PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One graphics comparison

The guys over at Digital Foundry compared the graphics of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One using PC hardware. They essentially crafted PCs with AMD hardware that best matched the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Then they ran some benchmarks to see just how big the difference between the two is.

While the tests are no real indication of how the consoles will perform, it’s a good ballpark estimate of the performance of the two. They chose to compare the consoles based on graphics alone, and equipped the PS4 with a 50% more powerful GPU from AMD, while both GPUs featured 2 GB of RAM.

On average, the PlayStation 4 PC is 17 to 22 percent faster than the Xbox One PC in this test, but again, it’s hardly a scientific comparison. Not taken into account are the various software and optimization APIs that both console use, their RAM and the differences, CPU differences etc.

When Sony and Microsoft revealed their console hardware specs, the PlayStation 4 GPU appeared to be 50% more powerful on paper. However, recently, Sony has been under fire for the amount of RAM used in the PS4, with some rumors suggesting that the OS uses 3.5 GB, leaving just 4.5 GB to games.

Check out the video comparisons below:

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  • Joel

    I don’t see the difference.

    • The Clockwork Being

      TBH the difference is minimal in this one. I think multiplats won’t really have a graphical difference. Making the argument:

      -I’ll be playing Battlefield 4 with better graphics invalid or your graphics sucks on the Division.

      It is mostly the exclusives that will be graphicaly advanced for each of their system.

      • Gilbert Nicks

        im not trying to be negative towards PS4 due to i been saying the same damn thing for a while… that the ps4 and xbox one games are going to look damn near the same… and the only time u are going to notice anything is when they port… great example… all the CODs looked and ran way better on the 360 vs ps3 and ill admit for the most part was only due to they were ported to the ps3… now there are a few cases where PS3 dev games ported to 360 ran way better… but i feel that was due to the ps3 architecture and i dont feel the ps4 will suffer from this at all… but back to what i was going to bug you about sense you did say exclusives and im assuming ur getting ps4… what exclusives are really left on it? most of the BIG sellers that people purchased the ps2 and some claim ps3 for are now on the both consoles…

        • The Clockwork Being

          I’ll be getting a PS4 and Wii U. The great numbers of new exclusives that are coming are a reason to buy a PS4. LIke I stated the mutliplats/ports wont look that different in the comment you replied too so i am with you on that one

          • Gilbert Nicks

            yea but what exclusives? God of war has been over used… the studio that created ratchet and clank are making a exclusive for xbox one and could be making their other titles multiplat… all of Squares games are going to xbox one as well and Kajima games. the only new exclusive i have seen for PS4 that caught my attention was Deep down and capcom wont confirm it as exclusive. that is why i asked what exclusives they have left

          • The Unknown Legacy

            I believe there’s Knack, DriveClub, The order 1886, infamous second son, Killzone, Transistor, the witness, secret ponchos, Oddsworld(one of my favs), hohokum and many more to come considering they said 30 exclusives in which 12 are new I.Ps.
            Oh and some of those games i mentioned are indie games. So there’s going to be alot of indie games. There are some i didn’t mention.

            If you consider the games that are only coming out to Sony&PC exclusives, then there’s FF14, planetside2, DCUO and many more.

            I’m guessing they’re waiting until Gamescom to reveal and answer everything to win everyone to their side.

          • Gilbert Nicks

            Knack seems to be a good title but not a Day one must buy to me… DriveClub not a big racing fan… Was hoping split second would have gave developers ideas of different directions to take racing games but that didn’t happen. The order 1886 im still waiting for more info on it but does look very promising. infamous second son the first 2 games were not that great… they were okie to me missing a whole lot…
            Killzone that is a game i wish they would stop and think what can i do to push in a whole new direction… its a Futuristic Sci-fi shooter but yet there is so little imagination in the game. Transistor is a interesting indie title but not for me. the witness never had a interest in. secret ponchos, Oddsworld i can get on my wii u and the only “reason” the xbox one version wasn’t announced was due to the old need a publisher requirement and that was thrown out so could be possible port… but still no where near a console exclusive. most of the exclusives that make up the 30+ new ips are indie… but if you want to do that then XBOX 360 has over 200+ new IPs and many of them are moving over to xbox one due to people no longer needing a publisher…

            So i guess what i was really wanting to know is HOW MANY 1st or AAA 3rd party exclusives do they have left? because it seems no one gave a damn about indie when they popped up on 360 and now everyone is all about it on ps4 that is just as annoying as say 5 AAA games come out in the 90s and no one gives them credit for any breakthroughs and 1 damn over hyped game comes out and claims it does all this new and never before done stuff… when the 5 games 5-10 years older did it already… i know originality is dead.. and maybe if it was new to a different genre okie cool… but all the hype im currently seeing is noting more than just that… hype… as of right now there is nothing that stands out to make me go for either system… im only getting xbox one due to the fact i know the online play is better… Sony has yet to announce any increase of server performance or increase of amount of servers they have set up for PSN. so 30-40k servers PSN vs 300+k servers XBL…. Hmmm Yes i know sony purchased that cloud gaming company and its servers but they have also announced they are going to be using them just for cloud gaming and plan to support most if not call PS3 PS2 and Ps1 titles yes cool but i have had my fair share of time playing on Cloud servers… yes cloud works PERFECT for networking and even computing but it is shit when you have it doing everyone on the cloud side and just streaming video to you… that is why onlive has not gone 100% mainstream… yes it shows potential… but the global consumer doesn’t have fiber… there for you end up with muddy graphics and poor response time… Could Sony improve this tech and make it work on PSN sure but if they are going to invest all the servers on cloud gaming and not hosting servers.. then ps4 users will be stuck with the same old PSN servers… this i hope is all speculation I really do hope they improve on their network… maybe they will announce that soon…

          • Gilbert Nicks

            oh and I almost forgot… this is 1 game that did REALLY stand out and catch my eye on ps4… but still waiting for them to confirm 100% exclusive… that will be a need to buy when i do get around to purchasing a PS4 and that will be Deep Down

          • The Unknown Legacy

            Yeah I agree with you completely. I’m just hoping when Sony said 30 new exclusives in which 12 are new I.Ps, that they didn’t mean indie or else that would be cheating in my opinion. As for the already confirmed games, i guess everybody has a different opinion.

            Like as for me i love anything japanese and made by a japanese company that’s why Sony is always the choice for me. I know there’s FF on both consoles etc but that’s not what represent JRPG for me. Like there’s also the Tales series and there’s the One piece games and Saint seiya.

            I’m also very excited for deep down. i found a new trailer not too long ago if you want to watch it. At the end of the trailer it says PS4 and nothing else but i guess there’s still a possibility it’s a multi-plat. Here’s the trailer if you want :

            And like you, im hoping online will be a great experience this time. Reasons why I don’t like Xbox one’s exclusive is literally none of them appeal to me. I hate racing games, i find halo very boring, gears of war for me the characters were bulky and ruined the camera, left 4 dead was run and gun, im not creative so project sparks isn’t my kind of game, (i care alot about story. dead rising was too silly for me) and im not much of a sports gamer. and i already have minecraft on PC. The title that interests me alot in Xbox one is Quantum Break.

            The game that has exactly what i love in gaming would be the MGS series, Uncharted, final fantasy, Tales series Anything with a nice story and great gameplay. And i’ll be honest the only exclusives im looking forward on PS4 right now are Infamous, Deep down and The order 1886. I wont deny what you said but i’ll just say it all depends on preferences and clearly ours is very different. What i agree on the most is that i hope sony makes the online experience much better than they did on ps3 and hopefully they offer games that appeal to all kinds of people. Hopefully they answer everything at gamescom

          • Gilbert Nicks

            yea i saw the new deep down trailer… and rumors are they may change the name as well… Deep down was rumored to be more of a engine demo… i hope that isnt the case due to the fact i want to see that dragon in action lol…. it didn’t look all that impressive but something about it really brought back the fond memories of Project Offset. I really enjoy a great story with gameplay… and USA doesn’t get the good ports… and to this day the best console with some of the best games was the Dreamcast…. the replay value is through the roof on about 75+% of its titles… the only replay value i have found on games of this past gen and looks to be the case of the coming gen is all multiplayer… yes its great and all… but $60 is way too much just for a online game…

          • Rémy Özkan

            Sony mention their will be 120 exclusiv game for the first years, on this 40 will be INDIE, 60 exclu from studio and of this 12 new ip.

            Concerning Deep Down it’s PS4 exclusiv mentioned by Capcom in a interview.

    • bizzy gie

      The difference isn’t graphical. It’s in the framerate inwhich the PS4 Target has higher numbers.

    • HustyparmenCZ

      u retarded? This is a framerate benchmark omfg…

    • Ickyptang

      In these specific examples, since they are both running on PC’s with the same settings in-game, I doubt the differences are going to very noticeable, visually (meaning textures, poly-count, anti-aliasing, effects, etc.). The big difference here is with frame-rate, which I am pretty sure is what the video references with the “24 percent” improvement on the fake-PS4 side.

      That being said, I don’t think the frame-rate differences, for the most part, are big enough to be noticeable by most people – generally, throughout the video it is showing a difference of around 50fps on the fake-PS4 side vs. 40fps on the fake-XboxOne side, or 40fps on the fake-PS4 side vs 30fps on the fake XboxOne side, etc… there are a few parts where the fake-XboxOne side dips below 30fps, while the fake-PS4 side stays above 30fps, but they are rare.

      As many others have stated, it is unlikely that there will be big, notable differences with multiplatform titles, in the same way that there were rarely big, notable differences this generation – there were exceptions, of course, but they usually came from a game being ported from one console to another, and the port resulting in some hits, graphically. To most people, though, without side-by-side comparisons, the “hits” were not clearly visible.

      I highly doubt that the higher power of the PS4 will lead to any substantial differences.

  • TomDobo

    Saw this video last week

  • Archiq09

    it’s me or xbox one look more colorful :/
    or I see no difference

    • bizzy gie

      No difference except in frame rate.

  • ImperialAgent

    let’s wait till MS actually release the official specs of the xb1 before making these comparisons yeah? all we’ve been told so far is 5 billion T, 8 core cpu and 8 gb of ram. We know very little and all these comparisons are merely media speculations based on rumours.

  • NintendoNoob

    As long as the FPS stays consistent even in heavy loads I’ll be okay

  • RECKLESSgoat

    No diffrence, all I see is that both are awesome xD

    • Chris Hamilton

      of course they look the same, its the same game run on the same OS (windows) at the same settings. The only difference is the frames per second ,which is nearly impossible to differentiate with the naked eye when they are that close.And even harder to see the difference when both videos are encoded at the same FPS

    • bizzy gie

      In framerate there is.

      • RECKLESSgoat

        yup, just noticed that 🙂

        • bizzy gie

          But graphically the same.

  • Ducked

    Only graphic whores could tell the difference and make a big deal about. I’m a PlayStation fan, and could careless who has better graphics.

  • Moreck

    It really comes down to exclusives and such. Most devopers aren’t going to put in the time to optimize ports, so multiplatform games will look nearly identical on both systems. Just like last gen.

  • Bill Bong

    No matter how you look at both system will be better than current gen systems.

  • Deezy

    does it realy matter guys. I’m sorry but i dont care about which console is better anymore. I just want games to play period. i dont care if its an exclusive or if its a multi-platform. BF4 for the PS4 will have the same story and multiplayer as BF4 on the X-1 and same with Watch Dogs. my current console is a PS2 so DLC doesnt phase me right now. all i want now is a next gen console, with a next gen game and for once play multiplayer on a console instead of a PC. i also wish that GTA V will come on next gen as well which will probably happen but will take a while. last GTA game i owned was vice city and it was the only one i ever owned as well

  • immyjimmy

    running it on a pc with the ps4’s theoretical counterpart is not accurate at all and can’t represent the final thing.


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