Watch 14 minutes of Watch_Dogs gameplay

Yesterday, Ubisoft released a UK gameplay trailer featuring 14 minutes of gameplay for the much anticipated Watch_Dogs. This trailer teaches us quite a bit about the basics and advanced user tactics of controlling Aiden to hack into a CTOS control center to gain access to devices in the vicinity.

When the video turns a corner and Aiden is shown chasing down a potential criminal, he jumps into a car where he is faced with choosing how aggressively to pursue and stop the fleeing criminal. This choice will reflect how the news and people of the city see Aiden.

Towards the end, we’re shown the amazing ways players can interact with other players by stealthily jumping into another’s single player game and attempting to hack their phone to steal information from their gameplay experience. This goes south for the hacker as they are caught and thwarted, but is then chased into their own single player game for a hack attempt.

You must watch the trailer to the end to see how it all ends. Watch_Dogs stands as the #1 most pre-ordered game in some online and brick and mortar retailers, including Amazon.

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  • bizzy gie

    Most anticipated game of the year!

    • TomDobo

      Gta 5, bioshock infinite, the last of us ????

      • bizzy gie

        I’m anticipating Watch_Dogs more than GTAV and the other games are already out however if they weren’t, Watch_Dogs would still be my most anticipated.

        Open-world games are the best.

        • TomDobo

          The game looks like it would be epic in every form of fun. Buy gta 5 has the crown before its even came out but i will be getting watch dogs as it is on my list to buy.

          • bizzy gie

            GTA V will have a bigger map and more features, but Watch_Dogs will have better NPCs, gameplay, and graphics if you care about that sort of thing.

          • TomDobo

            I care for gameplay mainly graphics is a bonus but i honestly think due to gta reputation they will make a better game. Think about san andreas amazing, vice city amazing, gta 4 was amazing too. I just think if there wasnt a gta there wouldnt be a saints row or watch dogs. But what watch dogs is doing is different with the hacking approach which will make it unique to any other game we have played. I think we will have to wait and see when they both come out to do a proper comparison.

          • bizzy gie

            Rockstar doesn’t own open-world.

            Assassin’s Creed is open-world which is where the influence of Watch_Dogs comes from.

            GTA doesn’t have very good combat and other sandbox games like Sleeping Dogs surpasses GTA in that regard.

            No doubt GTA V will be incredible, but Watch_Dogs will be brilliant (not claiming that brilliant is better than incredible).

          • TomDobo

            Never said gta owned open world they were the most popular open world crime related game. Games were influenced by it just like saints row, sleeping dogs, crackdown and watch dogs. Both games will be amazing but there will only be one winner and my vote is gta as im a massive fan of the franchise. Both will be similar and different in ways with pros and cons. But these are my opinions like you prefer watch dogs because it might offer something you enjoy more than gta has to offer.

          • bizzy gie

            Yeah. Everyone has their own opinion.

            The incredible and dynamic AI, world interaction, hacking, multiple and endless options to carry out a mission, better graphics (which I only care about for open-world games), and NPC information for each individual in the game.

            Watch_Dogs will be more realistic.

            I’ll just favor Watch_Dogs more because it’ll be a smarter game.

            I’m hopefully getting GTA V on launch day. I love the GTA series as well and played countless hours of TBOGT.

            I’m just more excited for Watch_Dogs as it’s a new franchise with more intelligent mechanics.

          • TomDobo

            Gta 5 preordered and paid for cant wait to get my hands on this and watch dogs.

          • bizzy gie

            Not pre-ordered. I wanted to get it on launch, but the job I was suppose to be doing to get paid got postponed so hopefully I can get it at the end of the month.

          • TomDobo

            Yeah multiplayer is out at the end of the month as well.

          • bizzy gie

            I know, but I want to have time to beat the campaign so I can just focus on free-roaming and online multiplayer.

    • sd

      Hey Killzone boy. Have you seen the advertised bundle for the PS4. Killzone, 2 controllers and camera. Same price as the X-1 with kinect and fifa. So its a good deal.

      • bizzy gie

        Yeah, but with the PS4 bundle you get an extra controller. Not to mention DriveClub is free to all PS+ subscribers.

        Plus, only Day One Edition pre-orders will come with Fifa 14.

        • sd

          Yes I know. The killzone bundle is a good deal. I told you that, it wasnt sarcasm. I was telling you as you have not yet ordered your console. I think the bundle is ltd but could be wrong and therefore as a killzone fan I thought you might like to know. Its a good deal you should get it.

          It doesn’t change anything for me as I will be getting an X-1 and cant wait. But as I have said all along I will eventually get a ps4 as both have their merits.

    • Arthur Hughes

      GTA V bitch slaps your argument harder then guest 1000000000 trolls.

      • bizzy gie

        There was no need for this comment. Don’t troll.

        GTA V isn’t an Xbox exclusive so you don’t need to do what you do for most Xbox exclusive games and try and hail them as the best games ever made just because their exclusive to the object that labels you a fanboy.

        • Arthur Hughes

          LOL. you really are clueless.

          • bizzy gie

            That’s exactly what you do.

            You wouldn’t praise Titanfall if it were exclusive to PlayStation 4 and you’d treat Shadow Fall like gold if it were exclusive to Xbox One.

          • Arthur Hughes

            Actually if titanfall was coming to the PS4 as an Exclusive i would Have a reason to buy a PS4 much earlier. You seem to forget quite regularly that I am buying both consoles as i have done for several generations.

            The only console i have not owned from the big 4 is the Sega Master System and Playstation 2 (all of my friends that had one kept breaking so i passed on it)

            My Dislike of the sony exclusives annouced so far comes from actual opnions from what we have seen from the games. Knack looks like a overly simplistic childs game, Killzone has been a 2nd rate FPS Nothing from any video has shown anything amazing or awesome out of the game. Look at our pretty pictures does not sway me. Driveclub why would i buy that over the highest rated racing game over the last generation.

            I have said I love the infamous series and when somebody else actually brings out a game worth playing for sony I will pick one up. I Dont like PS+ because i was actually Personally affected by the Hack My CC info was stolen and used and I had my CC stop working while out of town for work.

            I am an Xbox Fanboy, Why Online service has been Better all around, They actually want to move gaming forward, and I have never been screwed over by them. But all of this does not mean I cant like other systems or games I own a Wii U and lets face it, It was a terrible purchase at the time I should of waited till this up coming price drop they have failed at delivering software worthy of the purchase. Not going to make the same mistake with the PS4

          • bizzy gie

            Knack will be challenging. Developers have stressed that.

            Shadow Fall will be much better than its past installments.

            DriveClub is more of a social arcade racing game that comes free to PS+ subscribers.

            Forza competes with with Gran Turismo- the highest selling exclusive on PS3.

            There won’t be another hack. There’s as much a chance of PSN getting hacked on PS4 as XBL getting hacked on Xbox One.

            Online service will be equal on both platforms.

            PS4 went forward to. You’ve never bern screwed over by MS?

            You must’ve managed to avoid RROD.

            You must’ve also found a hack or work-around to getting Gold for free.

            If so, you’re in for a rude awakening with XB1.

            You wouldn’t make the same mistake with PS4.

          • Arthur Hughes

            A game being challenging does not make it good.

            Only improvement we have seen in shadowfall is graphics

            Why would i want to play an inferior game

            I said HIghest rated not selling

            You seem to forget with the hack it actually affected my personal life outside of it just being down for a month,

            Dedicated servers (sony last quarter as a company didnt even make 400million where are they going to get the money to pay for the server structure that Microsoft has, and they only had that profit because of a falling yen, and now they have hedge their console parts hoping the opposite would happen meaning even less future profit from their gaming division)

            PS4 is constantly refereed to as a mid grade PC. How is it moving gaming foward

            I had RROD, Microsoft fixed it for free and had an xbox back within a week. Want to take a guess at how many of my friends got their PS2 fixed for free with its massive issues (hint answer is less then 1)

            I consider the $35 i spend a year for the best online service as money well spent. With the free money i get back from Xbox Live Rewards Their is a good chance i will pay next to nothing for it.

            PS4 has no launch exclusives that warrant a purchase of the console, Killzone is the 3rd best FPS Like i said Knack is a simplistic childs game, and if im going to buy/play a racing game im going to get the best available.

          • bizzy gie

            You don’t know anything about Knack and you know you don’t. Stop pretending like you do. You’re making all these assumptions based off of the art stlye and that’s pathetic.

            Well then you haven’t seen much of Shadow Fall.

            You don’t know it’s inferior. It looks great to still be in Alpha. And it’s FREE to PS+ subscribers. Even still, not playing a game because you think it’s not as good as another game is downright moronic.

            Mario Galaxy was the highest rated video game of all time. Does that make it best video ever made?

            Sales mean more than ratings because it means actual everyday people like the game not just some 30-40 year old men in suits who have to review the game because their job obligates them to.

            IT WON’T BE HACKED AGAIN! If my 360 were stolen, I wouldn’t not buy Xbox One at fear of that being stolen too. Sony clearly didn’t just fiddle their thumbs after the hack. They won’t repeat the same mistake.

            Xbox One is less powerful than than PS4 so that must make it an low-end/entry-level PC.

            Those PS2 problems aren’t nearly as popular as RROD. I never had any problems with my PS2 at all.

            It’s not the best though. It may be slightly better because of the faster OS and no frequent downloads and never being hacked wich would have been just as easy as the PSN hack, but your (Xbots in general I mean) justification for paying $60 a year shouldn’t be based on PSN’s faults. There’s no reason for me to choose XBL over PSN at all.

            Shadow Fall looks gorgeous and really fun. Especially with customizable Warzones. It makes sense that it’s the highest selling exclusive of any of two (out of three) next gen home consoles.

            Knack looks like a fun, challenging game. It was made to attract more gamers of all ages in.

            DriveClub is shaping up to be one of the most social racing experiences of any racing game ever. The more real-life friends you have playing a game, the more fun it is. It comes free to PS+ subscribers. It looks really good to still be in Alpha.

          • Arthur Hughes

            that big of a post and you added absolutely nothing to the conversation, you once again ignore everything and are absolutely defined yourself as the worst Troll/Fanboy on all of the daily sites. Congratulations.

          • bizzy gie

            Ha! That means you didn’t read or did and don’t have a counter. XD

            Have a nice morining bro. I’m not arguing with you.

            I remember you earlier stating you had a wife. I knew that was utter bullsh*t because you can’t be any older than 12. Your maturity level hasn’t proven otherwise.

            But if that were true, then why do you spend so much time here?

            It doesn’t matter what time of the day. You’re always here.

            I’m gone for about 7 hours out of every week day and 2-4 hours on the weekends and when I come back you’re always here.

          • Arthur Hughes

            Everything you said was already countered, I am about to turn 32, Been with my wife probably longer then you have been alive, and I work from home. I have probably forgot more about gaming then you have ever known. I have been gaming since 1985, I remember the atari, commodore 64, and NES when they were cutting edge technology.

            I have seen all the Knack, Killzone, and Driveclub videos. Their is nothing their warranting a purchase of the PS4 at launch. Their is not a chance in hell i would play killzone over COD/BF4, Knack brings nothing to the table I can’t get better of basically anywhere else if i want a challenging kids game i will pick up Duck Tales. Im not a racing fan Have stated as much multiple times If im going to play a racer Im going to play the best one available which would be forza. Why would i spend $50 to play driveclub on ps+. Especially when I already have dedicated Servers and a Online service that has been better since the beginning.

            Dead Rising 3 will probably be the best Exclusive launch game, I personally really disliked Ryse at first but the more we see of it the more it intrigues me, I remember playing KI in the arcade, and being able to play an updated version for $20 seems like a easy no brainer. Lets also face the simple fact that people make fun of the TV interaction on the Xbox One, But guess what I am 100% ok with removing having to change inputs on my receiver and just telling my xbox which channel i want to watch, I consider it a fantastic bonus.

          • bizzy gie

            31? Then why do you call anybody troll who states facts that aren’t in XB1’s favor a troll.
            Why can’t you carry out a normal debate without using personal attacks?

            And these are your opinions, but not the general masses (maybe hardcore Xbots who hate the name of PlayStation).

            What I stated would be agreed with by more people and represent people’s opinion as a whole.

            What you stated represents yourself (and some Xbots as I mentioned previously).

          • Arthur Hughes

            The fact that you think you state facts is why you are a troll, you take any rumor that you think is awesome and consider it a fact. You think the Playstation Camera is some how comparable to what the Kinect can do just because it has 2 cameras, Have you seen this video?


            Notice how it does Multi-tasking and how much multi-tasking it does, way beyond that of the capabilites of 2 cameras. It takes controller integration to a new level without having to put a Useless light on the controller because they were smart enough to realize that not everybody wants to play or likes to play their games in well lit rooms. It does not need a 6 axis controller to do everything it can do and more. But yet you blindly think that it showing a guy kicking a little robot or swatting at a robot in air is somehow amazing tech that rivals the Kinect 2.0.

            This is why your a troll you don’t look at these things objectively you just assume. Yet you still ignore the simple fact that I will own a PS4 Probably sometime around next Christmas when they bring out a 2nd game worth purchasing besides Infamous.

          • bizzy gie

            The PS Camera will be able to detect the light bar on DS4 in the darkest dark of rooms.

            DS4 can be used to do things like actually steer cars by tilting the controller or shaking the controller to get a bad guy off of you.

            Not possible with the lackluster XB1 controller.

            I didn’t state that because a guy was able to directly interact with an object without the need of a controller that that was why it rivaled Kinect.

            It’s because it has the technology for human detection and is capable of tracking more than a controller.

            PS Camera will, too, have voice commands and facial recognition.

            In addition, it’ll have unprecedented 3D Depth tracking, a large FOV so you’ll never have to worry about being out of range, and the ability DEDICATEDLY assign a task to each camera.

            I’m not talking about feature-wise, but in terms of one camera tracking people and controllers while the other tracks motion. It’sva physical thing not software-based like Kinects multitasking.

            Sony can program the camera to do multiple things at once.

            And PS Camera will have the best controller interaction of any camera. That’s unarguable.

          • Arthur Hughes

            you mean like how you can push your controller away from you to push a zombie off like in Dead Rising 3,

            Where is the better controller interaction? A light? You mean the same Light that is on the Xbox One controller yet they are smart enough to use IR, so their is no reflection off your screen while playing. and before you say something stupid. 6 axis control has nothing to do with the PS Camera, Touchpad has nothing to do with the PS camera.

            We have seen the 3D on Kinect be able to pick up people buttons on shirts. all we have seen from Playstation camera is a guy kicking a robot which could be done without 3D with simple piece of software. Nothing impressive has been shown by the PS camera. and we cant forget about the biggest thing of it is a simple accessory that will have little support.

          • bizzy gie

            The light bar is used to show player position (as in 1st player, 2nd player, 3rd, player, 4th player). It’ll flash if you’re low on health. Sony still has more to show. The light bar is also Move technology. Much better than the infrared light the XB1 controller uses. The only time you’ll see the light bar’s reflection is on a black screen which won’t be often.

            I never stated that six-axis was a part of PS Camera, but it is. So is the the touchpad.

            The Playroom demo shows the camera interacting with touchpad swipes and clicks. It also shows six-axis when the guy tilts the controller from side to side and the robots inside fall around accordingly.

            Keep in mind that these are two entirely different devices intended for different purposes and that just because they’re both cameras doesn’t mean they’ll both be used for the same things. Also, much less money and R&D was put into PS Camera than Kinect.

            With Playroom installed in every PS4, people will wonder what it is. Then they’ll learn about PS Camera. Then they’ll go the store and pick up the inexpensive camera.

            Also, why did you change the subject from why you spend so much time on the Daily sites (excluding Wii U thank God) to the camera accessories?

          • Arthur Hughes

            Conversation is now over, because you have gone full retard and did not even watch the video. You are the most pathetic kind of fanboy. I honestly feel sorry for you, Hopefully your mommy and daddy are ok with supporting you for the rest of your life.

            Don’t need player position on Xbox One controllers because it is auto set from kinect. If you look at your controller while your playing your 4 years old. Move technology is no where near the technology kinect has. IR>physical light for obvious reasons. I answered the reason i can be on here easily and its because I work at home.

          • bizzy gie

            4 year olds for looking at my controller while playing? WTF?

            This is what I’m talking about. Two separate devices. Move technology is in the controller. No similar technology is found in the XB1 controller because Kinect 2 is made primarily for voice commands, Skype, and other stuff.

            PS Camera is primarily for controller interaction. It’s not really comparable because it’s two separate directions taken with each camera.

            And it’s these personal insults that you make to some random stranger over internet (I should add you on Wii U so I could video chat and expose your ass face-to-face) about video game consoles that puts me in disbelief of you being an adult.

          • Arthur Hughes

            clueless child

  • John Andalora

    Oh. Your. God.
    So glad that I preordered this with my PS4. This is the first game I’ve been hyped up for a game in a long time.
    Can’t wait till release.