Warframe PlayStation 4 gameplay video

Yesterday we announced that free-to-play MMO shooter Warframe was coming to the PlayStation 4 this Fall. Now we’ve got the first gameplay trailer showing off the game running on the PlayStation 4. Developer Digital Extremes describes Warframe as “Mass Effect meets Ninja Gaiden”. Judging by the PlayStation 4 gameplay trailer, we see a bit of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance in there as well. Warframe will be a PlayStation 4 launch title, and will also be available on the PC.

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  • Tom Hoskins

    Gameplay? It might be rendered real time, but with all the flashy post production camera work and editing, it fails to give a impression of next gen gameplay!

  • John Andalora

    Not necessarily a video on gameplay, but it is a cool trailer nevertheless.

    • Hussain Naseem

      looks like an in-engine / realtime rendered cutscene. which says a lot about the ps4. looks like the ps4 will be able to handle a lot of physX type calculations which is showcased by all the pretty particle effects

  • bizzy gie

    Don’t go to the YouTube page for this video. Too many PC Master Race fags.