exclusive character is Crash from Crash Bandicoot.

  • arteslife

    nathan drake is my fav character. not only does he have the skills to take out an entire evil group of mecenaries, he also gets good with the ladies leaving him the luckiest man alive, because he luckily manages to stay alive all the time. Uncharted 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zeromoniker

    Shuhei Yoshida ftw !!!!
    Definitely full of character and exclusive to Playstation !!

  • mrwongme

    Top PS-exclusive character is sadly a tie. First game I got with my PS2 was Jak and Daxter, and it’s a toss-up between those two. I just can’t pick, they’re both winners! But if I had to…Daxter, I love his attitude.

  • Tim Benson

    My favorite character of all time for the Sony PlayStation Exclusive characters would be Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal. Loved those games inside and out and I never will regret getting the 2012 edition of Twisted Metal!

  • Kid Dynamite

    Favorite is definitely Kratos. The dude is badass.

  • Read the post friend, the contest is clearly laid out! 🙂

  • Habib Onis Onis

    nice one

  • I will pay for my shipping plz consider my entry outside of the USA

  • <<<<<< Solid Snake

  • Felix deschamps

    Hum nathan drake he’s such a cool and intresting character and the uncharted series is amazing.

  • Joseph Silvera

    Kratos is a bad ass. Here is why i deserve this ps4: I don’t act entitled! That’s my american view on the world, thank you for the ps4.



  • Ashutos Don Jain
  • Sora (Roxas)

  • Josegon

    Damnit I’m not a US resident D:
    I live in Europe…

  • maxim jonckheere

    Captain Price from CoD, i liked him because he always weared a had, it gave him the western contour and then he smoked those big sigars and that made him a real cowboy

  • TiShawn

    Cole McGrath

  • samkied

    cnt wait to get my ps4

  • samkied

    need for speed

  • samkied


  • samkied

    playstation all daiii

  • samkied

    i think the play4 will be way better than xbox’

  • samkied


  • samkied


  • samkied


  • samkied


  • samkied


  • samkied

    xbox or ps4/

  • samkied


  • samkied


  • samkied

    krato my favorite

  • Karsa

    Kratos is by far my favorite, the god of war series was amazing.

  • jess mccormick

    i haven’t played many games with play station exclusive characters but Nathan drake from uncharted is ahead of Kratos fro god of war

  • Garrett Wolfe

    My favorite character is Drake from Uncharted.

  • Dennis Nguyen

    my favorite exclusive character is Kratos he’s so awesome

  • Tocara Graham

    Walking Dead Game of the Year Edition!! 🙂

  • Tocara Graham

    Walking Dead Game of the Year Edition

  • Tocara Graham

    looking forward to playing the walking dead season 2.. =^..^=

  • Aadil

    Nathan Drake from Uncharted, he is mostly a combination of Prince of Persia – for his ability to climb wall run etc, with Indiana Jones – for his vast knowledge of history and puzzle solving abilities and Gabe Logan for his weapon skills while his in action.

  • Recon Haze

    I am really excited for all of the new titles coming out. The witcher 2, Elder scrolls online, Watch dogs. They look so good! The next gen graphics are going to be amazing. Providing stuff we have never seen before! Sony has it much better than microsoft though! So excited.

  • David A Pringle


  • Carlisle Jensel

    God of war is the favourite hands down as he is the 1st and also the best character play station crated.

  • Carlisle Jensel

    I hope that I win the PS4 as I have never won anything and I need a ps4 but can’t afford it.

  • shahin

    I really like first person shooter games call of duty nows thats tops also not forgeting to mention dragonballz raging blast2 i can go on and on anyway PLAYSTATION ROCKS

  • Ricky Moss

    Old School Favourite – Crash Bandicoot – New School Favourite – Desmond Miles Assassin Creed!

  • aj

    love the ps4 hope to win”

  • aj

    need a ps4 it is my life…

  • aj

    so meny people i dont thank i can win lol..

  • aj

    wish you guys luck.

  • aj

    ps4 is better then any thing out there,

  • aj

    really would love to win for my son.

  • aj

    ps4 . over xbox one any day,, (:

  • aj

    hope this will make it too, the ps4 people reallly need a ps4, thanks guys,

  • aj

    hope to god i win,,love the ps4 my email is

  • Lola Summers

    My Favorite PlayStation exclusive character is Mecha Naruto from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. I follow all Naruto games and I can’t wait for the release of the new Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm game Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 but theres one problem I will face. When it comes out I won’t have a Ps4 to play it on and why would I even consider buying the game without a system and this is why I want to win one because I can’t afford one like a lot of other people so not fair.=(

  • tony

    My favorite characters are in Hot Shots Golf.They are some of the best original characters,around.