Destiny PlayStation 4 screenshots

Destiny PlayStation 4 screenshots
Developer Bungie and Sony have released a pack of new Destiny PlayStation 4 screenshots, showing us just how pretty this sci-fi shooter will be on the PS4.

Destiny is a multiplayer-based first person shooter with tons of RPG elements. It’s set in the year 2700, where the world (and universe) is a post-apocalyptic state. Destiny follows the “Guardians”, who are the last defenders of humanity, set to defend the last city on Earth.

Destiny will be released on all console platforms in 2014, including the PlayStation 4 and PS3.

Be sure to check out the recently revealed Destiny PlayStation 4 box art.

Destiny PlayStation 4 screens

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  • bizzy gie

    Looks beautiful! Can’t wait to play it!

  • sd

    So far I still think this is the best looking shooter I have seen. Shame I get the smiley face when I try to enlarge the pictures.

    This game should be great.

  • Kenny_026

    Will it be completely free roaming?

  • The True Gamer

    I wonder whether the exclusive deals will end up in exclusivity rights to the game for ps4 in a sequel. I’m buying an Xbox one first, but if destiny becomes ps4 exclusive, I could buy a ps4 in a few years.