PlayStation 4 getting iOS, Android app in November

PlayStation 4 apps
Sony has announced that it plans to release the PlayStation 4 iOS and Android companion apps in November, close to the launch of the console. The apps will offer a variety of features that expand on the PS4 experience.

For one, players will be able to use their smartphones/tablets as a second screen for gaming (for games that support such a feature). The apps will also make it possible to login to the PlayStation Network, chat with friends, watch gameplay videos (and live streams), and more.

Finally, the apps can also be used as an additional controller for games, although it’s unclear how many games support this feature. Sony has previously announced that PlayStation 4 games will support Vita cross-play — in fact, pushing PS4 gameplay to the Vita is mandatory for all PlayStation 4 games.

The PlayStation 4 launches on November 15 in the US and November 29 in Europe. The apps are expected to be available around that time.

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  • bizzy gie

    Holy crap!

    Will this be free?!

    • KosmoCrisis

      You bet your sweet ars it will.

    • Vadym

      it better be

  • Merrfn

    Lets wait and see if it of any use, or just a mere novelty.

    • jfelts

      I don’t understand why you come here if you can’t take anything with more than a grain of salt.

      • Merrfn

        Well the app could very well be rubbish. Or it could be beneficial to your gaming experience. So, “lets wait and see if it is of any use, or just a mere novelty”.

    • Vadym

      I think its clear just from the basic info that it will definitely be useful. Even if just for chatting with others, or getting access to the network and buying a game and starting the download before getting to the console, or using it as a support feature in certain games. This already expands the horizons of just mere novelty

      • bizzy gie

        Don’t forget it serving as a controller.

        • Vadym

          Using a smartphone as a controller? Hmm, now that is a little odd to me, but hey, if that works, then why not?

      • Merrfn

        These features may be interesting for a few weeks, but they may not contribute to your gaming experience as a whole. We will just have to wait and see.

        • Vadym

          they will definitely contribute to the whole experience if you use them as such.. most people dont use the features just because they dont know what they can do and how they can use them to expand on the game play…

  • Shane Grimes

    I want this really bad for sending messages… i used the xbox app on my android phone all the time for that since its easier to type than using the controller method.

  • Ducked


    • Vadym


  • Vadym

    Definitely getting this for my iPhone 5 and my iPad 4 🙂 Even if half of all the features worked from what they mentioned, I’d still be a killer app