PlayStation 4 controller compatible with PCs?

According to the video above, the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller might be used with PCs as well. Since the PlayStation 4 controller uses bluetooth, which many PCs (especially laptops) support, it’s a simple matter of creating drivers that make it possible to use the controller.

The video is from EA’s office in Sweden, showing some Need For Speed Rivals gameplay running on a PC laptop, played with the DualShock 4 controller.

The Xbox 360 controller was able to be hacked for use on PCs, and Microsoft went as far as releasing a dedicated PC version of the Xbox 360 controller. It’s unlikely Sony will go that far. However, owners of the new Ouya indie console will be able to use the PlayStation 4 controller.

The DualShock 4 controller ships with each PlayStation 4, and will also be sold separately for $60. Recently, Sony confirmed that the “LED light bar” on the controller cannot be turned off (for some reason).

Check out a PlayStation 4 vs PS3 controller comparison video to see how the new controller stacks up against the old.

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  • Ducked

    I’m not sure why Sony is trying to make the PS4 so compatible with PC. You’d think that be something Microsoft would do with the Xbox One. You know, because Microsoft makes PC.

    • The Unknown Legacy

      I guess Sony is trying to beat Microsoft in their own game. Or it’s been something people have been requesting for a longtime who knows. But I believe if Sony is going against Microsoft in their own territory, they’re doing it with full confidence and with great results.

      • Ducked

        So true, Sony has a much better strategy than Microsoft. It seems like PlayStation 4 is winning in every way, of every battle. It’s like Sony looked at every mistake there was with the PlayStation 3, and took it against microsoft. PS4 is really relaxed, and we could be heading back in the PS2 days of success.

    • bizzy gie

      …software. Not hardware.

      • Ducked

        Where in my post did I saw hardware? uh huh…

        • bizzy gie

          “Microsoft makes PC”

          Then I added to it by putting “…software. Not hardware.”

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Sony makes PCs too… they produce full desktop comuters, laptops, and other components. I am replying to you on my Sony laptop.

      • Ducked

        True enough…

      • Adrian

        They likely don’t manufacture many (or any?) of their internal components though (although I haven’t looked into it specifically). So it’s not like they are a huge PC part manufacturer.

  • bizzy gie

    “The DualShock 4 controller ships with each PlayStation 4”. I find it funny that James felt the need to include that in the article.

    This is very good. It’d be so cool to control another console with with the same controller. If DS4 had compatibility with Xbox

    • Guhtere

      DualShock 4 comes with PS4? I thought the PS4 came with a Virtual Boy…

      • wiiudaily

        Alright alright, settle down now.

      • Vincent M. Lenzi

        Oh look its the retard again

        • Guhtere

          Lol, you don’t give up do you?

          • Vincent M. Lenzi

            Well how about trying not to bitch about everything

    • Ducked

      I thought it came with a ipod. Darn…

  • Vincent M. Lenzi

    Y must Sony continue to one up Microsoft

  • The Revolutionary Cafe

    Oh My Gawd Yesh