Indie title Project Phoenix is coming to PlayStation 4

Project Phoenix PlayStation 4
Indie Kickstarter hopeful Project Phoenix is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Vita. Project Phoenix is a JRPG (Japanese RPG) that features squad based gameplay with RTS elements — sort of a hybrid between JPRG and RTS. Developed by Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc., the game is so far a success on Kickstarter, having raised almost $750,000 (the initial goal was just $100,000).

The game has amassed over 12,000 backers since it went online on August 12. The funding campaign ends on September 11. As for a release date, you’ll have to wait a while — it’s expected to be released in mid 2015 on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Vita, and other platforms.

Here’s a developer video that explains some of the aspects of the game:

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  • bizzy gie

    Should be fun. I want to see actual gameplay though.

  • rsco6969

    Indie… Suprise. I was so excited for the ps4 now.. I dunno I need final specs more AAA and less indie it’s just too much.

  • Dameon Percival

    I can’t understand if this is the most powerful gameing console ever why is there noting but thes Indie games, that is not what i am paying $400.00 for, if this was MS the internet would be up in arms.