PlayStation 4 supports cross-platform play with PC

Warframe PC and PS4
The PlayStation 4 is innovating on multiple fronts when it comes to gaming, and especially multiplayer and social features. And now it’s been revealed that the PlayStation 4 also supports cross-platform play with PCs.

According to Warframe developer Digital Extremes, they will be supporting cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4 and PC. Warframe is an MMO which is available on PCs now and will launch later this year on the PS4.

According to an interview with VG247, Digital Extremes’ Dave Cook said that Sony wanted to bring Warframe to the PlayStation 4. But the developer had a few requirements. They wanted to be able to easily update the game every week or two, and they wanted cross platform play with PCs. And Sony agreed.

This means that Warframe PC and PlayStation 4 players will be able to team up and play together, despite being on different platforms.

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  • The Unknown Legacy

    Kinda like what they did with Counter Strike right?

  • Ducked

    This is…interesting?

  • Guhtere

    And Xbox One can’t do that. Xbox is dead!

    • Clel


      • rsco6969

        the reasons why Microsoft are not allowing such a feature is irrelevant, the point is they are not implementing something majority users want.

  • bizzy gie

    They’re doing cross-platform play with PC for FFIV too.

    They wanted Xbox platforms to be in on it too, but Microsoft said no (surprise surprise) and that’s why FFIV isn’t coming to Xbox.

    If they can do cross-platform play with near every game with online multiplayer, I think PS4 can beat Microsoft in the online category of things this time around.

  • Madmagican

    Cool… I guess

  • NintendoNoob


  • John Andalora

    Finally! I’m so excited for this concept! I have been hoping for a console to play multiplayer alongside PC gamers! Just another reason to be excited in Sony!

  • Mitch Hall

    This is cool, but I can’t help but feel that PS4 users will be outmatched by PC users who are using a mouse to aim.

    • Ducked

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing, PS4 gamers won’t stand a chance agianst PC gamers in FPS games.

    • Clel

      So much for balance.

    • Joel

      Aren’t there controllers you can plug into PCs so that you can play it like a console game?

      • Mitch Hall

        Yeah – the 360 controller, for example. However, most people who play PC shooters use the mouse (because using it to aim is kinda the best thing ever.)

    • Robert Hill

      I believe the PS4 is completely capable of using Keyboard/Mouse to play games now.

    • sapare

      you can go grab your mouse and put it up ur ass.
      your talking complete bullshit

  • TomDobo

    Ps4 is ripping poor Xbone to shreds !!!! What happened Microsoft why are you being such assholes. 360 was an epic console and so was the original but now i think I’m starting to regret my preorder for xbox one. Well done PS4 masters of gaming atleast you are true to your fans

    • Cole Brinley

      Fucking kiss-ass.

      • TomDobo

        Come back when you have something better to say


          Lol…What did I say? I don’t even remember. :p

          • TomDobo

            I honestly don’t know

          • CTRAINGAMER

            Lol. Ok then.

  • Stoppablemurph

    I’ve been hoping for this to show up this generation!
    I primarily play games on PC, but I do have friends who mostly play on consoles and it kinda bums me out that I never get to play with them!
    I’d love to see this come to as many games as possible to where it’ll be surprising in future games if the feature isn’t supported.
    As far as competitive MP is concerned it’d be easy to make control scheme options and allow players to choose to play or not to play with people using alternate control schemes (eg: keyboard/mouse).. or just add support for keyboard/mouse on consoles just like PC usually has support for gamepads on games..

  • companyoflosers

    good so this means i can get an xbox one in addition to my wii u and gaming pc and still get some of the ps4 titles that will be missing from xbox. granted not ALL missing titles but enough. i a roaming gamer wen it comes to platform if you couldnt tell XD

  • lokigamerx

    but ps4 also have support to mouse and keyboard the same to uu pc..bro

  • HyperTallih

    microsoft don’t allow cross-platforn for xbox i love sony!

  • Sub-Zero

    Cross-Platforming; this is the true encompassing of the world of gaming.

  • Mark Karpuk

    This was hinted at when the head developer for (I think it was the head developer can’t exactly remember, nor his name) Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn spoke about why it won’t be on the Xbox One.

  • Mike Orlando

    I’m actually surprised Microsoft didn’t do this a long time ago, seeing as how they have such a major foothold in the PC world already. Big props to Sony!

  • Karsten

    game will be full of cheaters, WHY for god sake do they allow the PC cheaters to touch PS4 grounds, what a stupid decision