New PlayStation 4 trailer reveals ACIV and Watch_Dogs additional gameplay is a timed exclusive

Yesterday, the PlayStation YouTube channel updated with a new PS4 sizzle trailer. This trailer attempts to excite and inform fans with what to expect from the many 1st party publishers as well as from 3rd parties working on PS4 games. The video also reaffirms that Assassin’s Creed IV and Watch_Dogs both include 60 minutes of additional gameplay only on PS4…only for 6 months.

Scrub to the 1:18 mark and you’ll see the bit on Assassin’s Creed IV that reads, “Includes 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay only on PS4.” Look below that text to find the asterisk with the text “6 month exclusive.” This can also be seen at the 1:24 mark with Watch_Dogs. According to Eurogamer, this text about the added content being a timed exclusive is not present in the EU version of the same trailer.

For Assassin’s Creed IV, the added gameplay includes three missions featuring Aveline from the Vita exclusive AC III Liberation, which is receiving an HD-ification in the form of a digital download for PS3, PC and Xbox Live January 14th and 15th respectively. If you haven’t played the Vita version, I don’t blame you but you should definitely give the console HD redux a play.

As for the Watch_Dogs additional content, Ubisoft has yet to detail what it entails. Though, we aren’t expecting anything anytime soon given that the title was recently delayed into 2014. Everyone loves bulleted lists. Here’s a list of the bullet points to take away from the above trailer:

Feel free to openly discuss the video and the above bullet points in the comments section below. I’d love to hear what you think about all of this and how it compares to the launch line-up for PS4.

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  • Josh Melton

    Good, I am fine with content being limited to a console for a ”period of time” and then released for the other later, that happened last gen with the 360 and I was able to live with it..Anyway with Ubisoft having some financial problems after the poor performance of Blacklist, and Rayman one would expect this..

    That’s from a purely profit-oriented standpoint. Matters such as fairness and such remain on the table, I’m just saying that financially it’s probably a sound move.which I feel is the right thing to do, release all your content for all gamers…

    • KosmoCrisis

      In theory, Ubisoft goofed when last they made a judgment call in the name of business by delaying and developing Rayman Legends for more than just the Wii U.

      The question is, will Sony pioneer more exclusives like this throughout 2014?

  • bizzy gie

    6 months is a very long time.

    The video was great.

    It showed that Sony will have all types of games. Probably the most diverse game selection of any next gen console.

    PS4 IS the best place to play.

    • ItzameyaToad

      I agree it is a long time. I remember getting Call of Duty DLC a month before people on PS3 and thinking “man I would hate to have to wait a month for this” so I can’t imagine 6 months. People can down play the significance of it but having to wait half a year for content will sway many people to buy the PS4 versions of games. I mean lets put it in perspective when a Call of Duty game launches after about 8 months they reveal the next Call of Duty. Basically the portion of time from when the latest COD is released to the time the next is announced PS4 has exclusive content give or take 1 or 2 months. That’s a long time.

    • Fweds

      “Diverse game selection” If you like indie games that is.
      6 months would be a long time to wait if it was a full game i.e. if Titanfall etc but a bit of dlc that lasts an hour !, I doubt many will care.

      Loved the way they tried to hide the timed exclusives bit by using the same colour text (opacity) as the background in small letters.
      That advert was quiet misleading.

      • bizzy gie

        A full 60 minutes for two very anticipated games matters.

        They didn’t try to hide anything. The text was clearly visible.

  • Omar Bachara

    an additional 60 min is really nothing to tell you the truth

    • bizzy gie

      Better than superficial map packs.

  • The Clockwork Being

    Find it ironic that on the 2 others sites, much more comments have been stired when on the site that it concerns, there are little to no comments.

  • demann78

    Good news for ps4 fans.

    • Zeromoniker

      Agree. Def good news for PS4

  • boneeebby

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