Grand Theft Auto 5 includes reference to PS4 in code

Grand Theft Auto 5 has already made over $1 billion after less than a week on the market. It’s the best reviewed game of all time, and everyone seems to be loving it. And if rumors are true, future PlayStation 4 owners will get to enjoy it as well.

According to a string of code found by some gamers in Grand Theft Auto 5 (code seen below), it makes a reference to “Orbis” as a platform (in addition to PC). Orbis of course, was a codename for the PlayStation 4.

Officially, developer Rockstar has said that they have no intentions of porting GTA 5 to next gen platforms, but the evidence paints another picture. It’s a no brainer to release the game on the PlayStation 4, as porting it wouldn’t be that much harder than making the PC version, which is also rumored to be in development.

Rockstar has spent over $250 million on developing Grand Theft Auto 5, we’re sure they (and parent company Take Two) would like earn some extra revenue. Other publishers are offering a PS3 to PS4 upgrade path, where gamers pay $10 to upgrade their PS3 game to the PlayStation 4. Take Two could easily join this program with GTA 5.


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  • Ducked

    I’m in for a PS4, Wii U, PC version.

    • Deezy

      Definitely a PS4 version: Physical Only!

      • Ducked

        Yes, physical!

      • Sorahearts

        Yeah! 😀

    • Sorahearts

      I’m up for a PS4 version

  • bizzy gie

    Yes! Do this! Then we can get smooth framerate for the game and even prettier visuals.

  • TomDobo

    It would make the game more amazing if they did make a proper next gen version.