Battlefield 4 developer: PlayStation 4 is “the easy choice”

Battlefield 4 PS4
Swedish developer DICE has been in favor of the PlayStation 4 ever since E3, where the PS4 and Xbox One were revealed. And now they have another reason to support the PlayStation 4 — a much more obvious reason.

Microsoft recently announced that the Xbox One will be delayed in several countries, including Sweden. Instead of launching in 21 countries, the Xbox One will launch in just 13, pushing the launch to 2014 in countries such as Sweden, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, and others.

The Swedish guys at DICE took to Twitter to vent their support for the PlayStation 4, with developer Alan Kertz saying “I see Microsoft seems intent on making it easier and easier to pick #PS4 for Gen4 in Sweden.”

Another DICE developer, Gustav Halling, said, “Not sure what @Xbox is thinking when not launching in a progressive country like Sweden, we always buy what is hot and that will be PS4.”

Microsoft has faced a ton of PR issues ever since announcing the Xbox One at E3. And Sony has taken advantage of each of those PR blunders, getting more and more support for the PlayStation 4.

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  • Kenny_026

    The delay will cost microsoft a lot of support. The voice control wich nobody will really use is the reason for this delay. A shame for such a bullshit functionality…

    • Gilbert Nicks

      I am sure there is much more going on than just that… the software they claim is the cause is in all windows phones and Windows 8 voice software. and last i checked WP8 and W8 has been global for a while now… A few rumors are going around they are limiting their release window to make sure those markets get as many units as possible… but that could be BS as well.

      If you are in a area that will not have XBOX one till 2014 and you want Next gen NOW instead of waiting and you were on the fence which one to get If you dont care about voice controls or anything like that then go with ps4 both systems performance are about the same… and later down the road if you want to get the other you might pick it up cheaper.

      • Kenny_026

        Yes, voice control for windows is in the same language as the markets the are releasing the xbone this year. Yo could be right it’s the same software.

        They miss holiday season in holland and i believe, if what you say is true, its better to have a shortage than no availability at all. There is a 20% cheaper console available so the choice of waiting or switchng platforms won’t be a difficult choice for parents who buy a christmas present for their children.

        I dont hate xbox…. I have had both versions but its just a shame that all the terrain the have won with the 360 will take a huge step backwards with these launch issues.

        If it was me, i would have told people voice control would be delayed a few months and not that because of voice control there would be no consoles available at launch. Nobody would care if the is no voice control for a while….

        • Gilbert Nicks

          Very true and i feel they are screwing up by limiting the spread market in the holiday season… a shortage does wonders for a console… very odd IMO but it does… people went nuts for wii when they thought it was selling out EVERYWHERE… but in reality they just limited the number of units in each state LOL… if you would have went to NY at any given time they claimed they were out all over… you would find a HUGE wall of them in the stores… but everywhere else it seemed they were out and people where paying premiums just to get them…

          But this generation i feel both systems are the same… if you want to wait for a xbox one then do it nothing wrong with that… if you want a ps4 then get a ps4… but trying to trash talk one over the other is just stupid… now if you want to look at MS and SONY sure there are allot of faults… MS thought they could do what steam does on but for console and even make it better… but people didnt want it… but at least they come up front about it and are working to remove everything NOW before release unlike sony that either A gives you something and then takes it away or just stays silent on some important details or even lies about the details… I know they never said how many cores the OS would take up so that was anyones guess but Sony did lead people to think the OS was only taking up 1 gb when its in the same damn boat as the Xbox one… and by confirmed reports it has less ram working for most games unless they request a extra 512mb that will make the xbox ones 5gb..

    • Dameon Percival

      MS released a statement on the launch and it has nothing to do with voice control, I don’t know why you fanboys take to the internet with these mis-leading articles or blogs.

      • Gilbert Nicks

        “Penello also offered
        further clarification about the cause of the diminished launch, assuring
        people that “launch volumes” weren’t an issue. “This was simply a
        software issue in terms of getting local language and voice support in
        the dash. it’s pretty straightforward, but disappointing I know for
        people who are missing launch.””

      • Kenny_026

        We are fanboys? Read the official report below and tell that again…

        To be more specific i have cut out the important part for you…

        While we wish we could launch Xbox One simultaneously in these markets, there are many factors that determine the timing of specific market launches. This includes work to localize the Xbox One dash, incorporate additional voice and languages, and build partnerships to bring apps and meaningful local content to each country.

        Three reasons here,

        1. dashboard translation – bullshit and no reason for delay
        2. Incoporate voice and languages
        3. Partnerships for content – also bullshit and no reason for delay

        • Dameon Percival

          Well I stand corrected!

        • Gilbert Nicks

          I think i made a good case in my top post… I am still getting a xbox one… and later on a ps4… already have a wii-u so why not…. im also enjoying that lil bit… Sony talking trash about 2 screen play and now they are implementing it into their games for PS4… I think that is where Sony really annoys me… MS if you ignore the 10+ idiots and just look at Official statements either keeps silent or post positive things about Nintendo and Sony…. Nintendo same thing… i think the only negative thing they said was it took MS and SONY less time to copy something they announced… Sony has kicked dirt every time i read something where sony says anything about MS or Nin. That was my big turn off too…

          I was set to get a PS4 after they finally announced it… Saw a few games that really cought my eye… and the games i liked on xbox one were also on PC so wasnt a big deal to pass the xbox one for a later purchase… I knew about Gaikai because i was on their servers when it was bought.. Cloud gaming is great when you are say out of town and on a laptop that isnt as good as your home desktop or something… or you cant afford a high end PC. but there are allot of hang ups and i had them with gaikai… muddy gameplay some times bad Ping and lag. and im running on a 50MBit connection. but all of that can be caused by how far you are from the host server and many other things… So if it was free with PSplus i would be cool with it… I blew most of my friends minds when i said that too… i told them if PSplus covers the cloud gaming and they offer better PSN hosting im getting a ps4 first… but later down the road I invited them over for E3 we all hung out PC wired to bigscreen with surround sound… MS had a nice showing good selection of games but only 3 really made me go wow i want… Ubi EA and Activision all did Great loved every min and im not even into sports games but will admit they are taking it in a interesting direction

          • Guest10000000000000

            Agreed. Sony and their fanboys are hypocrites…Sony fanboys attack me on Wii U Daily.

      • Nintyfan

        Xbox turn on PS4.

  • Sora Morp


  • Nintyfan

    PS-4 > XBOX-1

  • bizzy gie

    Watch MS reverse again and say they’re launching in those countries in 2013 again.

    • Gilbert Nicks

      and then you will be going on and on about how bad MS is… If there is a issue they are giving themselves a window to hit that is realistic.. I am still waiting for another release date to be posted for The last Guardian… and rumors are saying most of the dev team has dropped it. but sony keeps saying its coming… Didnt sony at one point say q4 of 2012? Its a great looking game i would like to see come out.

      But lets be realistic… Would you rather them say we are hitting all markets in 2013 and only hit 13-20 countries at best? Or be straight with you? Hell I remember when consoles would only come out in their homeland and then make it around the world. heck some parts of the world have only had this last gen console for 4 years at best.

      Then again im posting to people that went bat shit the sec MS was honest and laid the cards out…. and still angry that they fixed most if not all of the issues the majority didnt like. But lets all love the company that gave you the ability to play retail ps2 games and gave you the ability to use a OS on your system to make it a all in one device for console gamers that wanted to multi task in 1 box.. and then take it all away… sure if u got a first gen ps3 you are set on the ps2 games but other OS was stripped away if you wanted to play newer games. Lets still love the company that lead you to think their newer console will offer more system memory and I think claimed it at the same time. I can really care less if the ps3 only had 4.5gb or 5gb of ram if they built the hardware right its not going to matter. but will admit im a bit worried with the 4.5 to 5gb if allowed mess… cause if they do that and the os can also snatch that .5 they offering.. over time some games that need the .5 may not have access to it… (only speculation if they plan to last 10 years) if this is a 4-6 year console they should be fine. but 8-10 its anyone’s ball game.

      • bizzy gie

        Sony never specified the actual RAM amounts.

        You can’t use PS3 problems as problems for PS4.

        Gaikai will be used to stream PS3 games now.

        Even still, some backwards compatibility is better than some complicated harddrive setup.

        360 also got a new OS.

        The frustration isn’t with MS fixing their many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many screw-ups.

        It’s that people like to treat it as big news and say the XB1 is getting better and better.

        Then go on to say that PS4 has no news for it.

        Where’s Sony’s attention for giving us all this from the beginning?

        If that’s the case, I’d mess up on purpose then fix the screw-ups to get attention.

        • Gilbert Nicks

          how a company handles itself from its past is a big thing… because it only shows what they will do again. Gaikai is going to handle CLOUD streaming most of the PS3 library.. but they have yet to say if this will be free or Sub or rental fees.. then you also dont know if they will remove a chunk or the whole library to make room for multiplayer space (based on past actions could def happen) they have yet to announce anymore servers acquired for PSN

          Sony did screw up they based their whole sales set up currently as We dont do what Xbox one does.. and now they stopped doing posts like that because ding ding MS is cleaning up.. that is why you have not seen many post by sony. When MS pissed everyone off all Sony did was instead of showing off their system more and pushing WHY you should buy a PS4 for the real reasons… they just did stupid lil bits on what MS announced and what Sony is doing… its very childish and not good for business… Sony people are sold on the ps4 no matter what… Me i was going to get a ps4 until i saw sony at E3… then i did some more digging and come to the conclusion im getting a xbox one… even if its wasn’t coming to my area i would get it first. but i also stated in above post that if you have to wait and your not worried about exclusives… then get a ps4… your still stuck paying $50/year and you are going to get the same game experience.

          I still enjoy how much trash talking there was about Xbox ones hardware vs PS4s hardware… and now PS4 is blow the bar on paper everyone wants to go SO its still better..

          IMO you have to ignore the paper and go by what developers can do and How the hardware is set up. on Paper the PS3 was Way more powerful than a 360 but because of design and developers they pushed out equal and at times more performance from the 360 over ps3. 500million poly sec vs 250million poly sec.

          Now this go around the hardware is just about the same. On paper the PS4 will handle more frames per sec at the same poly count as the xbox one. and on paper the xbox one will handle memory better than ps4. they both have bluray drives and both run the games without the disc (sorta). the last generation there were way more exclusives on the PS3… but due to sony really screwing up they lost most of them… Hell 360 never had many exclusives. So now the ps4 and xbox one have about same amount of First and 3rd party exclusives lined up… excluding Indie titles. Sony and MS are due to announce more before release.

          • bizzy gie

            PS3 wasn’t that much more powerful. The power difference between PS360 wasn’t as big as the difference between PS4 and XB1.

            The only reason 360 was on par was because PS3 had foreign architecture.

            Now PS4 has a stronger power lead and it’s easy to develop for.

            Sony didn’t screw up with their sales basing. It’s not bad business at all considering it actually worked as many more people want PS4 than XB1. And who could forget the roaring applause and standing ovations amoungst the people.

            Sony has over 30 exclusives in development for PS4.

            MS anounced an initial 15 and plan to show 1 more at GamesCom.

            They’ll have no more than 20 exclusives by the time MS has anounced all of them.

            The multiplats will be better on PS4. Not only will they have slightly better performance, but Sony knows how to secure real, exclusive content for all types of games (Watch_Dogs, Destiny, Mad Max, Diablo 3, and AC 4) and not just timed crap for shooters ( like XB1 with Ghosts and BF4).

            DRM was bad as the restrictions outweighed ten-man sharing, the only benefit the restrictions gave you.

            I can play games offline on Steam once I’ve purchased a game.

            Sony won’t repeat the same mistakes. Everything people complained with PS3, they are fixing.

            Faster OS (that was actually redesigned and not just copied from its predecessor), better controller (that’s far superior to the XB1’s), making PS+ a requirement for PAID online multiplayer (so they can give us a better online experience), PS4 is smaller and thinner, the architecture is much easier, etc.

            They won’t make the same mistakes.

          • Guest10000000000000

            Umm… it was “good” for Sony, but detrimental for Microsoft

          • Gilbert Nicks

            Its only good for the fan boys. Gameinformer mostly pro Sony magazine layed it out the best way anyone could.

            neither company has really showed why you should buy one over the other. Or even why you should upgrade to the new Gen. ms is just doing pr clean up. They have not 100% sat down and said this is the Xbox one this does this this this and we have this line up of software and games and yada. And will cost such and such for this this. ps4 has not done this either we are in the home stretch and Sony has not shown off gaikai or talk about costs. Or plans with vita or newer games or anything.

          • Guest10000000000000

            Sony fanboys are just jealous that Xbox One is getting better.

          • Gilbert Nicks

            See that is the interesting part. Xbox one isn’t a “better” choice. They are about the same just a question of what exclusives you care about. Or if you like the voice controls of Xbox one… Or if u like smartglass over sonys tablet software. As long as psn is improved. They both only offer miner gaming exclusive. (features and games)

          • Guest10000000000000


        • Guest10000000000000

          Agreed. I hate the deceit that goes towards all 3 video game companies (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) and their fanboys bashing the 3 companies and then when a neutral gamer like me responds, they get mad.

        • Gilbert Nicks

          Please explain the real difference because Everyone that has actually looked at it on the GPU side proved its just minor… sure it sounds nice on paper but in real world not much of a difference. Yes the Roaring applause of all the people that wanted to see sony… then you have the exclusives… I posted all of them above… that list of 30 is made up of Indie and PC titles… that means Sony didnt corner that game into just its market… I was never worried about exclusive DLC… if i was then i would have gotten Batman AA for ps3… and even if Xbox had exclusive DLC that was just on its system its nothing more than a pat on your back…. now what would be a nice spit in the face is if they had cross play… then sure that would then give you some real bragging rights.. esp if the added items gave you a edge… but guess what most of the items i have seen dont. as for Steam.. cut your machine from the net longer than 4 days and u will get a nice surprise… and yes even when your not messing with steam it tries to check in peer blocker picks it up. as for the OS if it isnt broke dont fix it… PS3 was broke in the performance area… so they are fixing it good for them… i never had a issue with 360 on the dashboard.. I think i have had some issues with netflix but i have exp the same issue on ps3 wii wiiu and wdtv live so im going to put that blame on Netflix and not the devices.

          and we still have another issue at hand… you are holding onto the Number of games that are coming out and not the quality of games… I have only seen 10 at best on the ps4 that really stand out as guaranteed to be awesome games on the xbox one i will say i have seen 6.

          • bizzy gie

            I can’t determine the quality of games that haven’t been revealed. It’s impossible. I’m no soothsayer. However, we have Naughty Dog on our side. That’s pretty much a ‘Nuff Said fact.

            The PS4 also has the lead in RAM and CPU not just its significantly more powerful multipurpose GPU.

            PC titles wouldn’t count as exclusives. I know a lot of Xbox guys don’t know the true meaning of the word ‘exclusive’ as many think Titanfall, Minecraft, and Project Sparks are exclusives.

            I’m sure Sony has 30 true exclusive full games.

            Sony confirmed that 12 will be new IP.

            Even still, indie games are incredible.

            An exclusive content for highly anticipated gems like Watch_Dogs and for Destiny is a big deal whether you personally care or not.

            If the 360 OS wasn’t broken, then why did they make it worse by making the background a dull, depressing, lifeless black.

            On PS4, we’ll be able to customize our background and the default is a bright, vibrant light blue.

            You can play the singleplayer on Steam games offline as long as you very well please.

            Cross-platform play is good because we don’t have to wait for PS4’s install base to increase before we can enjoy the entirety of online games.

          • Gilbert Nicks

            They upgraded the UI of the os to match w8 because they are trying to make it all 1 uniform thing… and who the hell said you cant change the background? I have had my own custom wallpapers from day one to now… Yea there are some great Indie games but if Fanboys want to ignore that the 360 has been allowing indies to publish for well over 2 years now… then why should i acknowledge the PS4 using a good chunk of their line up as indie games. Naughty dog is all PS4 has left… but even with that isnt much… that would be like Me saying MS has Epic… sure epic is a nice company but im not going to say EPIC is the reason everyone buys xbox… just like naughty dog isnt the KEY to sony… because if it was the console would be dead already…

            and where is your proof of RAM and CPU being over xbox one vs ps4? because on paper… PS4 has shot itself in the foot on Memory… ps4 176GB/s vs xbox one 192GB/s… not including its been confirmed 4.5gb to the games with a wiggle room of .5 extra. xbox one is dedicated 5gb with esram supporting it. there is no real confirmation on the CPU

          • bizzy gie

            Although MS technically supported indie games, MS’ indie policies have been very expensive and very difficult.

            Naughty Dog made Uncharted and The Last Of Us.

            Even still, Sony has many more franchises and exclusives from many developers themselves included.

            MS has only Bungie.

            The FCC confirmed that the final PS4 CONSOLE will have a 2GHz CPU that can be maxed up to 2.75GHz.

            The XB1 has a 1.6GHz chip with no confirmed max speed if any at all.
            PS4’s CPU also gives developers 6 available cores to work with with XB1 giving 5 cores.

            The 4.5gb rumor is a RUMOR.

            NeoGaf has rumor running that 2gb is reserved for the OS and 6gb is available to developers. Why not use that rumor?

            They confirmed that there will be base RAM an extra expandable RAM, but never the specific amounts. Get that through your head.

            Split RAM is what killed the PS3’s performance (that and the Cell processor).

            ESRAM isn’t quite the same, but it does make XB1 more difficult to develop for.

            Just because ESRAM is there doesn’t mean developers will use it.

            Devys will have to use PS4’s faster GDDR5 no matter what because that’s all that’s in the console.

    • Guest10000000000000

      pro-Sony troll

    • Guest10000000000000
  • Veritas

    How come the PS fans on this site are 1000000000x more mature than the PS fans on every other other site?

    • FwamingDwagon

      It’s odd right? You’d think more fans=more immaturity.

      • Guest10000000000000

        Fans=More immaturity

        Actually, this is true for Wii U Daily

    • YogiGRB

      because most of us here are also Nintendo fan’s on Wiiudaily, and we are always more mature. Even though people call the WiiU (and us fans) childish

      • Guest10000000000000

        Unfortunately, that may be no longer the case,
        with immature pro-Sony trolls bashing me 24/7 and banning me from Wii U Daily

        • YogiGRB

          damn … bad luck man

          • Guest10000000000000

            That’s exactly what happened to me on Wii U Daily. I’m being serious.


    • Nintyfan

      I just realized that PlayStation controls spell out Xbox One or 360. (x+■+o)

      • Guest10000000000000


  • Winchester

    he is only complaining because of the delay, he does not say one is better than the other, it will be interesting to see just how many ps4s Sweden gets at launch it might be just 20