GameFans Podcast #13: Xbox One launch date, Nintendo 2DS, The Playroom free on every PS4


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Microsoft has finally announced a release date for the Xbox One. We talk about their decision to release between PS4 NA and EU release dates. Also, Nintendo has a new handheld coming in October called the 2DS. And finally, Sony launch list of games grows with the addition of the bundled software The Playroom and Divekick coming to PS4 on launch day.

01:15 Happy Birthday Mark!
02:48 Sony news: The Playroom DLC by Double Fine, Divekick launching alongside PS4, Rayman Vita missing levels – patch confirmed
08:20 Nintendo news: Rayman Legends on Wii U selling best, Wii U price drop, New 2DS handheld announced sans 3D, Pokemon 3DS XL SE
23:30 Microsoft new: Xbox One has a release date, 8 controllers supported, Xbox One’s in fully production
39:18 Daily sites don’t allow trolls – be warned!
44:09 Talkin’ bout movies: Pain & Gain, Dredd
48:30 What We’re Playing: Spelunky (Vita), Splinter Cell (Wii U), DuckTales Remastered (Wii U), Killzone: Mercenary (Vita)

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  • NintendoNoob

    This is really smart on Sony’s part, giving the playroom in every Ps4, having people a reason to buy the PSEye

    • bizzy gie

      Exactly. People will wonder what Playroom is then go out and buy the inexpensive yet powerful camera accessory.

    • Graham Wallace

      Or a very bad move. Person who does not read up on games, get PS4, see’s Playroom runs it, PS4 says plugin PS Eye, person looks in box and can’t find it, takes PS4 back to shop saying it is missing the PS Eye. Sales persons says you have to buy it for £x.xx (I don’t know what the UK price will be). Person then says Sod That, take the thing back and give me a refund as I don’t have a full product

      • NintendoNoob

        It’s not mandatory, it’s like a Computer with a webcam central and no webcam, it’s something that came with the computer, they didn’t say the hardware came with it, it gives the consumer a reason to go out and buy a webcam for their computer. Business, learn it

        • Graham Wallace

          I know it’s not mandatory, I’m talking out someone who just sees it on the shelf, knows the brand Playstation and buys it. Because Playroom is installed they expect it to work (you know, the whole idea behind consoles is it just works). I don’t play big games on PC because I don’t want to mess about with hardware or settings so I use a console. If it was a free download, my issue would not be valid because it would have been under PS EYE Compatible, but as it is already on the machine, people will expect to be able to use it

  • Good, Really good!